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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 755, The Powerful Karmic Force, Legends Evolving Into Reality

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The legend of Gods’ Ruins had been left behind, and for the sake of adding to its veracity, Gu Changge spent thousands of years educating Huang Yu.


He had a feeling that the feathered-robe woman with the blood of the Celestial Phoenix would soon be achieving greatness. Even after cataclysmic changes, it would not be hard for her to enter the Nirvana Realm.


“Perhaps she might even leave behind a Force of her own. In that case, there’s nothing much for me to worry about…” Gu Changge’s eyes swept across all of Gods’ Ruins before finally landing on the blossoming peach tree.


It was the identity he specifically arranged for Tao Yao in accordance with his plan.


Before Gu Changge decided to set everything up, he headed to Peach Village and sought Tao Yao’s help. He wanted her to play the role of the Tree of Epoch’s Protector. That was the reason why Gu Changge planted the peach tree right before Huang Yu’s eyes and said that once he was gone, the peach tree would help protect the Tree of Epoch.


Although the peach tree had not formed its divine conscience yet, who knew what would happen in the future?


Furthermore, Gods’ Ruins was a place that Gu Changge set up based on the evolution of the universe. This place was surrounded by Divine Arrays and protective barriers that drew upon astral power to run by themselves. Thus, even though he left Gods’ Ruins, he was certain that the place would remain undisturbed.


As for the Tree of Epoch, it went without saying that Gu Changge would not be leaving it in this era. Otherwise, the Karma he would suffer would be unimaginable.


He was already suffering the crushing aftermath of Karma for having fed certain information to Huang Yu that would alter some future events in an unbelievable way. Therefore, if he left the Tree of Epoch here, there was a high chance that a massive reshuffling would occur for the future generations and everything would have to start over again.


Such a consequence was far too terrifying, especially since Gu Changge would not even be able to ascertain whether he could return to his present time.


*Boom!* The mighty Power of Time appeared once more, and out of the thunderous waves emerged a massive, enigmatic river. It was just barely visible in the void as it cut across all of existence, connecting the past, the present, and the future.


This River of Time was even more terrifying than the one which appeared when Gu Changge came.


The vast Chaos Qi scattered in majestic throes with stars caught within. The sight of it falling from unknown heights caused all hearts to tremble. Deep within the river, chaotic lightning also shot down in such rapid succession that it was akin to a lightning dragon waving its claws around in an attempt to destroy all life. At a time like this, even True Immortals would be extremely careful and avoid approaching the River of Time.


Gu Changge had changed history, and even the slightest change would lead to heavy consequences. One could describe it as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings stirring up a tsunami. That was how terrifying the unknown changes were.


“Since I have the Spacetime Stone, I don’t have to worry about being unable to return to the present time… The only thing I have to be wary of is the terrors of this process. If there’s someone who has surpassed the Immortal Realm on the other side of the River of Time and that person detects that I changed the past, they might attack me.”


Gu Changge’s eyes flickered. He still had a drop of Demon Lord True Blood inside of him that had not been fully refined yet and two Symbols of Reincarnation to ensure that he remained alive. However, the backlash that came from having interfered with the past and the Karma of the future was not something he could underestimate.




Alas, he did not have much choice now. The Celestial Boat of Creation glowed and shrouded him before turning into a beam of light that shot into the River of Time.


*Rumble!* The moment the Celestial Boat of Creation entered the River of Time, a horrifying streak of purple chaotic lightning shot down from above. It seemed to be made out of thick Chaos Qi. There were even visions of palaces and pavilions that emerged alongside the shockingly destructive power.


Gu Changge’s expression was as calm as ever. He simply brought out the Grand Flask which floated above him.


Its terrifying devouring power was like a black hole that gobbled up all the chaotic lightning that fell.


The Grand Flask was made out of a mysterious and special material that could be described as indestructible. Even the incredibly corrosive grey fog and Eternal Overcast Sources were mere fodder to it. Thus, the destructive chaotic lightning did nothing to it either.


On the other hand, Gu Changge was affected by the force to the point that his Qi and blood were surging within him.


“The backlash from the River of Time has exceeded the power of the Immortal Realm. Even a Great Universe would be reduced to dust with a single strike of chaotic lightning. This Karma backlash is indeed rather alarming.”


Gu Changge’s gaze became profound. The closer he was to the present, the more horrifying the powerful backlash became.


Towards the end, the Celestial Boat of Creation was rocking violently as countless towering waves surged to swallow everything around them. Fragments of Time danced in the air. At times, they produced the vision of a sea of bones.


Gu Changge did not know which epoch those scenes came from, but since these visions appeared in the River of Time, they had to be related to the changes he made in history.


The Karmic Force had caught up to him, the root of everything.


“True enough, in order to cut across the River of Time, one needs to have a void in one’s destiny to survive the trip. It’s a pity I don’t have the time to find Xiao Ruoyin. Otherwise, I could’ve saved myself a lot of trouble if she held off this Karma backlash for me.” Gu Changge frowned as he studied the Karmic Threads circling him.


*Buzz!* At the very next second, a silver flame shot out of him. It blazed like a brilliant star and it danced across every part of him. The black Karmic Threads were burnt and began to fall apart without ever touching him.


The flame was a concentrated blast of the Power of Faith and Fortuity. It was also one of the purest and most mysterious forms of power in existence.


Gu Changge used this power to set the Karmic Threads on fire in an attempt to get rid of the Karmic Force. It was not that he minded the Karma being added to him, but the huge amount of Karma that swirled around him would make it easy for the hidden experts of the Upper Realm to detect an anomaly.


After all, this Karma belonged to him and not to the Demon Lord.


“This Karmic Force is too strong. My cultivation isn’t enough for me to keep it off of me. I guess my only option is to try and slowly get rid of it, or maybe use the Grand Flask to devour it…”


Thankfully, the Celestial Boat of Creation was indeed a wonder. Gu Changge was not disappointed by it.


Soon, he sensed the presence of the Spacetime Stone and confirmed the location of the present era within the River of Time.




The Celestial Boat of Creation moved past countless Celestial Lights. Numerous abstruse runes appeared on the body of the fragmented boat as it broke out of the River of Time and took Gu Changge away at top speeds.


“I’m finally back in the present. Looks like there’s been a lot of changes…” Gu Changge appeared in a vast and empty part of the universe. A strong and ancient atmosphere rushed at him.


The sky was full of stars that sparkled in all its glory, giving off a dazzling brightness.


Every ancient star filled with life seemed to have existed for countless years, giving off a sense of having gone through much in its time and would continue to stand for all of eternity.


After a brief moment of thought, Gu Changge put away the Celestial Boat of Time and left this Star Territory. He began to glean information regarding the present era. He wanted to know how this part of the universe had changed after the changes he made to the past.


He had left behind Gods’ Ruin, the Tree of Epoch, and countless other things which should have all evolved into part of reality.



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