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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 772, The Age of Immortal Ascension Where Everyone Fears for Themselves, Death of a Hidden Expert

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The Upper Realm was in complete chaos. The days were filled with violence and bloodshed. Fights even broke out within the territories of Immortal Forces.


At a time like this, peace and harmony were entirely inconsequential. The world was engaged in battles driven by their selfish desires.


Among many Ancient Forces, hidden experts emerged and brought along all of the hidden might of said Force to search for the Tree of Epoch.  Unfortunately, the direct outcome of such actions was the rapid deterioration of some of these Ancient Forces. All of their Fortuity was used up, and they no longer flourished.


Without their hidden might to uphold them, these Forces quickly collapsed as the other Forces seized the chance to snatch their resources, arts, and techniques.


The chance for Immortal Ascension was only pertinent to those who were at least True Daoists. For the rest, reaching enlightenment and the Immortal Realm had nothing to do with them. Both were goals too far beyond their reach. Thus, they simply wanted to use this chaos to obtain benefits and resources suitable for their needs.


A large majority of the battles happening across the Upper Realm stemmed from this.


Countless people were sacrificed in these intense battles.


Previously, there had been a tacit agreement among the various Forces that those of the Sacred Emperor Realm and above, such as Quasi-Nirvana Realm experts and True Daoists, would not easily engage in fights.


However, now that chaos had overtaken the Upper Realm, it was unsurprising that this tacit agreement was no longer in play.


Within some of the ancient Forbidden Areas, divine light shot through the sky as aura suppressed the entire portion of the universe. Many of those who had been in seclusion for countless years broke through their seals and emerged once more.


Some were even more powerful than the hidden experts.


Even though they reined in some of their aura, the intense pressure they gave off still caused half of the universe to quiver.


As the opportunity to become an Immortal came along, the environment underwent tremendous change. Even the skies were ablaze as celestial rain fell. Every Star Territory was covered in the brilliance of divine glow. It was akin to the miraculous sights of the ancient times when sacred Celestial Light shone brightly as cultivators were taught the ways of reaching enlightenment.


“The world is in chaos. Even we will have a hard time remaining unaffected by this.”


“Such a major event is happening right after Changge’s marriage alliance with the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty. True enough, the Upper Realm can’t be at peace for long. Everything was destined to be from the start…”


“How could the path to Immortality be peaceful? Our Ancestors have all said so before.”


Many of the True Daoist Ancestors of the Immortal Gu Family sighed among themselves with worried expressions. Unlike the experts of the other Forces, they did not go out in search of the Tree of Epoch.


Gu Changge had already cautioned them against it, warning them not to get involved lest they end up putting their lives in jeopardy. Therefore, all of the experts of the Immortal Gu Family, even the hidden experts who just emerged, remained within the family’s territory without taking action.


Amidst the chaos of everywhere else, all was quiet within the Immortal Gu Family’s territory. It was akin to a haven untouched by the violence of the world.


Things were largely the same as before, save for the waves created by the Immortal’s corpse.


Even though Gu Changge was from the younger generation, he was an Absolute Being from the Forbidden Epoch in his previous life and had unfathomable cultivation. Therefore, no one would ignore the words he said.


“Just let them duke it out. The highlight of the show hasn’t even started yet.” Gu Changge stood quietly in the palace. His white robes made him look unmarred by the world. He stared off into the distant sky with a thoughtful look in his eyes.


He spoke lightly. The current situation did not surprise him.


It had only been less than two weeks since the emergence of the Tree of Epoch’s aura, but the situation across the Upper Realm had already entirely changed.


Many Forces were on the verge of collapse. The chance for Immortality was too enticing for the hidden experts. They were willing to abandon all else for a sliver of chance.


They remained in hidden seclusion for countless years since the eras of yore, waiting for the day when the environment changed. Now, it was finally time for the age of Immortal Ascension to come upon them. They waited so long that all their friends and loved ones had been buried in time, never to be seen again. So, what else could they not sacrifice now?


Thus, they took with them all of the hidden might of the Forces under them, and left in search of their opportunity. In essence, they had abandoned the Force they came from, putting all their eggs in one basket.


“It’s about time for Dark Heaven to emerge…” Gu Changge crushed the jade amulet in his hand and sent forth his instructions.


A chaotic Upper Realm was ripe for Dark Heaven’s taking. The Forces without the protection of their hidden experts and lack of hidden might had long since become Gu Changge’s targets.


Over the next two weeks, the Upper Realm faced yet another upheaval.


While the hidden experts were carrying out a frenzied search for the Tree of Epoch, a mysterious and terrifying Force emerged from the darkness and weaved through the universe at alarming speeds. It began gobbling up all the Forces who had lost their hidden experts and hidden might.


In less than two weeks, the Forces of multiple Star Territories were destroyed and devoured by that mysterious Force.


This mysterious Force contained a large number of True Daoists, who were all dressed in black robes, and shrouded in mist. No one could see their true appearance.


While the hidden experts were preoccupied with the search, these True Daoists swept across the Star Territories taking down those in their path. They were unstoppable.


Many of the cultivators were terrified. It was quite clear that this alarming Force was the secret organisation that appeared briefly back at the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty. It was a secret organisation that even dared to assassinate Gu Changge.


As a result of their attack, many True Daoists at the of the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty lost their lives. Few were able to survive.


From the looks of it now, this secret organisation had breached many of Forces. No one knew if the Elders and disciples around them belonged to this secret organisation.


In an instant, everyone feared for themselves and began to suspect those closest to them.


As it was, the drastic change in the environment had led to the True Daoists and hidden experts to embark on a frenzied search for the Tree of Epoch, and the Upper Realm had been thrown into utter chaos.


Now, the situation became even more chaotic.


All of the cultivators were living in fear and anxiety. They did not know when danger would descend upon them.


“The terrible scenes of the wedding that I saw in the Lake of Rebirth did not happen, but the situation across the Upper Realm right now is exactly the same as what I saw in the Lake of Rebirth… The whole Upper Realm is in chaos. Everyone fears for themselves. All live under the terrifying shadow of Gu Changge, the Master behind that secret organisation.” Gu Xianer was dressed in green as she stood under a barren tree with the breeze causing her dress to flutter. She stared into the distance and mumbled to herself. Her expression was complicated, and a little dazed as well.


Half a month later, the Upper Realm was rocked by yet another incident.


A hidden expert had died!


He had suffered a terrible death while searching for the Tree of Epoch. He had been attacked by another hidden expert and his body had exploded. Parts of his corpse had even scattered far away.


The whole world was shaken by this as the terrifying aura spread across all of existence. Worlds shook and rumbled as everyone trembled in the horrors of this incident, be it by the news or by the actual shockwave.


One could say the hidden experts were the closest beings to the Immortals of this era. They even had all the hidden might of the Force behind them, but even so, one still died.



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