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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 764, Magnificent and Terrifying Power, Shocked Guests

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“Young Master Gu has noted that I should bring you to the Inner Island.” A woman in white with bewitching features and a white puffy fox tail, who was embraced by four servants, came over and spoke to Lin Qiuhan, Yan Ji, and the rest with a smile.


“You’re Gifted Lady Yin Mei?” As Yan Ji once followed Gu Changge for a period of time in the past, she was somewhat familiar with his trusted subordinate—Yin Mei, the Gifted Lady of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.


To Lin Qiuhan, on the other hand, Yin Mei was a stranger. Since she had been cultivating in Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect, and had never actually interacted with the outside world. Though, her alchemy level was incredibly high, surpassing many Elders in merely a few years.


However, obviously, that was no longer helpful to Gu Changge at this point, which was why he never visited her anymore in the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect.


“This is Young Master Gu’s trusted subordinate, who has been helping him deal with the Alliance of Thousand Merchants. She’s the one who controls the Alliance behind the scenes for him.” Yan Ji explained to Lin Qiuhan.


Since Yan Ji and Lin Qiuhan both knew Gu Changge back in the Lower Realm, Yan Ji would head to Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect to chat with Lin Qiuhan whenever she had nothing to do, and the two gradually got closer.


“Greetings, Gifted Lady Yin Mei.” Hearing that, Lin Qiuhan felt rather nervous. After all, she felt like an insignificant person who shouldn’t be talking to Yin Mei.


“Don’t be so courteous. Come to the Inner Island with me,” Yin Mei said with a polite smile and gesture. Even though her face carried lethal seductiveness, she didn’t seem that devilish.


Due to her unique identity, many members of the Immortal Gu Family recognised her and even acknowledged her as Gu Changge’s unannounced woman.


With that, Lin Qiuhan, Yan Ji, and the rest followed Yin Mei through many teleportation arrays and eventually entered the Inner Island.


Compared to the Star Territories outside, the Inner Island resembled an entirely different world, and it wouldn’t be an overstatement to describe it as a Celestial Realm.


The whole Immortal Gu Family Residence was adorned with radiant lights, while festive lanterns and ribbons were hung all over a Small Universe created by the Ancestors using their peerless might.


Within, nothing could be damaged in the slightest, even by a burst of energy beyond the Immortal Realm. The Small Universe was filled with dense islands, Divine Mountains, and silver waterfalls that were shrouded in Celestial Mists.


Many guests who entered the Inner Island of the Immortal Gu Family for the first time were astonished by the vast, frightening aura, and their hearts were filled with dismay.


The surge of heavy and magnificent aura was far beyond the comparability of ordinary Immortal Forces.


At the end of the sky, one could witness the circulation of the sun, moon, and stars, the cascading Milky Way, and the sound of crashing waves. It was as if falling from the end of the universe. Large stars sway and descend, surrounded by Chaos Qi, shining brightly and dazzlingly.


Between the islands, many ancient beasts with the ability to devour planets could be seen. Among them, there was a draconic turtle lying at the edge of the world, seemingly dozing off, but a trace of its aura was enough to strike fear in True Daoists.


To the east, there was a blue dragon, lurking on an ancient Divine Mountain. Its gargantuan body was filled with scales that resembled lakes, and its gaze was icy and merciless, causing guests to shiver in fear at just the briefest glance.


Furthermore, there was a completely red divine bird soaring through Mists of Chaos. The moment it spread its wings, all the World Principles in the universe began to tremble in an extremely terrifying heat.


Meanwhile, a vast and expansive wilderness extended deep into the territory of the Immortal Gu Family. Here, the atmosphere was diverse, comprising radiant auspicious lights, spiralling Celestial Energy, and glimmering divine mists, which resembled the mighty True Dragon and the valiant Black Tortoise.


As dense Mists of Chaos arose, the Small Universe appeared infinitely mysterious, resembling a place that had existed before time even began.


Upon seeing these scenes, the guests revealed solemn expressions, unable to calm themselves down as they were stirred up by endless waves of emotion.


“So, this is a glimpse of the hidden might of the Immortal Gu family…” sighed an Elder from an Ancient Immortal Clan, his face full of shock and amazement.


