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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 782, Unfathomable, Annihilation of Hidden Experts

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In that instant, the Will of Resplendence Universe was thoroughly replaced with Gu Changge’s own Will. 


As he engulfed the entire universe, every corner and void fell into his vision.


At this point, he was the apex ruler of this universe, and anyone that entered it would be subdued by his Will. It would be similar to the ancient world which various Forces entered to obliterate Neraka. Back then, the ancient world was under control using the Palm of True World. The World’s Will had been under someone else’s control. Thus, it had forced the various Forces that charged into the ancient world to pay a heavy price, resulting in the absence of survivors.


“A connection is established between my Inner Universe and the Resplendence Universe, but that’s not enough. I still have to thoroughly take control of this universe with my Palm of Demonic World…”


Gu Changge sat underneath the Tree of Epoch, amid flowing Epoch Source that filled his Inner Universe, which was expanding behind him. 


Vibrant lights, as if from the blinding sun, rushed out before projecting towards the Resplendence Universe. It covered all directions, engulfing everything. This light source was the core of his Palm of Demonic World, Gu Changge intended to thoroughly fuse the Resplendence Universe to complete its transformation.


Terrifying waves surged at the barren regions of the universe. It was as though they were opening up a path amid chaos, disintegrating everything in its way before joining them back together again.


In the meantime, Gu Changge’s Inner Universe expanded its boundless space. It could drive all cultivators and living beings that made contact with it into the nihility. It was an inconceivable terror.


After a long time, Gu Changge eventually withdrew his Inner Universe. He could see the innumerable changes within as the world transformed at his Will. From the evolutions of the miniature worlds, Gu Changge could see a path to the Immortal Domain.


[Perhaps the actual Immortal Domain, along with All of Heaven and All Worlds had come about like this?] With that in mind, he suddenly felt intimidated by his thoughts, after which he shook his head and dismissed such thoughts.


Regardless, now that he was at the peak of his might, no one in history could rival him. He was undoubtedly invincible.


[In that case, perhaps I should fully release the aura of the Epoch Dao Fruit now…]


Gu Changge stood up. As his body flickered, he reappeared on the Tree of Epoch. The massive, terrorising World Aura resembled the plummeting of daunting mountains and rivers. It was as if there were ancient great worlds being pushed down.


He extended his hand to touch the radiant ball of light as if he grabbed the Sources of All of Heaven and All Worlds.

A heavy, wondrous aura, resembling the glistening stars, erupted. It emitted billions of rays of light skywards in the shape of swords. Those lights shot out of Gods’ Ruins and projected towards the entire Resplendence Universe before gushing towards All of Heaven and All Worlds.


In that instant, countless universes were affected by the aura as the World Principles they harboured began to rush towards the sky in a vigorous, excessive manner.


Seeing the new-born aura, which resembled a brazier that was lit amid darkness, the hidden experts from the Upper Realm that were hurrying towards Resplendence Universe were visibly shaken. They each revealed faces of exhilaration and joy.


“T—This must be the disturbance caused by a matured Epoch Dao Fruit…”


“The opportunity to become Immortal is right before us!”


The hidden experts went rampant and began conjuring forbidden artifacts to blaze a trail towards the fractured universes solely to speed up their journey without minding the consequences. After all, to them, this aura was far more addictive than drugs. They could already feel that the World Principles were healing them to perfection, even if they could only catch a trace of the aura.




Ground shook and the sky collapsed as the vast, endless army was in a frenzy, charging towards the Resplendence Universe. Be it cultivators or mortals, everyone was startled and scared when they saw such a scene.


Even the hidden experts that were deemed most powerful in the Upper Realm also seemed to have gone insane, their eyes scorching red. It was unbelievable, yet this was the reality.



At the same time, the hidden experts of the Upper Realm that had yet to emerge, were startled by the aura. They too instantly stormed towards the sky.


Unlike the rumours that were spread around, the fact was that the Age of Immortal Ascension was nigh, and it was no longer a deception.


Immortal Principles surged from distant lands and arrived at the Upper Realm’s vicinity.


Vibrant mists filled the air as golden lotuses bloomed, while intertwining Immortal Principles engulfed the skies of every universe.


Anomalies surged everywhere throughout the world. Even Dao Scriptures automatically appeared, as though Immortals of ancient times were sharing their knowledge to mortals and explaining the Principles of the world.


