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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 783, Medicine-Brewing Universe, Beheading Immortal Sword

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A white palm was projected from Resplendence Universe, rushing directly towards the divine tower made of Eternal Blue Gold. 


Following clear cracking sounds, the divine tower then shattered before turning into dust.


The rain of blue lights danced, vibrant and captivating. The fragments of Eternal Blue Gold then rushed into the depths of the universe and struck the stars, turning them into dust.


Many were astounded by the scene. Even the hidden experts were visibly stunned, and the army of soldiers behind them let out gasps as they were flabbergasted.


After all, the divine tower had been cultivated by a hidden expert for countless years. Having surpassed the average Nirvana Grade Artifact, it was supposed to be unrivalled in strength. Yet, even it was destroyed upon being hit by the palm, silently vanishing without even making a sound.


“Damn! He is by no means weaker than me. What unfathomable cultivation…”


Upon the destruction of the divine tower, the hidden expert revealed a face so sullen that none had seen it before. His eyes glowed with iciness, rage and murderous intent.


Regardless, at the end of the day, the divine tower was merely something in the Nirvana Grade, imbued with divinity and runes. It still could not rival an Immortal Grade Artifact. Even for them, destroying a Nirvana Grade Artifact using their full might was nothing special.


Earlier, he simply wanted to test the strength of the Lord of Gods’ Ruins. He never expected his foe to be this intolerable as the latter immediately sent forth a daunting palm strike that broke his artifact.


“That didn’t seem to be the Lord of Gods’ Ruins himself. It might have been the woman in white beside him…” another hidden expert flatly stated.


His body was covered in an exuberant aura as he stood outside Resplendence Universe. His strength was unquestionable, given how he caught a Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert from faraway through his mere Will and performed a thorough soul search to learn more about the Resplendence Universe.


In Gods’ Ruins, Apart from the mysterious Lord of Gods’ Ruins, there was also a formidable woman in white, and her strength was not to be underestimated.


“In other words, there are at least two beings of the same level as us, but what can they do? No one in this world harbours the strength of an Immortal. Even the Lord of Gods’ Ruins, who might be an Immortal, cannot muster his full strength.”


The heroic figure shrouded in Mists of Chaos carried a glacial expression as he spoke with a dull voice that bore absolute power and confidence. His domineering presence was incomparable, unaffected by the destruction of the divine tower.


He stepped forward. Simultaneously, terrifying waves engulfed the entire universe as the shockwaves of an Immortal Grade Artifact surged around his body. Clearly, he even brought along an Immortal Grade Artifact before hurrying over to the Resplendence Universe.


In fact, the Immortal Grade Artifact was his Clan’s most powerful, well kept Artifact, left behind by their oldest Prime Ancestor. It harboured an Immortal divine being within, granting it formidable power that far surpassed that of ordinary Nirvana Grade Artifacts.


Back when the Immortal Path of the Upper Realm was still present, he conjured up this very Immortal Grade Artifact and a trace of its power was sufficient to obliterate a universe.


“You’re crazy! We haven’t even seen the Tree of Epoch and you’re already resorting to an Immortal Grade Artifact!? If this universe gets destroyed, the Tree of Epoch might be damaged as well…”


The other hidden experts were dumbfounded, never expecting that man to be this insane. Although they came from the same Clan, they had only one Immortal Grade Artifact.


“Once I become Immortal, I can simply reforge all the artifacts I want. Even losing a Nirvana Grade Artifact means nothing.” The hidden expert’s tone was cold, yet his eyes carried unconcealable aggression and insanity. After all, he had been accompanied by that Nirvana Grade Artifact for countless years. The divine being within that tower had become his companion. For it to be destroyed so easily, he felt nothing but immense contempt.


Meanwhile, in Northern Dipper Star Territory, there weren’t many living beings left. Except for Empress Huang Yu, only the Quasi-Nirvana Realm experts in Forbidden Areas remained. They weren’t willing to leave as they had detached their fear of death. In other words, if death were to come for them, they would welcome it in their homes.


Nonetheless, they were deeply stupefied when they saw the woman in white retaliate. She destroyed a godly artifact that was far stronger than any other Nirvana Grade Artifact they knew of with just one palm strike. This caused the crowd to wonder what cultivation level she was at and whether she possessed the body of an Immortal.


At that moment, endless rage rushed towards Resplendence Universe, causing the surrounding Star Territories to tremble. That was the might of the Nirvana Realm. It could tear the universe apart.


“Is this the power of an Immortal Grade Artifact?” Empress Huang Yu’s face changed, feeling restless in her heart.


It had nothing to do with one’s Will, but the disparity and pressure caused by the difference cultivation realms. The same way a puny bird would shiver before a True Dragon, Empress Huang Yu, despite being a True Daoist, felt like an insect in the face of the might of an Immortal Grade Artifact. The disparity was absolute and insurmountable.


Evidently, the opponent summoned an actual Immortal Grade Artifact, intending to invade the universe.


Meanwhile, Gu Changge was standing on the Tree of Epoch, his face emotionless.


“Only this few came?” He then muttered in disappointment.


