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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 775, News of the Tree of Epoch, the Distant Resplendence Universe

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This was not the first time Gu Changge thought of creating an Immortal Selection List. He began considering it a long time ago. [Since I have the Epoch Dao Fruit, what’s the best way for me to make use of it?]


He did not think he was magnanimous enough to let all of the hidden experts in the Upper Realm attain Immortality. Nevertheless, it was not easy to create the Immortal Selection List. First of all, he needed to have enough Immortal Grade Artifacts. At the very least, he needed those with Immortal Runes that could not be destroyed..


[Still, this plan can only be carried out once I become an Immortal…] Gu Changge contemplated to himself as his gaze grew thoughtful.


Two weeks later, he left the Immortal Gu Family without telling anyone and set off alone. He headed towards the part of the universe where the Tree of Epoch was.


Although he left a Dharma Body within Gods’ Ruins where the Tree of Epoch was, he was carrying out a massive plan to trap the entire Upper Realm, so naturally, his true body had to be present too. Furthermore, he had already chosen the day when he would become an Immortal. All he needed now was for the fishes to get caught in the net.


Then, he would head on out to reel it in.


On the very day when Gu Changge left the Immortal Gu Family, a piece of world-shaking news broke out across the Upper Realm. It was even more shocking than the emergence of that Immortal Path. It was like a massive boulder sinking into the ocean, stirring up giant waves.


All who heard the news stood frozen in a daze. It took them ages to snap out of their shock.


“Traces of the Epoch Dao Fruit have been found! It is in an isolated universe a great distance away from the centre of the Upper Realm!”


“That part of the universe is known as the Resplendence Universe. Someone sensed the intense fluctuations of the Tree of Epoch in a place known as the Northern Dipper Star Territory…”


This news came from a True Daoist. He was currently stationed near that universe and was afraid of getting any closer lest he tipped someone else off. Therefore, he simply passed the good news back instead. He did not expect another hidden expert to get to it first and recklessly spread the news.


As soon as word got out, the Upper Realm was in an uproar. Everyone, from the hidden experts to the ordinary cultivators, became the most agitated they had ever been.


After all these years, after numerous epochs, they finally had news regarding the Tree of Epoch!


The Upper Realm had engaged in great battles across the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains just for the sake of finding the Tree of Epoch, to no avail. Some of the older ones were so emotional that they teared up. They felt both a mix of sorrow and elation.


All at once, all Forces jumped into action. They sent out large numbers of their people towards that universe.


Ancient battleships flooded the skies, filled with terrifying auras as they charged towards the Tree of Epoch to claim it for themselves.


In their eyes, the Tree of Epoch was one of the Upper Realm’s most precious artifacts. It could produce the Epoch Dao Fruit and heal the Upper Realm’s flawed World Principles. They believed that the changes to the Upper Realm’s environment had to be a sign that the Epoch Dao Fruit was ripening.


For the hidden experts, the Epoch Dao Fruit had an even greater meaning. It was the source of Comprehension of Heaven and Earth, the very thing they had been lacking thus far.


“Get the Epoch Dao Fruit and attain Immortality!”


Many of the hidden experts had gleaming eyes. They could not hide their excitement as they left the centre of the Upper Realm and raced towards that universe.


The reaction brought upon by the changes in the environment only intensified even further once this news broke out.


Many true Immortal Forces such as Buddhist Mountain, the Ancient Immortal Clans, the Hidden Celestial Clans, the Immortal Wang Family, the Primordial Lake, and more finally exposed their formidable hidden might and terrifying legacies.


At least three or four of their hidden experts came forth.


The Forces who only had a hidden expert or two paled in comparison. It was a little humiliating. They did not seem worthy of calling themselves an Immortal Force.


Naturally, now that this day had come, everyone did not seem to feel the need to hide the might of their foundation and legacies anymore. A plethora of hidden might were unleashed to an unimaginable extent, and that included numerous Immortal Grade Artifacts from ancient times, as well as forbidden weapons that could unleash the might greater than that of the Nirvana Realm.


Furthermore, some of the ancient figures, who were on their last breaths, were also sealed up inside artifacts and brought along as a weapon to be used if necessary.


Those people were willing to risk their lives, and they could very well take a hidden expert down with them.


It was terrifying strength that sent chills down one’s spine. The oldest of the Forces were finally joining the fight. The border-shattering teleportation array was ablaze with light as it ripped through the universe and created a passage across the void that allowed passage directly to the other side.


The massive army rushed towards Resplendence Universe through this passage that seemed to barrel through the universe.


Inside the underground palace within Sky Emperor Mountain, the One-Eye Daoist was pacing back and forth. He was unable to hide the excitement in his eyes.


Two hidden experts with formidable strength sat before him with their eyes closed. They were not any weaker than he was. The Chaos Qi that cascaded down from them was strong enough to destroy the galaxy.


“Fellow Brothers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ve confirmed the news regarding the Tree of Epoch and it’s true beyond any doubt. There’s no trickery afoot,” the One-Eye Daoist declared with absolute certainty. He had been extremely cautious. Even when the Upper Realm descended into chaos as the hidden experts searched for signs of the Tree of Epoch, he chose to remain at Sky Emperor Mountain instead.


He had a vague feeling that an invisible hand was pulling the strings behind the chaos that overtook the Upper Realm.


After finding out that Gu Changge was the reincarnation of an Absolute Being from the Forbidden Epoch, the One-Eye Daoist became even more careful. He was afraid that if he left Sky Emperor Mountain alone during this time of unrest, Gu Changge might come after him and kill him.


Previously, he and the hidden experts from the other Forces had been discussing a way to get rid of Gu Changge so that the latter could not rise to one day and obtain full control over the Upper Realm.


Alas, no one could have known that the environment would change so quickly. The hidden experts whom he had discussed things with no longer cared about Gu Changge. They were off in search of their opportunity to reach the Immortal Realm.


Nothing else mattered, especially not the fear of a young man.


Therefore, the One-Eye Daoist had no choice. He dared not go up against Gu Changge alone.


Gu Changge had unfathomable power and had long since become invincible. The average hidden expert would never be able to hold his own against him.


On the day of Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong’s wedding, he sent experts to set up an ambush. Thus, he had formed a grudge that could not easily be resolved.


The One-Eye Daoist would never dare presume that Gu Changge would fail to find out it was his doing.


However, when the news of the Tree of Epoch broke out, the One-Eye Daoist could not sit still any longer. Every day, there were ancient battleships from the other Forces tearing up space, creating a passage through it as they charged towards Resplendence Universe.


The One-Eye Daoist wanted to become an Immortal too.


According to the information he gathered, Resplendence Universe was extremely far away from the Upper Realm. It was completely isolated. Its World Principles were flawed too. He was certain there would not be any hidden experts standing guard there.


Although no one knew why the Tree of Epoch would show up there, there was no denying that everyone’s hearts stirred.


Even the hidden experts could not stand aside any longer. Their desire to become an Immortal was far too intense.


“The three of us are the only hidden experts standing guard at Sky Emperor Mountain. If we leave, Sky Emperor Mountain would be an empty shell. What will happen if it’s sieged by a formidable enemy?”


“Is there no enmity between you and Gu Changge of the Immortal Gu Family? Did you see him leaving his Family’s territory?”


After hearing what the One-Eye Daoist said, the elderly man seated on the right slowly opened his eyes and calmly responded.



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