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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 757, Gu Changge’s Plan, Setting Up the Trap

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*Rumble!* After a great span of time, the Tree of Epoch had once again resurfaced. As soon as it did, it gave off an alarmingly terrifying aura that made all the stars seem entirely inconsequential by comparison.


It held up the universe. Every streak of runes represented the time of a previous epoch.


Countless Forces of the Upper Realm started a bloody battle across the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains that went on for ages, just for the sake of locating the Tree of Epoch.


The last siege into the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains was successfully through Sky Deer City, but they too had to leave in defeat as they found no trace of the Tree of Epoch.


In the hearts of many ancient Forces, the Tree of Epoch was akin to the Source of the Upper Realm. Before the Forbidden Epoch, the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains were a wasteland that the Upper Realm termed Exile Territory. It was where they exiled or locked up those who had committed heinous crimes.


Later on, the universe underwent a cataclysmic change. The Upper Realm crumbled, the Great Dao disappeared, and the World Principles shattered.


The many cultivators within Exile Territory made their move and stole resources from the Upper Realm, including the Tree of Epoch from which they wanted to procure the Epoch Dao Fruit and also to gain full control over the Upper Realm.


Alas, once the Tree of Epoch was stolen, the tattered World Principles of the Upper Realm could no longer continue. The Immortal Path was cut off for all future generations and all living beings fell into despair. Even if one were to spend countless years as a True Daoist, one could never ascend into a higher realm.


Remnant Immortals sounded like people who were far stronger than True Daoists, but that was only because most had been able to make contact with the Immortal Realm before the Forbidden Epoch.


However, the environment changed and the Tree of Epoch was stolen, which meant that the World Principles could never be complete. This meant that the cultivation of the Remnant Immortals came to a grinding halt, when they were once a step away from becoming an Immortal.


Now, they could only stare at the door without ever being able to go through it.


But now, the Tree of Epoch has once again emerged!


Its vast and majestic aura filled the universe. All of its leaves bore the light of tens of thousands of stars and were endowed with an abundance of Chaos Qi. The stars fell and people’s hearts quaked.


“This aura… Could it be that something supreme has emerged…”


“Or, perhaps some being is about to become one with the Great Dao?”


The cultivators could sense the terrifying aura in this part of the universe. They swiftly rushed out of the ancient stars of life in shock and came over to stare at the place where Gods’ Ruins was from a distance.


“It seems… to be the legendary Gods Ruins.”


“Those who had been hiding inside the Forbidden Areas also had their eyes on this place. Their gazes are so sharp and terrifying.”


The universe was shaking and nature was in upheaval. In their eyes, rumblings such as these could only stem from a Quasi-Nirvana Being on the path to become a True Daoist.


It had been hundreds of thousands of years since the death of the last True Daoist, and none had emerged since.


Today, the terrifying waves swept across countless Star Territories. The experts across the universe sensed what was happening and rushed forth. Some of those sealed inside Divine Sources also awakened and stepped out of their clans’ Holy Lands.


Forces from which True Daoists had emerged before immediately revived their Nirvana Grade Artifacts. Mighty auras filled the air. Light cascaded across scores of Star Territories.


At the same time, countless people felt their hearts trembling. They did not know what happened but that did not stop them from being terrified.


“The Epoch Dao Fruit…”


Inside Gods’ Ruins, Gu Changge was unbothered by what was happening outside.


He watched as the Tree of Epoch bore a magnificent-looking fruit the size of a fist. Countless Daos and Divine Energies were mingling together. The fruit seemed to possess the greatest of all mysteries.


There was a strange aura that emanated from the Epoch Dao Fruit and blended into the place. Gu Changge even sensed that the environment around him was slowly repairing itself. It was not as fragmented as it once was.


It was as expected of the Epoch Dao Fruit. Using time as fertilizer, the Dao and Divine Energies the fruit contained were specifically used to repair the World Principles.


Though the place was not whole, it was still able to produce something that was exactly what it needed to repair itself. That could only be chalked up to a miracle.


“The day the Epoch Dao Fruit ripens is the day the Immortal Gate appears.”


Gu Changge’s brows were slightly furrowed. He decided to get Tao Yao to come over and guard the Tree of Epoch for him as he needed to start refining this part of the universe.


He had procured the Palm of True World, which had evolved into Palm of Demonic World, and Eternal Overcast Sources for this day.


When Gu Changge broke into Neraka, he got the Palm of True World from the Heir of the Ruler of Neraka. However, he did not use it because he planned on refining an entire universe with it. In other words, he wanted to turn this universe into his divine land, and when that happened, even a True Daoist or a Remnant Immortal would feel greatly suppressed when they step foot inside it.


Apart from that, Gu Changge also planned on placing Eternal Overcast Sources all around his divine land, which could then devour all living beings.


The Tree of Epoch was the bait and this corner of the universe would turn into a large trap!


Gu Changge planned on moving against all Forces of the Upper Realm!


As the Epoch Dao Fruit was in Gu Changge’s hands, it meant that the Immortal Gate was too. No one would be able to touch the Immortal Gate without his permission.


“How dare a bunch of ants attempt to snoop?”


At the very next moment, Gu Changge’s eyes hardened as his merciless voice echoed across the universe.


He sensed Quasi-Nirvana Realm experts outside Gods’ Ruins. They had brought out their Dao Artifacts and were trying to break into Gods’ Ruins.


Apart from that, there were quite a number of cultivators of varying strengths, including the ones on this ancient star.


Even though Gods’ Ruins was hidden behind a multitude of protective barriers, the striking aura that burst forth when the Tree of Epoch emerged could not be hidden entirely.




All of a sudden, a large, black hand reached out of Gods’ Ruins. It was enveloped by billions of crimson Principles. The entire place darkened and the stars trembled. It felt as if the universe would collapse.


Many gasped.


“What kind of horrifying being is that? Why didn’t we know about such existence before this?”


The Quasi-Nirvana Realm experts that were charging toward Gods’ Ruins instantly had a look of terror. It was too late for him to do anything but bring out his Dao Artifact to try and withstand the blow. However, he was stunned to the point of despair that as soon as his artifact made contact, it cracked with a loud bang like it was nothing more than a piece of paper. The fragments flew apart and fell to the ground like falling stars.


*Splat!* He himself burst into a cloud of blood before he even had the time to make a sound.


“How could this be?”


“A Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert was killed in a single blow, and even his Dao Artifact was completely destroyed…”


Many other cultivators followed behind and witnessed the entire scene. Chilled to the bone by it, they could not stop trembling as all the colour drained out of their faces.


The other Quasi-Nirvana Realm experts who had been planning on prying into Gods’ Ruins as well were also scared out of their wits. All at once, the ancient star filled with life fell silent. Not a single living being moved.


Nothing was heard from the Forbidden Areas either. There was nothing but dead silence.


In the following days, Gu Changge remained inside Gods’ Ruins. He placed restrictions on the Epoch Dao Fruit and refined the runes of the ancient wells into it, to ensure that no one could refine and steal the Epoch Dao Fruit from him.


He was still a little wary of Tao Yao, so that was why he added these things just in case.



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