Of course, he was aware that this was a matter of time. Now, only a few people arrived first. However, they would soon be followed by more prominent figures of similar levels. Although this way of baiting was slower, it would ultimately prove useful.


Right now, three hidden experts had arrived outside Resplendence Universe, each of them crafty old individuals who had lived an immeasurably long life that most True Daoists couldn’t compare with.


“My name is Di Huang.”


All of a sudden, an overwhelmingly terrorising aura plunged downwards from the sky, crushing countless Star Territories. The great universe was ripped open, after which a valiant, domineering figure came into appearance.


This man initially seemed rather old, but soon, his aura began to elevate. His aura became vigorous and daunting, resembling enormous waves that were charging over, causing many Star Territories to crumble.


Above his head, there was a golden, shining giant cauldron surrounded by the phantoms of True Dragons. Thousands of Immortal Runes intertwined on the giant cauldron, emitting horrifying auras that subdued all worlds.


Despite being somewhere infinitely far away, people in other universes couldn’t help but feel shocked as they felt a sense of supreme pressure.


That man’s aura was one of its kind, looking down on all lives. His every action resembled that of the creator of men.


“I’ll kill him,” Tao Yao said. Gentle breeze blew over the dense mists. She possessed a figure tall and slender. Her dress swayed in the wind, accentuating her extraordinariness as she stood beside Gu Changge.


“No need.” Gu Changge looked at the figure and gently shook his head. He did not let Tao Yao take action.


Behind him, a blurry shadow appeared, after which the entire universe shook. The World’s Will emerged and crystallised into a vague avatar that glowed dazzlingly. It was as if there were three thousand ancient worlds shrouded in vibrant silver lights floating behind it.


In terms of battle power, this avatar was in no way weaker than a hidden expert.


“He won’t even show his true self. How insufferable. Let’s see for how long you can protect the Tree of Epoch, Lord of God’s Ruin!” 


Seeing that, Di Huang was angered. He never expected Gu Changge to send out a mere avatar. Furthermore, the latter even concealed his own face. To Di Huang, this was nothing but humiliation.


In that instant, his gaze grew extremely cold. The giant cauldron above him forcibly charged into Resplendence Universe. He intends to immediately seize the Tree of Epoch within Gods’ Ruins.


As if there was an abysmal disaster, the nearby Star Territories exploded into dust along countless stars under the menacing intimidation.


As he let out a shout, vast Mists of Chaos zoomed towards Gu Changge’s avatar.




As the two battled it out, explosions erupted throughout Northern Dipper Star Territory, and each burst turned countless stars into dust.


Principles emerged and evolved, making the universe seem unimaginably terrifying. The Immortal Grade Artifact emitted trembling sound and exuded a Primal Aura, shining as though it was the source of all light.


“What is this?”


However, very soon, Di Huang noticed something wrong. There was a strange aura surging in the universe, seeping through his skin and bones, into his organs and even into his Spiritual Sea.


Despite being a hidden expert, he couldn’t help but reveal his stupefaction. He immediately looked around the universe to search for the source of the aura as he couldn’t afford to focus on his battle with the avatar.


“It’s the scent of herbs…” Suddenly, his face changed even more drastically and his voice bore vexation when he smelled the scent wafting out of his body.


Every hidden expert that managed to attain this cultivation level was deemed a prodigy of their generation who would leave their peers anxious. At their cultivation level, every drop of their blood and every strand of hair were Sacred Herbs that harboured unlimited Life Force.


Nevertheless, the moment he entered Resplendence Universe, the world seemed to have become a horrifying furnace that was brewing him as if he was some kind of herb. 


The world around him continued to spiral, intertwining energy with the scent of medicine from primordial times.


The medicine used was highly invasive. In spite of the protection granted to him by his Immortal Grade Artifact, the medicine affected him the moment he stepped into Resplendence Universe. It was as if it was karma itself – inevitable.


“You plan to lure us over with the Tree of Epoch and brew us as herbs? How audacious!” In that instant, Di Huang understood Gu Changge’s intention, his eyes glistening with coldness. Even so, he didn’t feel a tinge of fear.


That was his confidence as a hidden expert. Especially with his Immortal Grade Artifact. He wasn’t at all afraid of any cunning scheme as he believed that he could break them through with absolute power, which of course included the scheme of the Lord of Gods’ Ruins.




However, the next moment, a boundless, magnitudinous aura surged. An ambiguous, translucent silhouette of the Immortal World seemed to appear in the world as a cleaver slashed towards him.


That was the image formed by the World’s Will—or rather, Gu Changge’s Will, of this universe.


“Seal!” Gu Changge’s eyes were glacial and his voice carried no emotions.


As his voice sounded, chimes of the Great Dao began reverberating throughout the universe, leaving Di Hua stunned for a moment. It was as if his soul was sealed in an instant.


With that, the gigantic avatar approached him as a radiant Immortal Sword suddenly appeared in his hand. 


With a few slashes, sword light brightened up the sky as piercing lights bloomed.


*Slash!* Right away, the avatar swung its sword at Di Huang’s head, and blood splattered everywhere.



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