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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 763, One-Eye Daoist’s Fear, Unrequited Love

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Gu Changge’s display of a Remnant Immortal’s might and instantaneous obliteration of his ambushers—three True Daoists and many Sacred Realm warriors—left the surrounding witnesses dazed for a long while, filling them with stupefaction.


Prior to that, everyone was speculating his true strength, wanting to know what level he had achieved by now. However, when they finally got to see it, they were all at a loss for words. Their eyes were filled with restlessness and shock as their mind rang violently.


[Gu Changge must be using his own strength to intimidate the Upper Realm!]


Quickly, the many events were reported back to Forces by their spies, and it wouldn’t take long for the word to spread throughout the entire Upper Realm.


On the bride’s reception team way back to the Immortal Gu Family Residence, three True Daoists set-up a prohibition array to ambush Gu Changge, only to be wiped out by him in less than three seconds. Such a record was not to be broken even by other hidden experts.


Standing in the Star Territory, Gu Changge’s figure was ambiguous as his black robe swayed. Every strand of his inky hair was crystalline, glowing elegantly along subtly intertwining traces of Chaos Qi. He resembled a young Immortal King.


With his cold and deep eyes, he slowly scanned his surroundings. When his gaze shifted, a flash of light zoomed across as though it was a terrifying chaotic thunder that broke through World Principles, striking fear in every heart.


“We can now proceed,” he flatly ordered the bride’s reception team to continue returning to the Immortal Gu Family.


Normally, no matter what happened, Gu Changge would deal with it with humility and amiableness as if he was a gentle Immortal. He interacted with people harmoniously and courteously, and it was rare for him to be this emotionless. There was nothing but murderous intent and scenes of the universe’s peril in his eyes.


At that moment, around the universe, there was nothing but silence, leaving even the supreme experts in hiding having their souls trembling in fear.


However, they understood his actions. After all, the ambush happened when Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong were getting married. Precisely, during the process of the bride’s reception.


These Forces had secretly sent their True Daoists to interrupt the marriage in order to provoke Gu Changge and his Family during the supposedly happy day. If it were up to the supreme experts themselves, they wouldn’t be able to withstand such interruptions as well.


“An ambush by three True Daoists, roughly as Gu Changge had predicted. As such, the attack was ordered by at least three Forces. There must be more underneath all of this…”


Amid the bride’s reception team, Yue Mingkong, who was sitting in the jade carriage, also wore a cold expression. She didn’t open up the curtains to look at the events outside. Essentially, given Gu Changge’s strength, there was nothing for her to worry about.


At this point, in the Upper Realm, it would take a number of hidden experts with Immortal Grade Artifacts to take him down, or his life wouldn’t be threatened at all.


Regardless, the occurrence of the interruption certainly foreshadowed that her wedding with Gu Changge wouldn’t go as smoothly as they planned.


*Whoosh!* Lines of golden texts flashed in the void and were imprinted on a decree before being sent away and disappearing.


All these years, Yue Mingkong had been secretly training the Unrivalled Guards as Gu Changge requested. It was an extremely frightening force as the strength of every Unrivalled Guard was at least of the Sacred Realm.


Due to the cultivation of Secret Technique, the Unrivalled Guards were not afraid of death. In fact, they were not capable of sensing fear and pain, and they even mastered hundreds of synergy attacks.


Meanwhile, the leaders of the Unrivalled Guards were in the Sacred Emperor Realm, Quasi-Nirvana Realm, to True Daoist.


Such a terrifying force had been concealed across many Small Universes without ever being revealed to the Upper Realm. Thus, Yue Mingkong was waiting for the perfect opportunity to surprise her foes with the force at hand.


Very soon, the vast bride’s reception team got back on track, travelling across quaking universes and trembling stars, as the True Daoists of the Immortal Gu Family flew at the team’s front. Their gazes were glacial and hostile as they scanned the surrounding Star Territories and universes to prevent similar incidents from happening again.


And so, news regarding today’s event was spread throughout every Domain of the Upper Realm.


At once, the One-Eye Daoist, the Golden Sun Gifted Lady, Ancient Buddha Sha Na, and many hidden experts grew silent. They thought they could still dwell in the astonishment of a young man’s exponential growth, but now, they no longer had the right to.


“Three True Daoists all murdered by him alone. This young man has been hiding his true strength so well all this time. This old one assumed that he was hardly a True Daoist and that he succeeded in annihilating Neraka only because he possessed some sort of supreme treasure or abilities…”


In the depths of Sky Emperor Mountain, the One-Eye Daoist shattered the peak of a mountain before him as he wore an extremely hideous glower.


Among the three fallen True Daoists, one of them was under the order of the One-Eye Daoist himself. Being one of the One-Eye Daoist’s earliest followers, who was sealed up for many years, his Qi and vitality had long deteriorated. With not much time left, he no longer had a chance to attain higher levels of cultivation. That was exactly why the One-Eye Daoist dispatched him to harass the Immortal Gu Family. At the same time, he could examine what kind of formidable cultivators were hiding among the bride’s reception team.


