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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 779, Creating the Life Pill, Repaying Her the Karma She Deserved

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The large, silver-coloured hand reached down from the sky and loomed over Gods’ Ruins, looking as if it could crush anything in its path.


Time and space trembled as a sea of divine light flooded.


The monstrous aftershock of this move made everyone within the Northern Dipper Star Territory quake with terror.


Even those inside Forbidden Areas, who had once lorded over the Northern Dipper Star Territory, were also sporting looks of extreme fear. They brought out all their artifacts and hid inside their Forbidden Areas. They were too afraid to show themselves lest they got caught in the crossfire and died as a result.


This one attack was performed by a real True Daoist at his peak, with monstrous powers that drove fear into the hearts of others.


“Previously, an unfathomable aura came out of Gods’ Ruins. Someone tried to barge in, but he was killed by a single strike of. Even the Nirvana Grade Artifact he carried had also shattered in pieces…”


“Both beings are people we cannot afford to offend. If a fight breaks out, all will be destroyed.”


They were fearful beyond words. They had a feeling that the being inside Gods’ Ruins was bound to possess cultivation that surpassed the Nirvana Realm. Though, the people could not claim with certainty that this being was the legendary Lord of Gods’ Ruins.


Even if he was not, he was undoubtedly not someone an ordinary True Daoist could go up against.


The True Daoist who came from afar was formidable in his own right. Still, the people present did not think he would be able to stand a chance against the mysterious being inside Gods’ Ruins/ They figured he would probably die from a single strike too.


*Boom!* At the very next moment, an ear-deafening sound rang out. It was as if the world had cracked open.


Endless divine light exploded out as a fair hand extended out of Gods’ Ruins. It moved with the fluctuations of a majestic sun, and it slammed down on the void.


It was a staggering sight. It was as if hundreds of millions of suns were flaring up. The light was blinding as it transverse across all Star Territories.


Everyone could not stop themselves from closing their eyes.


As the reverberations swept across the lands, all of the surrounding withered stars turned to dust.




An agonising cry rang out but it soon died off.


The True Daoist who made the move earlier had turned into blood mist. He had died in the void without even getting to unleash any of his powers. That fleeting moment of contact alone was enough to wipe him from existence.


The blood of a True Daoist fell from the sky and scattered all over. It was a bloody and destructive rain.


The power contained in each drop was mighty enough to pierce right through some of the stars.


Once again, it was a shocking sight. All of the cultivators and living beings who witnessed it had frozen in a daze.


Even the Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert who had fled a great distance away from the Northern Dipper Star Territory as they headed towards the outskirts of the universe also halted in shock.




“What’s happening…”


The figures on that ancient battleship outside the Northern Dipper Star Territory also felt shivers down their spine. Their blood ran cold as they were indescribably horrified.


All color drained out of the faces of the other three True Daoists too. Looks of absolute terror replaced their arrogant guffaws.


Their fellow True Daoist had died from making the briefest of exchange. In fact, all he could do was let out a heart wrenching cry. They did not even have the time to help him.


Furthermore, if their senses had been right earlier, there was another peerless expert inside the place where the Tree of Epoch was!


“A True Daoist was killed with a single strike. That has to be someone comparable to a hidden expert…” They gulped in fear.


“Damn it! We underestimated what we would be going up against them. Although this universe doesn’t have a True Daoist, it doesn’t mean that place doesn’t. An Absolute Being had to have been involved with the Tree of Epoch being brought over here.”


These True Daoists were no fools. They had been recklessly arrogant earlier because they were certain this universe was not home to anyone who could threaten them.


Now that they realised a hidden expert was standing guard within Gods’ Ruins, they felt the urge to retreat and wait until their True Ancestors’ arrived.


Otherwise, if all they had to rely on was their strength, they would be marching to their deaths. There was no other possible outcome.


Meanwhile, all of the living beings inside the Northern Dipper Star Territory heard the momentous crashing coming from Gods’ Ruins. Those were the sounds of Principles and spiritual energy fluctuating against Heaven.


The mist scattered to reveal a tall and slender silhouette.


It was a proud and unmatched figure with long tresses of silky hair and clear eyes. The mist around her made it hard for others to see her completely. Nevertheless, everyone could tell that a woman of unparalleled beauty stood amidst the mist. Tall and slender, proud and elegant, and beautiful beyond comparison.