Beside him were a pair of siblings—Ye Langtian and Ye Liuli—who shared notable connections with Gu Changge. Though, right now, they could only follow their Senior in silence as they attended the wedding ceremony.


As a matter of fact, many more cultivators of the younger generation of the Upper Realm attended the wedding, but they were all quietly following their Seniors. It was only when they saw the wondrous spots around the Immortal Gu Family Residence did they reveal expressions of astonishment and stupefaction.


In the Inner Island of the Immortal Gu Family, amid prominent Celestial Mists and divine plants that bloomed under clear radiance, a path that seemingly could accommodate only a few people but was actually incredibly wide appeared and extended into the depths of the mists.


On the other side of the path, there was a palace filled with limitless extravagance as if the buildings were standing at the end of the universe, and one could hear the grand sound of Dao and the stars rotating.


The palace was guarded by knights on beasts who possessed alarming auras.


And so, the guests travelled along the path and entered the main hall in which the wedding would be held. Inside, there were other cave heavens that didn’t seem big but thanks to the manipulation of Space Principles, they were refined to contain an ancient world that could accommodate countless people.


Inside the palace, guests’ shadows and mists blended together.


Unless the guests were very close, they wouldn’t be able to discern one another’s face. Even True Daoists were intrigued by it as they needed to use their divine sense to scan the surroundings as if they were in the open world, where the sun, moon, and stars rotated radiantly above them.


Of course, this was the doing of a terrifying forbidden artifact specially forged by the Immortal Gu Family, which was now hidden within the palace. It was to prevent the guests from encountering enemies and starting unnecessary trouble before the wedding even began.


“Greetings, Young Master Gu.”


At the front region of the palace, Gu Changge followed a group of the Family Elders to welcome the guests. He did so with a subtle smile on his dashing face as he nodded to each of his guests.


Far away, there was a group of Ancestors from the Primal Celestial Temple, who were also busy with their tasks. Gu Changge’s parents were also tending to the guests as it was their duty as the host. After all, the Forces that managed to get into the palace were all true dominators who could easily reshape the world with mere words.


“The Lake of Reincarnation offers three Ancient Reincarnation Jadeites, three bottles of Infinite Sacred Water, and one piece of Immortal Gold of Enlightenment…”


At the entrance of the palace, the guests who were entering overheard the announcement and were stunned, after which they hastily turned towards the door.


It was a true hidden expert standing in the lead. His grey-white eyes were weathered and deep, and he had grey horns on his horn. Indubitably, he must be incredibly strong.


The Lake of Reincarnation was an extremely low-profile Sect in the Upper Realm, but that didn’t affect how enigmatic and terrorising it was. And now, for Gu Changge’s marriage, the Sect sent a hidden expert over to present its gifts.


“Senior Huya, I didn’t expect that you’d come in person. The Eighteenth Ancestor often speaks highly of you…” An Elder of the Gu Family was surprised for a moment before welcoming the people of the Lake of Reincarnation with a smile.


Clearly, the Lake of Reincarnation and the Immortal Gu Family shared some kind of connection given how precious the gift they offered was.


The ‘Eighteenth Ancestor’ referred to the Great Elder named Gu Lang, who can out of seclusion to annihilate Purple Mansion, and by now, he had already achieved the level of Remnant Immortals.


Afterwards, when the Immortal Gu Family attacked Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains to take down Sky Deer City, Gu Lang also participated in the attack and almost obliterated the city’s defences.


“Gu Lang still remembers this old one? He must be itching for a fight since it’s been so long since we last fought.” The hidden expert of the Lake of Reincarnation revealed a smile in response.


“The Lake of Reincarnation…” Many of the guests in the palace carried strange expressions as they were slightly dazed.


Essentially, the Lake of Reincarnation hadn’t shown up in the Upper Realm for a long time. Rather than being a Sect, it was more of a Forbidden Area that had once brought down an Immortal Force.


Nonetheless, the Lake of Reincarnation didn’t seem to have any Successor in this generation. Surprisingly, it shared a connection with the Immortal Gu Family deep enough to send out a hidden expert over, and the mutual respect was apparent.


“Father, Mother, please excuse me for a while.” Gu Changge’s gaze flickered as he noticed some familiar figures. He bowed slightly to his parents and then left the palace and went to the side.



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