Nonetheless, he never imagined that Gu Changge alone could take down those True Daoists in mere seconds. Realising that, he could feel his heart wavering. His instincts were screaming that he would have to confront Gu Changge very soon, and by that time, he might not even be a match for him.


Having reached strength on par with Remnant Immortals, the One-Eye Daoist was evidently capable. His other eye became blind back when he tried to glimpse into the secrets of the world.


At that moment, he vaguely felt an unprecedented intensity. His forehead hurt so badly it began to tear apart, allowing blood to flow from within. It was a revolting sight.


“No… I must eliminate Gu Changge, or I’ll really die by his hands!” The One-Eye Daoist muttered with a tense scowl. His body then became blurry as the void opened up before him, after which he entered it before appearing at a highly extravagant, vast palace cluster.


The palaces didn’t seem to exist within the known world. Its appearance was somewhat blurry, destabilising and fracturing the void. Some withered stars floated around the palace, and even the flowing scars of time slowed down.


In those palaces, three terrifying figures wrapped in Mist of Chaos sat on round cushions. Their presence alone exuded a terrifying aura that could collapse heaven, and it even turned the World Principles hazy.


“Fellow brothers, if you don’t return any sooner, Sky Emperor Mountain might just come to an end. The opportunity of reaching the Immortal Realm is right in front of us. I pray that you three reawaken as soon as possible.


“The opportunity to become Immortal is right in front of us, I hope you three fellow daoists wake up quickly…” another voice added.


Arriving here, the One-Eye Daoist heaved a sigh of relief before speaking to the three figures in front of him.


They were the rulers who controlled a myriad of Ancient Clans, all of different races. Naturally, their bloodlines were also not the same as the rest.


On the other hand, the three individuals in front of the One-Eye Daoist were the three hidden experts who contributed significantly to the extended existence of Sky Emperor Mountain, and they were by no means weaker than him.


Upon sensing the One-Eye Daoist’s aura, the three figures on the cushions slowly opened their eyes as if awakening from slumber.


With that, the One-Eye Daoist’s face lit up with joy. He did not believe that Gu Changge could pose a threat to him now that the Sky Emperor Mountain’s four hidden experts were gathered, armed with all sorts of Immortal Grade Artifacts.



Days later, the bride’s reception team finally arrived at the other side of the long Space Portal. Finally, they made it to the Star Territory of the Immortal Gu Family without bumping into more accidents.


All stars were adorned with exuberance and intertwining vibrance, creating a joyous sight in the sky and filling the universe with the grandest merriness.


In the middle of the endlessly vast territory, countless Star Territories and ancient stars filled with life functioned as Forces subservient to the Immortal Gu Family. Almost on every ancient star, celebratory lights were lit up as Celestial Cranes soared in the sky.


The Star Territories in the central area had a spectacular view of towering mountains and boundless sceneries. They had long been controlled by the formidable cultivators of the Immortal Gu Family, who had converted them into a dwelling place for guests.


After all, the wedding ceremony was too grand. Almost all of the most ancient Forces were attending it, while ordinary Forces had no chance of entering the central region, so they could only observe at the outer regions.


Despite that, even the outermost regions were packed with people. The atmosphere was incomparably lively as cultivators and living beings were seen in every corner.


*Boom!* Blaring, daunting sounds could be heard throughout the universe as the bride’s reception team returned, marching on a red milky path that was formed by intertwining stars towards the main island of the Gu Family.


“So this is his big wedding…”


On the Divine Mountains and islands, many prominent guests were gathered, watching as the jade carriage moved towards the depth of the Gu Family Residence.


Empress Xi Yao of the Demon World, donning a phoenix dress that accentuated her glamorous curves, wore cold yet beguiling expression. Though, at that moment, he was staring at Gu Changge’s fading figure on the draconic horse. She was dazed for a while, feeling bitterness on her lips.


Although it hadn’t been many years since Gu Changge left the Demon World, to her, it had been an immeasurably long time as she knew that the days of her torment would only extend, perhaps to the end of time.


At the end of the day, only time could dwindle her unrequited feelings without leaving a trace.


“Young Master Gu…” In the other direction of the island, there were a number of figures, also looking at the scene with bitterness and envy in their hearts.


Yan Ji and Lin Qiuhan once shared deep bonds with Gu Changge. However, Gu Changge’s strength and position grew out of control. By the time they found themselves failing to keep up with him, he was no longer in their sight.


Sadly, the only time they could see him was through footage of photographic stones spread across regions of the Upper Realm.


Silavin: Well, it’s been awhile. So, here is a recap:

Yan Ji – the Ghost girl from the start of the story.

Lin Qiuhan – The alchemy girl that Gu Changge took to the Upper Realm.



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