She was the one who killed a True Daoist with just a single strike.


No one would have ever thought that such an exceptional woman and the ferocious being earlier would be one and the same.


“Could that be the mysterious Lord of Gods’ Ruins…”


“Has she truly remained alive since the Era of the Great Annihilation? How’s that possible? Has she become an Immortal?”


Gasps and exclaims filled all of the Northern Dipper Star Territory. Everyone was stunned and in disbelief.


How long had she been alive for? The number of years seemed impossible to count.


How was she able to remain alive for so long with the limited lifespan in the Resplendence Universe ?


“Prime Ancestor… Is that the Lord of Gods’ Ruins, the person you were searching for?”


Back inside the Ascension Celestial Dynasty, the Emperor sensed that the white skull on the platform was trembling ever so slightly. The fluctuations of a soul started up again, though it was rather weak. It was expressing a kind of emotion.


The Emperor’s voice trembled as he kneeled in front of the platform. He got the feeling that Empress Huang Yu had not truly left the world. She clung on somehow, driven by an all-consuming obsession.


“Who are you, Senior? The Tree of Epoch is a supreme treasure of the Upper Realm. It is connected to our destiny and we beseech you to return it to us. Although you can easily kill us, our Prime Ancestors are on the way and they’re all just as powerful as you.”


“There are countless Forces in the Upper Realm that are just as powerful as we are. Once they come over, you won’t be able to do anything no matter how strong you are. You’ll only end up with hatred and resentment.”


Up in the air, the three remaining True Daoists quickly composed themselves. They looked at the silhouette outside Gods’ Ruins and tried to reason with her by telling her that she was no match for the Upper Realm and that it was futile for her to put up a fight.


No one could withstand the might of the entire Upper Realm. Or, more accurately speaking, not a single universe or ancient world could withstand it.


These words only made the natives inside the Northern Dipper Star Territory feel even more hopeless.


Just the vanguard alone had the power to destroy their universe, and yet an even more terrifying army was soon to descend upon them too. They began to question why they had to face such a calamity.


“Please understand, Senior. You’re not powerful enough to keep the Tree of Epoch with you…”


The three True Daoists spoke up again, but then, Grand Runes appeared and glistened around them. Each and every single one was alarming. They served as a warning.


The trio had a bad feeling. That woman in white outside Gods’ Ruins seemed to have chuckled just now.


What a bewitching sound it had been. It was as if it had come from a powerful Demon who could bring disaster to all living beings. The chuckle had also been full of unmistakable scorn and contempt.


They vaguely saw a gorgeous peach tree blossoming. The flowers scattered in the air with breathtaking beauty.


“According to the legends, the Lord of Gods’ Ruins once planted a peach tree…”


“Could that be her?”


This scene made those within the Northern Dipper Star Territory tremble in shock. Their eyes widened as they recalled some of the legends they heard.




“That Forbidden Area known as Gods’ Ruins has an owner, the Lord of Gods’ Ruins? That’s merely a peach tree he planted?”


The expressions of the three True Daoists in the air immediately shifted when they heard what was being said. They started getting a bad feeling again.


If what the people of the Northern Dipper Star Territory said were true, then it meant that the Lord of Gods’ Ruins had been the one who took the Tree of Epoch from the Upper Realm and planted it here. And, the peach tree he planted had already grown to the point of being as powerful as the hidden experts.


Chills ran down the spine of the trio. They could no longer speak as confidently as they did before. If the Lord of Gods’ Ruins was still alive, there was no doubt that the person’s cultivation had reached unthinkable heights.


[But… Why did such a being want to take the Tree of Epoch?]


Many doubts and questions passed through their minds, but alas, they did not get the chance to dwell on them.




Once again, light shot out of Gods’ Ruins. It extended into the sky and cut through the void in dazzling glory. It was like a massive chain that connected all the unknown territories.


Terrifying runes burned in the void and lit up the universe as an alarming undercurrent surged.




“The being inside Gods’ Ruins is planning on refining us into medicine to extend his life. This is terrible! How vicious!”


Upon seeing this scene, the three True Daoists in the air immediately reacted in alarm as they turned to leave.


All at once, they recalled some of the rumours they heard about what happened in the earliest of eras before the environment had changed. There had been Immortals who refined the mortal world into medicine as a means of prolonging their lives.