The Upper Realm that had been long crazed by the Age of Immortal Ascension. This obsession grew even more chaotic. Even the calm hidden experts who had been searching for opportunities to Immortality regretted not heading to the Resplendence Universe now.



Meanwhile, on top of Devil Mountain, demonic energy flowed in the sky amid billowing clouds, seemingly extremely malicious. As if it had existed since the beginning of time, it bore a spine-chilling aura.


In her dress that was as red as blood, Chan Hongyi stood on the mountaintop, her eyes glistening with perturbation and a trace of insanity. Such emotions interweaved intensely before slowly reverting to tranquillity.


“The sky is changing. How similar this sight is. Though, the one that had perished back then was an Immortal—no, an Immortal King himself…” she muttered with a condescending grin.


Under her crimson soles, a formidable river of blood appeared and extended to the distant Immortal Academy. She had always been aware that someone from the past resided there, but she had never met him.




In the Immortal Academy, a beam of light rose to the sky amid frightening auras. Many Elders were startled by Chan Hongyi’s arrival and immediately kept their guards up.


Such a menacing Demoness dared to deliver the corpse of an Immortal to Gu Changge on his wedding day, and that clearly indicated how terrorising her strength was—even a hidden expert wouldn’t be able to take her on.


Currently in the Upper Realm, she was indubitably the pinnacle of strength, unless legendary beings, such as the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, were to suddenly pop out. Immortal Academy would definitely be obliterated if Chan Hongyi were to wreak havoc, and no one was capable of stopping her.


“Aren’t you coming to meet your guest?” Chan Hongyi flatly questioned as she stood in the sky atop the Immortal Academy, her eyes gazing at the rear mountain shrouded in vibrant glows and Celestial Energy.


“Ahem… This is exactly how one should greet their old friends? Alas, my body prevents me from doing so as it can’t take on any more burden.”


All of a sudden, a loud cough sounded.


With that, before the stupefied gazes of the people of Immortal Academy, an Elder in black with a hunchback appeared. His body trembled as if a gust of wind would blow him away anytime. Yet, none in the crowd dared to disregard his presence.


“Elder Shi…” Many ancient beings looked at him with reverence in their eyes.


After all, Elder Shi was the oldest being in the Immortal Academy. He was a rock that came to life and lived for countless years. His seniority exceeded one’s imagination. Even Empress Yao Xi of the Demon World was his disciple.


However, looking at the scene, the crowd dropped their jaws when they found out Elder Shi and Chan Hongyi, the Demoness in Red, were old friends.


[If that’s the case, does Elder Shi and Gu Changge know each other? The entire Upper Realm now knows that Gu Changge is the reincarnation of an Absolute Being from the Forbidden Epoch. Since Chan Hongyi was his disciple, does that mean Elder Shi and Gu Changge also share a deep connection?]


[Back when Gu Changge had entered the Immortal Academy, he seemed to have looked for Elder Shi, and he did so with his connection to the Grand Elder of Skyward Schloss.]


The crowd pieced the puzzles and everything suddenly made sense, and they were no longer surprised.

“It seems you protected Tao Yao back then…” Chan Hongyi observed Elder Shi’s current condition and came to a realisation, tensing her brows before withdrawing it.


Elder Shi replied with a bitter smile, “But that palm strike has been tormenting this old one till this day. If my body weren’t made of rocks, perhaps I wouldn’t have been able to withstand it for long.”


“Judging by his strength back then, he could have killed you easily. There was no way you could have defended against that palm strike.”


Chan Hongyi furrowed her brows, sensing the strangeness in the matter. All these years, she had been blinded by vengeance, and there was nothing but hatred and aggression in her eyes, which caused her to overlook too many things.


Based on what she understood about her Master, if he was intent on killing Elder Shi and Tao Yao, he wouldn’t have let them off so easily. After all, his strength had long reached an unpredictable level. He was capable of effortlessly destroying thousands of regions with the strike of a palm, deserving the jealousy of the strongest Immortal King.


Elder Shi’s cultivation was still far from that of an Immortal King. Yet, it was incredible how he managed to take on the palm strike and endured the pain for so many years.


On the other hand, although Tao Yao’s cultivation was slightly more advanced than that of Elder Shi, it was impossible for her to take on the palm strike. Thus, the only possibility was that the Demon Lord had pulled his punch.


