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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 766, The Wedding Ceremony Begins, the Calm Before the Storm

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A flood of memories flashed across Empress Xi Yao’s mind, but she was no ordinary person. She was able to quickly compose herself without showing any outward reaction.


“It’s been a while, Gu Changge,” she remarked softly as she raised her cup. “Congratulations. You know, I never thought someone like you would ever develop genuine feelings for someone. I quite envy Empress Mingkong. She sure has gotten what I couldn’t.”


During their time in the Demon World, she always thought that Gu Changge only cared about his own interest and did not have a shred of tenderness in him, let alone the ability to sincerely care for someone else. Empress Xi Yao would never have expected him to treat Yue Mingkong the way he did. She could not help but feel envious.


“I never thought this would be the first thing you say to me after having not seen each other for so long.” Gu Changge had a faint smile on his face. He seemed a little surprised. Nevertheless, he sat beside her and filled a cup for himself. It was as if he were catching up with an old friend.


“That’s true. I’m just a little taken aback,” Empress Xi Yao said with a somewhat self-deprecating smile. “Aren’t you afraid of stirring up salacious gossip on the day of your wedding by taking the time to come and see me alone? Many of the guests have eyes on you.”


Gu Changge raised his cup and chuckled. “Why would I need to care about that? What’s so scandalous about meeting an old friend?”


His frank and open attitude made Empress Xi Yao sigh to herself, but she soon said in all seriousness, “You’ve come so far. It’s way beyond what I expected of you, but there’s something I wish to say to you. I don’t think your wedding will go smoothly today. Many Forces harbour hostile intentions. They’re simply waiting for the chance to strike.”


Although the Demon World was vast and boundless, it still paled in comparison to any Immortal Force.


Even though she wanted to help Gu Changge, she could not do anything. All she could do was offer him a few words of warning and advice.


“I’m fully aware of that. I’m not afraid of them.” Gu Changge nodded and tapped his jade cup against hers. “Sometime in the near future, the Upper Realm will most likely descend into chaos. The Demon World might get dragged into it too. You need to be prepared for that.”


Right now, it was simply the calm before the storm.


“I understand.” Empress Xi Yao smiled and tilted her head back. Her alabaster neck stretched out as she emptied her cup.


Gu Changge left and soon ran into a few familiar faces. He exchanged greetings with some of his old peers.


It was his wedding day today. No matter what kind of grudges and conflicts there were in the past, Gu Changge cast them aside for now. He was friendly and cordial with the Seniors and True Daoists as he drank with them.


“The Ruler of Sky Emperor Mountain has arrived!”


“The Ruler of Endless Fire Kingdom has arrived!”


“The Sect Master of Purple Cloud Valley has arrived!”


“The Sect Master of Holy Light Sacred Sect has arrived!”


“The Head of the Jiu Li Family has arrived!”




Just then, a series of announcements were heard outside the entrance. Whether by coincidence or a calculated move, the leaders of these Forces all arrived in unison.


These powerful figures arrived one after the other. Although they were not True Daoists, they represented their respective Immortal Forces and thus were not to be underestimated.


Upon noting the arrival of these leaders, many of the guests within the palace started sporting peculiar looks on their faces. They seemed to have perked up with interest after sensing the possibility of an entertaining scene.


They were even more amused by the fact that these powerful figures did not arrive in person. Instead, they had simply sent a Dao Body without any True Daoists behind them, let alone hidden experts.


Many of them figured out what these Forces were thinking. This was the Immortal Gu Family’s territory, which meant that they could not act recklessly and do as they wished. They were worried that if they attended with their true bodies, something unexpected might happen, and they could end up dying.


Thus, they decided against sending their True Daoists over. They certainly were not about to send their hidden experts over as well. Those were the strongest beings of the Upper Realm. They should not venture into someone else’s territory quite so easily, especially when there was no guarantees in life even if they were that strong. If something were to happen to them, it would result in an unimaginable loss that none of these Forces could bear.


“They’re being rather cautious, aren’t they? However, since they had the gall to come to the Gu Family, they had better be prepared.” Some of the Gu Family Ancestors sneered at the sight.


