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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 770, He Has to Be a Young Immortal King, No Other Words Needed

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“I’m glad you’re satisfied, Master.” There seemed to be a slight change in Chan Honyi’s tone of voice, but her eyes remained fixed on Gu Channge as if she wanted to see right into his soul and figure out what he was thinking.


Based on her understanding of Gu Changge, he was not someone who would consider anything or anyone else before his own benefit. This meant that he truly did not care if he were exposed as the Founder of Demonic Arts.


Chan Honyi assumed there could only be two possibilities. The first was that Gu Changge had a means of denying this about himself. Second, he had long since prepared for this and did not care if he had to go up against the rest of the Upper Realm.


Regardless of which of these scenarios it was, the fact remained that none of it would affect Gu Changge in any way.


All at once, she felt defeated. It was as if there were nothing in the world that could affect Gu Changge. She could not even make him react in anger or apprehension.


“Is someone without a heart truly without any weaknesses?” Chan Honyi’s eyes turned a little bloodshot, but she soon regained her composure.


“Since you’re here to join the festivities, go ahead and take a seat.”


Gu Changge seemed aware of Chan Honyi’s thoughts as he calmly spoke up and gestured for her to sit.


All who came were to be treated as guests. Naturally, he was not going to make things difficult for Chan Honyi now.


Chan Honyi took one last look at him and walked toward a corner of the hall without saying anything.


Even though they had an almost irreconcilable grudge between them, she was not foolish enough to cross him now. Especially when they were within the Immortal Gu Family’s territory.


The other guests swiftly moved away. They were afraid of Chan Honyi and did not want to sit with her.


The leaders of Immortal Forces were frowning. They seemed to be disappointed by the fact that they did not get to witness a fight between Gu Changge and Chan Honyi.


“All who come shall be treated as guests, but when you are in the Immortal Gu Family’s territory, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Everyone must abide by our rules.”


A Gu Family Ancestor spoke up with a frown. He had the feeling that Chan Honyi harboured malicious intentions and could very well cause a scene.


Meanwhile, the Immortal’s corpse that had fallen from somewhere was still within the Immortal Gu Family’s territory, giving off a terrifying aura. If they did not handle it properly, it could mutate or even emit Qi fluctuations that could lead to a disaster.


Nevertheless, Chan Honyi simply eyed the Gu Family Ancestor for a fleeting moment and ignored him. Instead, her gaze often flickered between Yue Mingkong, Gu Xianer, Jiang Chuchu, and the others.


According to her understanding of Gu Changge, he was a cold-blooded, heartless man who would never waste his time on love and relationships. Therefore, she did not even consider targeting Yue Mingkong and the others. She did not think Gu Changge cared about them.


She assumed that even if she did kill Yue Mingkong, Gu Xianer and the others, Gu Changge would not have much of a reaction. At most, he might choose to seek vengeance against her purely for the sake of maintaining his persona.


“They’re all pitiful creatures who think that by giving him all their love, they would be of some importance to him. They’re nothing but pawns.” Chan Honyi’s eyes had a touch of pity in them as they drifted past Yue Mingkong.


Her arrival had put a stop to the wedding ceremony, but now, it resumed once more. Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong had finished their bows earlier and they soon carried out the rest of the ceremony as well.


The feast continued as female attendants served up wine and spiritual fruits. The toasts and conversations livened up the atmosphere once again.


The guests within the palace hall had mixed emotions. Many of them were thinking about Gu Changge’s true identity. They sorely wished to find out more about the Forbidden Epoch.


Before coming over today, they merely thought that Gu Changge would be the reincarnation of an Absolute Being who was able to cultivate at such great speeds because he had the Dao Fruit of his previous life.


Unfortunately, this was not something they could envy.


It was the same situation with the Mortal One from the Mortal Palace, who could use his Rebirth Technique. With each rebirth, he was able to ascend to his peak once more very quickly, to the despair of the young prodigies of his generation.


From the many clues and hints thus far, Gu Changge’s background was far beyond what they had imagined. Even the Mortal One could not compare to him.


Before the Forbidden Epoch, the Upper Realm and the Immortal Domain had been connected together. The World Principles had been complete and the Immortal Path was readily accessible. Even Immortal Kings often appeared in public areas to share their insights about the Great Dao.


Therefore, the crowd began to think that Gu Changge was at the very least the reincarnation of an Immortal King from the Forbidden Epoch.


Still, it was impossible to imagine what a storm this news would kick up once it got out.


No one knew if Gu Changge would regain his original powers once the Immortal Path emerged once more. If that happened, he would truly be an Immortal King and have total control over the entire Upper Realm.


Meanwhile, Chan Honyi, the Demoness in Red, could not be underestimated either. She was at least of the Immortal Realm.


In reality, a lot of the hidden experts had sensed that the environment was slowly changing. Some of the Principles that had eluded their understanding in the past were beginning to appear.


They were exhilarated by this. They thought that the true age of Immortality was about to come.


“He has to be at least a young Immortal King. That explains why we could never hold a candle to him…”


On the other side, the Phoenix Lady, the King with Six Crowns, and many of the other young prodigies of the same generation as Gu Changge had bitter smiles on their faces after finding out about this. They finally understood why he exceeded them in so very many ways.


Their life’s goal was to reach enlightenment and become an Immortal with the help of the Immortal Gate. However, Gu Changge had attained goals that were far beyond their reach, and he did it a long time ago. So, how could they possibly compare to him? They would only drown in despair if they did.


Time passed and the feast came to an end. Many of the guests raised their cups and offered their congratulations one last time as they prepared to leave.


Chan Honyi quietly watched as Gu Changge raised his cup with a smile and thanked the guests.


Her expression was a little dazed. This was a scene she had imagined before.


All at once, she recalled the little girl in red at the bottom of the mountain. The little girl who shyly tugged on her Master’s robe and said she was going to marry him when she was older.


“It was all a delusional dream…” Chan Honyi took one last look at Gu Changge before leaving the hall. Soon, she disappeared, and the experts let out small sighs of relief.


Even the hidden experts felt uneasy in the presence of Chan Honyi, let alone the ordinary cultivators.


The horrifying Demonic Energy swept across the place like a tsunami wave as it threatened to choke all in its path disappeared.


Gu Changge’s eyes flickered with a strange look as he glanced at her, but he did not say anything.


[Perhaps, I have misunderstood her. Did she come here just to attend the wedding ceremony? Or, did she realise the disparity and wisely took her leave?]


Nevertheless, he did not want to ponder these things now.


The candles flickered as Gu Changge bid the guests farewell and entered the bridal chamber. The stars outside were dazzling brightly among the galaxies that were giving off a soft, romantic light.


The atmosphere in the room heated up. A captivating beauty sat in the room with her head covered.


In the end, the wedding had not been disrupted. Although Chan Honyi’s arrival had been rather unexpected, it was still an inconsequential event. Everything was under control.


“It’s getting late, Changge…” A gentle, melodious voice rang out. Yue Mingkong had been waiting for him for quite some time now.


She did not want to care about all the things that happened outside.


Gu Changge would tell her what she needed to know, and she would not ask about the things he did not wish to share.


“I’ve kept you waiting…” Gu Changge had a faint smile on his face as he walked over and gently lifted the veil off her head to reveal a breathtakingly beautiful face.


Their eyes met and no other words were needed.



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