“Indeed, he could have killed the two of us easily. He didn’t have to trap you underneath the Demon-Burying Abyss. How can a being such a Master himself end up reincarnating? This is truly unfathomable, and we must consult with him regarding such matters.”


Elder Shi shook his head. After so many years, everything about that particular epoch had faded away from his memories. Even he was unable to remain conscious all the time.


Though, he deduced that it might be the effect of the Forbidden Epoch, so it was reasonable that the entire world labelled the epoch as ‘forbidden.’


“Really?” Chan Hongyi grew silent. Though, her hatred for her Master wasn’t solely caused by his sealing of her in the Demon-Burying Abyss.


Then, she shot Elder Shi a piercing glare and asked, “Don’t you ever want an answer?”


“Unfortunately, this old one can no longer leave this place. If I were to do so, I will only bring forth backlash upon myself. Perhaps I’ll be struck by lightning and turn into dust. The aura from that epoch still lingers around me. I am a forbidden entity, so forget asking me to leave to help you. You are on your own.”


In response, Elder Shi heaved a sigh as he shook his head, expressing that he had no way of leaving given his current condition.


“I could tell that he’s planning something shockingly big, and I intended to see it for myself and foil his plan, but after listening to what you said, I suddenly felt discouraged…”


Chan Hongyi spoke coldly. Without prolonging the conversation, she immediately flew to the sky above the Immortal Academy. Nonetheless, before she left, she took a glance at the Land of Abandoned Celestials, but she couldn’t detect Tao Yao’s aura.


“Elder Shi, what is…”


Listening to the baffling conversation between Elder Shi and Chan Hongyi, the nearby ancient beings were dumbfounded as they couldn’t understand what they were talking about the entire time.


Nevertheless, from the conversation, they could tell that the matter pertained to the secrets of the Forbidden Epoch, so they must remain cautious and guarded against it.


“For the time being, do not leave the Immortal Academy and just stay here. Another disaster may be coming…” Elder Shi sighed. Without giving an explanation, he turned around and returned to the rear mountain.


After all, it didn’t matter to him even if there was a magnitudinal event since he was in no way capable of intervening.



“I certainly wish to see for myself how strange this universe is to have taken down all my scouts!”


Outside Resplendence Universe, a vast army was approaching. The hidden expert leading the army could feel the dense aura of the Epoch Dao Fruit, which caused his eyes to be filled with heat.


After letting out a sneer, he unhesitatingly engaged outside the universe and summoned an Nirvana Grade Artifact—a divine tower made of Eternal Blue Gold. 


As the terrifying, daunting shockwave and auras surrounded many universes, the nearby giant stars were instantaneously turned into ashes.


Despite being far away, those evacuated by Empress Huang Yu could still feel the devastating shockwave, and they were highly alarmed and stunned. It was their first time witnessing the power of a hidden expert. Under such an aura, even a True Daoist was merely an insignificant speck of dust.


Even Quasi-Nirvana Realm Beings were absolutely horrified. They were betting on luck, hoping the Resplendence Universe would be able to withstand the powerful shockwave. However, after experiencing it for themselves, they instantly drowned in stupefaction and dismay.


“What a good opportunity to test out whether the Lord of Gods’ Ruins is worthy for me to take on!”


Another hidden expert with an icy gaze drew his hand and captured a Quasi-Nirvana Realm Being from the Resplendence Universe. He soon rampantly searched his soul and obtained all sorts of information about the Resplendence Universe.


With that, before the Quasi-Nirvana Realm captive could let out a scream, his body immediately exploded and turned into ashes and mists of blood.


The tower emitted a blinding blue light that shone eternally. Taking the form of a flame set ablaze, the light then charged towards the Resplendence Universe.


Evidently, the hidden expert from earlier was attempting to investigate the strength of the Lord of Gods’ Ruins, not as fearless as he seemed.



Out of anyone’s expectation, the Lord of Gods’ Ruins in the Resplendence Universe wasn’t at all bothered by it as he indifferently sent out a palm strike with a clear, loud sound.


Followingly, an explosion was heard as the divine tower made of Eternal Blue Gold was shattered. Then, a torrential rain of blue lights rushed and turned many nearby stars into dust before disappearing in the depths of the universe.



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