Gu Changge was a little surprised as well. He did not think that these Forces had the guts to make a move within the Immortal Gu Family’s territory. Even if they attacked with strength that was greater than the Immortal Realm, it would still be suppressed in this place.


He had total confidence in the Immortal Gu Family’s formidable hidden might.


Numerous prominent figures gathered within the main hall. This included those from all the top Forces of the Upper Realm right now.


Even those who remained in the Forbidden Areas beyond the secular world had sent a wealth of wedding gifts despite not having any of their key figures in attendance.


The wedding ceremony had not begun yet, but the main hall was bustling. Celestial Mist meandered through the air as celestial music played in the background. A decadent feast was laid out along with great volumes of celestial wine. The inviting scents that reached far and wide tickled the senses of all who caught a whiff.


All the cultivators began to fill themselves with food and wine as they chatted with each other. Either way, this was a celebratory occasion. The Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty and Immortal Gu Family would be joining together in the union of marriage!


No one wanted to offend the Immortal Gu Family at a time like this. It would take an irreconcilable difference for one to do such a thing.


Thus, even the leaders of Forces such as Sky Emperor Mountain simply enjoyed the wine and conversed among themselves.


Many of the Gu Family Ancestors walked around accepting toasts from the guests. Some of the Ancient Beings who had the aura of a hidden expert appeared and exchanged pleasantries with their old friends who kept a low profile.


Even the hidden expert from the Lake of Reincarnation was all smiles while engaged in conversation with Gu Lang, the Eighteenth Ancestor of the Gu Family.


Meanwhile, the revelry was even more spirited across the Immortal Gu Family’s expansive territory and even the Outer Islands.


Those who did not qualify to enter the hall had also begun partaking in the feast of food and wine as they chatted among themselves. It was a bustling occasion as flashes of light whizzed through the air. Female attendants bearing trays of food and wine fluttered from place to place like butterflies.


Naturally, even on the Outer Islands, the food and wine served were exceedingly precious and rare. Only a true Immortal Force could bear to serve such fine things to their guests. Just a single mouthful alone was enough to provide a huge benefit to an ordinary cultivator.


At last, the grand wedding ceremony that was the talk of the entire Upper Realm had finally begun. Gu Changge walked around the hall with his Seniors and partook in the toasts.


“Congratulations, Gu Changge.”


A young woman of ethereal beauty glide over to Gu Changge’s side with her cup raised. She moved with elegance and was surrounded by Celestial Energy, but deep within her eyes, there was a noticeable touch of melancholy.


Today was Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong’s wedding day. It was a joyous occasion, and she should be happy for them too, but for some reason, she could not find any joy in her heart. She felt down and kind of irritable instead.


“You’re taking this attitude with me too?” Gu Changge chuckled and ruffled Gu Xianer’s hair. She glared at him and immediately dodged his hand.


“Yao Yao offers her congratulations too, Master.” An adorable girl with snowy skin and a doll-like face was standing beside Gu Xianer. She looked up and smiled happily. It was Yao Yao.


She had asked Gu Xianer to bring her over when she heard that her Master was about to get married.


Gu Changge smiled faintly and crouched down to nudge her cheek. “Thank you, Yao Yao.”


“Congratulations.” Yet another beautiful woman dressed in white came over. Her features were flawless and exquisite. She had gentle brows and long tresses of hair. She looked like a blossoming flower atop a snowy mountain far out of reach from the dreariness of worldly life.


Jiang Chuchu pressed her lips together. She forced herself to smile but could not hide the envy and despondence in her eyes.


Although Gu Changge promised he would marry her, it would not be with a wedding as grand as this, and she did not know when that day would come either.


It seemed as if… that day was nowhere in sight.


That being said, Jiang Chuchu had a sense of propriety. Even though she felt somewhat bitter and envious, she did not show those emotions on her face. She was afraid of embroiling Gu Changge in unnecessary rumours or causing him any trouble.


Gu Changge sighed to himself, though he did not lose the faint smile on his face as he expressed his thanks.



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