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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 773, The Immortal Path That Does Not Lead To Immortality, Connecting to the Immortal Domain

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In the present state of the Upper Realm, the death of a hidden expert was an indescribable loss for any Force. Some only had one hidden expert, so if their sole hidden expert died, it meant that they were doomed as well.


Still, many Forces had chosen to put all their eggs in one basket by placing all their hopes on their hidden experts, in the hopes that they could traverse the Immortal Path and become an Immortal.


This required a lot of bravery and meant unthinkable consequences should it end in failure. It was clear that failure was not something they would be able to withstand.


In a way, it was a hefty bet, with the future of the entire Force at stake.


The situation became even more devastatingly chaotic. Even the hidden experts could not guarantee their survival, let alone the rest of the living beings.


Furthermore, Dark Heaven emerged at this time and swept across the Upper Realm at alarming speeds. No Force could hold out against them.


Dark Heaven had far too many True Daoists. They even had a lot more than the Ancient Forces. Furthermore, how could those Forces, without their hidden expert to stand guard over them now, put up a fight against Dark Heaven?


At a time like this, only the Forces that still had an Immortal Grade Artifact or some great treasure left by their Immortal Ancestors in the past, had the power to ensure that they were not affected by the chaos around them.


In a sense, this was a major reshuffling of the Upper Realm.


Many Forces had proclaimed themselves as an Immortal Force, but they did not possess the same level of hidden might as the true Immortal Force. In fact, they paled greatly in comparison. Naturally, without exception, these Forces bore the brunt of the onslaught and soon collapsed as the scarcity of their hidden powers was exposed.


In the following days, the monumental change in the environment meant that the World Principles of the Upper Realm changed as well. Various living matter proliferated and a strange energy spread through the void. Even the ordinary cultivators could sense the changes.


Some of the older experts who went years without breaking through their bottlenecks were able to abruptly do so now.


Some of the cultivators with massive Innate Talent entered a strange state of epiphany. Their foreheads glowed, and their body was set ablaze. It was as if they were experiencing the legendary effects of someone who was ascending into heaven and becoming an Immortal.


“Although the Upper Realm is in utter chaos, there’s no denying that it has become even more suitable for cultivation…”


“This is a calamity, but at the same time, it is an opportunity that belongs to everyone.”


Many of the experts had gleaming, thoughtful gazes. At first, they thought that they had nothing to do with the Age of Immortal Ascension, but from the looks of it now, it seemed that everyone had a chance.


The environment had undergone drastic change and the flawed World Principles were almost fully healed. It could take just a hundred years, but it could also stretch on for a few thousand years, or maybe even ten thousand.


Once this period passes, the world might even return to the flourishing of ancient times once more.


When the time came, perhaps their aptitude could heighten as well. They could become Sacred Kings and True Daoists. They could even set their sights on becoming an Immortal!


Through this time, a lot of young prodigies had breakthroughs and began a fervent pursuit of their own. They started making full use of this opportunity.


Naturally, some of the Forces went down the unavoidable path of destruction. In just a few short months, almost two-tenths of the Forces within the many Star Territories of the Upper Realm were gone.


Many had been wiped out by internal conflict. As for Forces that had already been in contention with each other, the conflict reached new peaks as they went all out to attack each other.


Violence and bloodshed became a daily occurrence.


This period of unrest went on for several months before yet another piece of shocking news emerged.


Deep within the universe, a hidden expert had found a vague path that seemed to be the legendary Immortal Path. It had appeared in the far distance. However, it was hard to ascertain the veracity of this hazy path. There was no denying that it was filled with peril. So dangerous that even the hidden expert felt fearful and dared not get too close.


After a while, some of the hidden experts decided to go for it. At the moment, they were not powerful enough to enter the Immortality Realm, but if that hazy path was indeed the Immortal Path…


Perhaps, the very act of opening it up would allow them to reach the Immortal Realm.


Once this thought materialised, it began spreading like weeds within the recesses of their mind. It was impossible for them to put a stop to it. Thus, some of the hidden experts decided to give it a shot. They brought out their Immortal Grade Artifacts and harnessed its massive power to see if they could break open this hazy path.


“If it is the Immortal Path, we shall open it up. Even if we cannot reach the Immortality Realm… at least we had the chance.”




At last, the hidden experts banded together and brought out their Immortal Grade Artifacts. Once their might was awakened, Celestial Beams flooded the River of Time and lit up the void. The entire segment of the universe shook as all living creatures quaked. Hundreds of millions of people were drenched in fear as they kneeled under the pressure of the aura.


The terrifying momentum lashed against the hazy path with might that could split the world apart. An explosion of Chaos Qi was followed by the rapid disintegration of World Principles in the surrounding void.


It was a sight that would make one’s blood run cold. Even from a great distance, it looked as if a multitude of suns had exploded. The blinding sight made many cultivators avert their eyes which were streaming with tears.


Many of the ancient worlds near that region instantly evaporated into nothingness.


After being cut off from the Immortal Domain for so long, the Upper Realm finally realised what the power of an Immortal was like, though this was merely the force unleashed by awakened Immortal Grade Artifact, which was still far less powerful than the might of a True Immortal.


Nevertheless, such power was enough to make one’s hairs stand on end.


Despite the great distance, onlookers’ souls still seemed to freeze.


Such fluctuations were enough to make a True Daoist explode upon contact, let alone the other living beings.


The strike also seemed to have managed to split open the hazy path.


Although it was simply a tiny crack, something bright flew out and the nearest hidden expert instantly blew up.


Blood and flesh splattered all over. He could not have avoided it at all. The corpse fell and was immediately devoured by Chaos Qi, disappearing into the depths of the universe.


Once the word got out, the Upper Realm was in an uproar. Countless cultivators were thunderstruck.


There was no doubt that it had to be the Immortal Path. Nothing else could explain why a sliver of Immortal Light could almost take the life of a hidden expert.


“It is indeed an Immortal Path, but it is not the path to reach Immortal Ascension. The changes in the environment seem to have led to the arrival of the Immortal Domain…”


Gu Changge, who was with the Immortal Gu Family, was not surprised when he heard this news.


He knew full well that the real Immortal Path had not shown up yet. After all, he had the Epoch Dao Fruit. Thus, the Immortal Path would only show up when he wanted it to.


What the hidden experts found was merely a path to the Immortal Domain. It was certainly not the path to Immortality.


However, the news spurred Gu Changge into making new plans.


If the Immortal Domain did emerge out of the blue and became connected to the Upper Realm, it would greatly affect his upcoming plans.


Initially, Gu Changge planned on allowing the chaos of the Upper Realm to continue for a little longer before he spread the news about the Tree of Epoch being in that part of the universe, but upon seeing the current situation, he realised that it was time.



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