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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 768, Identity Exposed, Reincarnate of an Absolute Being From the Forbidden Epoch

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A formidable gust of Demonic Energy swept across the place. It was as if the galaxy had burst its banks as the stars swayed dangerously.


Principles crashed like waves from a tsunami that thundered loudly.


The entire universe shook beneath the terrifying aura.


An Immortal’s corpse had fallen from an unknown place, nearly crushing this part of the world. The majestic, ancient, and terrifying aura washed over everyone and made them feel as if their bodies would explode. The very souls of the ordinary cultivators were quaking as they fell to their knees in that direction.


“This disciple is late to Master’s wedding. Please do not hold it against me.”


The intense surge of Demonic Energy emerged from the distant universe like a wave that washed over all of existence. It was filled with demonic images. Magic Wings fluttered as feathers reflected light, giving off a terrifying aura.


A silhouette in red stood among the coursing Demonic Energy and spoke with a calm, indifferent tone. She was tall and slender with alabaster skin and captivating beauty, but she was akin to an iceberg that emanated alarming chilliness. It was as if she could make the air freeze around her.


Everyone was stunned by her words. They did not know what she meant.


[Who’s she talking to? Is she addressing Gu Changge as her Master?]


“The Demoness in Red from Devil Mountain has come…”


“Who is she calling Master?”


Inside the Immortal Gu Family’s main hall, many of the True Daoists were sporting grim expressions as questions peppered their minds. On the day of Gu Changge’s wedding, the Demoness in Red had come bearing an Immortal’s corpse, and she even addressed him as Master.


It went without saying that none of them thought the Demoness in Red was addressing Yue Mingkong as Master.


At a time like this, even members of the Immortal Gu Family were frowning.


Gu Xianer, Jiang Chuchu, Jiang Luoshen, Empress Xi Yao, the Phoenix Lady, the King with Six Crowns… Far too many of Gu Changge’s old acquaintances had also reacted in shock.


Many people were staring at Gu Changge. They saw that he seemed perfectly calm and unperturbed. He did not seem surprised at all. It was as if he had known this would happen.


“If what the Demoness in Red said is true…”


“It means that Gu Changge’s true origins could be traced back to the Forbidden Epoch, the period of time that was buried in history…”


The leaders of the Forces such as Sky Emperor Mountain, Endless Fire Kingdom, and Purple Cloud Valley also had visible reactions. They glanced at each other as an incredulous thought came to mind.


Prior to this, many rumours regarding Gu Changge had circulated among the Upper Realm. He was able to cultivate at unthinkable speeds. One could not judge in the same vein as others. Therefore, many thought he had powerful origins. Perhaps he was the reincarnation of an Absolute Being who possessed the Dao Fruit of his previous life?


Otherwise, he could not have become almost invincible in the Upper Realm in so few years?


The Demoness in Red had appeared and addressed Gu Changge as her Master. In a way, this incident supported this theory.


This thought did not only occur to the Leaders of the various Forces. In reality, everyone who was present had a vague guess as well.


Naturally, it was uncommon to witness a reincarnator. Even so, it was something that had been recorded in history.


It was extremely dangerous to even attempt reincarnation. After all, this involved the cycle of life and death. Thus, it would always be a truly perilous experience. One could truly die for good instead of being reborn with a Spirit Root and memories of one’s past life.


All at once, everyone was shaken to the core. It was impossible for them to calm down.


“If Gu Changge is indeed an Absolute Being from that epoch, and the Demoness in Red addresses him as Master…”


“Just who is he? He can’t be…”


The many True Daoists inside the hall paled as thoughts flashed through their minds. It was too outrageous and unbelievable to them, and some were trembling slightly. They were too afraid to continue considering the possibilities. It was too frightening. They would not be able to accept it.


If it were true, then such news would terrify the entire Upper Realm. Even the hidden experts would not be able to feel at ease.


“Amitabha. You had something to do with the reason why the Demoness in Red had been able to escape from the Demon-Burying Abyss back then, right, Young Master Gu?” One of Buddhist Mountain’s high monks clapped his hands together and spoke. He had a sorrowful expression as he questioned Gu Changge.


His words resonated with a lot of people. Upon thinking about it, the Demoness in Red had escaped and launched an onslaught against the various Forces of the Upper Realm. During the ambush at the Divine City, they suffered crushing losses and few survived.


Every single one of these events seemed related to Gu Changge.


Even now, Gu Changge seemed to have a secret relationship with the Demoness in Red.


Although it sounded a little taboo for the Demoness in Red to bring an Immortal’s corpse to a wedding, there was no denying that it was a precious resource that all Forces desired.


A complete corpse of an Immortal was far more valuable than an Immortal Grade Artifact.


That being said, a lot of people did not understand why the Demoness in Red brought a corpse with her. What did she mean by it?


“It’s true that I had something to do with the reason why the Demoness in Red was able to escape. She would not have appeared in the Upper Realm and brought disaster with her if it had not been for the weakness of the seal. Later on, I tried to think of a way to make up for it by sealing her up again, but alas, she has managed to evade capture all this while.” Since the high monk from Buddish Mountain had spoken to Gu Changge, he finally spoke up and explained with a faint smile.


His words were basically affirming to everyone that he was indeed the Demoness in Red’s Master. Even if he did not choose to admit it, the situation would have been proof enough for everyone. He would not have been able to deny it.


Nevertheless, the crowd could not quite figure out which of the Absolute Beings from the Forbidden Epoch he was a reincarnation of. Back then, the environment had not changed yet and the connection to the Immortal Domain had not been cut off. There had been quite a number of Mighty Immortal Beings in existence.


“This means that the conflict between Young Master Gu and the Demoness in Red is quite complicated.”


“Does that mean Young Master Gu chose to head to the Demon-Burying Abyss at that time because he wanted to seal up the Demoness in Red once more?”


A True Daoist’s eyes glittered as he voiced that question.


In reality, he did not trust what Gu Changge said, but from the iciness of the Demoness in Red’s voice, there was no doubt that there was indeed an irreconcilable conflict between her and Gu Changge.


As someone from the Forbidden Epoch, she would have been incredibly powerful at her peak. However, she was then sealed up inside the Demon-Burying Abyss until the present when she finally managed to escape from it.


Then, why had she been sealed up in the first place?


The events of the Forbidden Epoch had taken place far too long ago. All traces of that ancient era had been buried with time. No one dared to broach the subject, let alone be aware of the secrets of that era. Thus, all of these things remained a secret to them!




Just then, deep within the sky, a wave of powerful Demonic Energy swept across the place as the Demoness in Red descended with many Demons from Devil Mountain. They boldly charged towards the Immortal Gu Family’s gates.


All of the guests within the Star Territory trembled under the effects of such an aura. They turned pale with fear.



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