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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 756, All According to Plan, the Tree of Epoch Emerges

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This part of the universe had undergone drastic changes. Its World Principles and aura made it clear that things were different.


Gu Changge moved across the Star Territory. His divine sense swept over the place as he studied the changes to the present that happened due to the changes made to the past.


What he cared about the most was the legendary Gods’ Ruins. Other changes mattered little to him. They did not affect his plan.


“Compared to what it was like previously, many Holy Lands, Clans, and Races have been lost in the pages of history, but new ones have emerged. The total number of True Daoists hasn’t been affected.”


“Some of the ancient stars have long since vanished. The Purple Star Divine Empire I saw the last time I came to this part of the universe is also gone. Since that one Ancestor failed to become a True Daoist, that was the end of it.”


“Still, the disappearance of Purple Star Divine Empire has allowed the emergence of a Force known as Ascension Celestial Dynasty. It soared to heights far greater than what Purple Star Divine Empire achieved at its peak. Seems like the Ascension Celestial Dynasty was founded by a True Daoist who possessed the Celestial Phoenix bloodline. She came to be known as Empress Huang Yu. In her youth, she once stumbled into the legendary Gods’ Ruins and met an Absolute Being who patiently mentored her for several millennia. Then, she left Gods’ Ruins and spent another 800,000 years in cultivation before she finally fulfilled her destiny…”


“From the looks of it now, that girl truly did have a huge impact on the future generations. She was able to become an Empress and form a Celestial Dynasty.”


Gu Changge was able to gather a lot of useful information. As his divine sense swept across numerous stars filled with life, he found many records of that little Celestial Phoenix that accompanied him.


He was unsurprised by the changes to the many Forces.


Meanwhile, across the span of history, Gods’ Ruins had indeed made a significant mark. Even now, there were still many cultivators who were doing their best to track down Gods’ Ruins and discover the truth about becoming an Immortal.


As of now, the most powerful Force in this part of the world was the Ascension Celestial Dynasty. Empress Huang Yu was the first to reach the Nirvana Realm after the Dark Gap. Naturally, her existence took on a whole new meaning because of that.


Many cultivators believed that her accidental venture into Gods’ Ruins played a major role in her ability to fulfil her destiny and become a True Daoist in such a short amount of time. They thought it would take almost another million years for her to become a True Daoist if it had not been for that.


As nature and environments changed and living beings disappeared, the True Daoists of today had shortened lifespans. It was hard for them to live up to 100,000 years, let alone a million. Thus, a lot of people were searching for Gods’ Ruins in the hopes of finding a way to prolong their life.


There were a lot of stories about Gods’ Ruins. Some said it existed even before the Dark Gap and the Forbidden Epoch.


Gods’ Ruins was supposedly connected to the legendary Immortal Domain. It was said to contain a towering tree known as the Tree of the Gods through which the Immortal Gate could be found.


There were also some who said that Gods’ Ruins was a piece of ruins that fell to the mortal world before the Forbidden Epoch, when two Immortal Kings fought and destroyed the Immortal Palace.


Countless strange and wondrous treasures were said to be buried inside Gods’ Ruins, and any one of them could restore and rejuvenate a cultivator.


However, the most convincing story came from the Ascension Celestial Dynasty. According to them, an enigmatic person dressed in white lived inside Gods’ Ruins. He was the Lord of Gods’ Ruins and the one who created the place. That was not all. He even planted a peach tree that was protecting something inside Gods’ Ruins.


This story spread across the entire universe and countless cultivators believed it to be true. After all, Empress Huang Yu, the one who founded the Ascension Celestial Dynasty, had entered Gods’ Ruins by mistake and came back out alive.


And, in less than a million years, she reached the Nirvana Realm. Her speed of cultivation had far superseded the others of that time. Thus, she undoubtedly understood Gods’ Ruins far better than anyone else.


“Excellent. Everything is proceeding as I intended…” Gu Changge could not help but break out into a look of satisfaction.


Then, he traced the protective aura he left behind and found Gods’ Ruins, which was hidden within an ancient star.


The place was surrounded by the many barriers and arrays he set up. Even though much time had passed, there was no sign of them being destroyed.


“These are… traces of her that she left behind. She did seek this place out again later on. But, that girl didn’t enter.” Gu Changge appeared outside Gods’ Ruins and spotted an engraved stone among the barriers and arrays.


Empress Huang Yu’s aura had been left on that engraved stone.


“She looked for Gods’ Ruins once more after becoming a True Daoist.”


Alas, Gu Changge was long gone by then, so she could not find anything. In the end, she had to leave in disappointment after leaving a trace of her presence on the engraved stone.


“When her life was about to end, she came one more time… Why did that silly girl go through the trouble of doing so?” Gu Changge sighed. He saw a vague silhouette appearing from the engraved stone.


It was a mesmerisingly beautiful woman dressed in a feathered robe. She stared into the depths of Gods’ Ruins with a look of dejection.


This was a vast ancient star filled with the life of many Clans, Races, and Forces.


Among the strongest were the Royal Races and Holy Lands. They had True Daoists among their Ancestors and had Nirvana Grade Artifacts to count on.


Apart from them, there were also several Forbidden Areas on the ancient star. These were the hiding spots of a few True Daoists who were reaching the end of their days and had decided to retreat into seclusion in an attempt to prolong their lives.


Though their cultivation exceeded the Quasi-Nirvana Realm, they had a long way to go before they could become True Daoists.


Celestial Mist circled the massive Gods’ Ruins. The steep peaks and tall mountains gave off an air of ancientness and desolation.


Now that Gu Changge appeared within Gods’ Ruins, the light of the protective barriers shot out, covering the sky and shaking the surroundings. Even the corner of the universe began to rumble.


At the very next second, a terrifying aura that felt like the destruction of the world began spreading forth from this place. Countless stars trembled. It looked as if they were about to fall.


The ancient and majestic World Energies began to intertwine, suppressing the universe so much that it quivered.


Meanwhile, Gu Changge’s gaze deepened as he made his move. He took the Tree of Epoch out of his Inner Universe and used his Qi to plant it in the deepest part of Gods’ Ruins.


The brilliance of countless protective barriers and light rivalled that of tens of thousands of suns converged like an ocean.


This was a jaw-dropping ancient tree. Even its branches were larger than stars.


A few leaves clung to the dry branches. Each leaf bore the light of a sky full of stars and contained a wealth of Chaos Qi.


As the leaves dangled in the air, an alarming sound rang out. It sounded as if ancient worlds were colliding to make the epochs turn.


Even True Daoists would feel their blood churn and be too afraid to come closer.


Finally! The Tree of Epoch has finally emerged!



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