The runes hung in the air like brilliant suns as they travelled through the void. It looked as if they were gathering some kind of energy. Then, the runes turned into a chain that locked around the three True Daoiosts. The runes flickered and moved at such great speeds that they did not even have the time to react.


No matter how hard they fought, they could not free themselves from the chain made up of Grand Runes. They felt as if their Qi had dried up as they could not move at all.


“Have mercy, Senior…”


“Spare us, Senior…”


Terrified shrieks echoed across the universe. Even the Quasi-Nirvana Realm experts in distant Star Territories trembled with terror and despair.


The others onboard the ancient battleship also felt chills down their spines. They thought that as the vanguard who was the first to arrive at Northern Dipper Star Territory, they would be able to deal with everything promptly and seize the Tree of Epoch. Never did it occur to them that they would encounter such a terrifying situation.


The art of refining the mortal world as medicine had long since been categorised as a forbidden one. Even in the Upper Realm, no one dared to attempt it, let alone refine three True Daoists into medicine. That was something that was shocking enough to rock all of existence.


“How terrifying! The three True Daoists can’t even move anymore. They’ve been restrained in the void and the process to refine them into medicine has begun…”


“What a horrifying power.”


All inside the Northern Dipper Star Territory had frozen in fear.




As Great Dao rumbled, the three True Daoists exhibited looks of despair and let out agonising cries. They kept pleading for mercy as they seemed to be undergoing the most terrifying torture known to all of existence.


Their bodies were dissolving and their souls were dispersing like a flame that was dying out.


Countless fragments of the Great Dao flew out of their flesh, bones, mind, and soul before reforming in the void and becoming a dazzling light shower.


At last, the three of them exploded into brilliant balls of light, which were their Sources, hung in the void.


Everyone was shocked. They wanted nothing more than to rush over and stand under the light shower to absorb the fragments of the Great Dao. Nevertheless, no one dared to act upon that thought. They could only watch as the runes kept burning and refining medicine.


This continued for quite some time. The three balls of light crashed together, giving off a blinding light as those fragments melded together.


A ball of light formed in the middle. It was gigantic and glaringly dazzling, exerting so much pressure that the void was on the verge of collapse.


At the very end, under everyone’s shocked gazes, a large pill formed, giving off an astoundingly concentrated scent of medicine.


The medicinal pill hung in the void like a tiny Celestial Phoenix. It was brilliant and absolutely lifelike.


It seemed to be sentient as it turned into a divine rainbow and headed towards the Ascension Celestial Dynasty. Under everyone’s stunned gazes, it entered the white skull sitting on top of the platform.




At that very moment, a strong wave of Life Force appeared and the skull became even more dazzlingly bright. Then, neverending light burst forth and covered the surroundings.


Everything became blurry and hazy. Light gleamed and Celestial Energy mingled. Some even heard the clear cries of a Celestial Phoenix.


“Prime Ancestor…” The Emperor of Ascension Celestial Dynasty stared at the sight before him in total shock. He was too overwhelmed to react.


Did the being inside Gods’ Ruins create a medicinal pill out of three True Daoists just to use it on their Prime Ancestor, Empress Huang Yu?


The Emperor was not the only one. Everyone inside the Northern Dipper Star Territory were stunned by this as well.


It was such a heaven-defying move. Did that being plan on using the lives of the three True Daoists to bring Empress Huang Yu back to life?


They could not bring themselves to dwell on that thought. Such methods were beyond words. It was a blatant attempt to go against Heaven and the destiny of life and death.


Thanks to this, they suddenly understood the many rumours they heard in the past. Empress Huang Yu had indeed met the Lord of Gods’ Ruins before, and the person she was searching for had to be that mysterious being.


Otherwise, why would the Lord of Gods’ Ruins refine three True Daoists into a Life Pill for her sake?


Inside Gods’ Ruins, Gu Changge sat beneath the Tree of Epoch. His gaze was calm.


It had not been difficult for him to do what he just did. He had enough True Daoists’ Sources to do it, and the art of making a Life Pill involved refining Source and eliminating all other unwanted matter.


During the process wherein he changed the history of this part of the universe, Empress Huang Yu’s existence became an anomaly.


In the original timeline, she would not have become a Nirvana Realm expert. She could not have set up Ascension Celestial Dynasty and left a fragment of her soul behind.


Gu Changge would not have been able to revive her if she did not leave a piece of her soul behind. All he did now could merely count as him repaying her the Karma she deserved.



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