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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 784, Scripture of Sin, A Welcome Gift

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The sword was swift and fierce, blooming with endless intertwining lights.


*Thump!* A formidable Sword Qi, capable of suppressing the world, beheaded Qi Huang. 


Blood splattered everywhere to the outside of the Northern Dipper Star Territory.


Gu Changge’s avatar vanished in a flash and reappeared behind Di Huang with a hazy face. Its eyes grew even colder, resembling a borderless sea.


The Immortal Sword, the creation of condensed Principles, in its hand also disappeared into thin air in the blink of an eye along with the spewing of five-coloured divine blood. 


It was a spine-chilling sight.


Unquestionable, the scene was extremely shocking.


A hidden expert carrying an Immortal Grade Artifact intimidatingly attacked Resplendence Universe in order to seize the Epoch Dao Fruit, only to prove himself lesser than the avatar of the Lord of Gods’ Ruins and got instantly beheaded.


Even though he had reached a cultivation level where he should be able to regenerate even after being beheaded, the scene was still too eerie to watch.


“This is…”


“Pure Sword Principles fused with the Will of this universe. How did he do this? Did he perhaps make the world as his own?”


“It seems he has definitely planned this for a long time.”


Outside Resplendence Universe, the other hidden experts that had yet to enter were visibly stunned. They thought the result of Di Huang using an Immortal Grade Artifact would be one-sided.


However, out of their expectation, the Lord of Gods’ Ruins relentless. He summoned an avatar and effortlessly cut off Di Huang’s head. This sight made them deeply perturbed.


“The Lord of Gods’ Ruins must not be a simple being at his peak. He took the Tree of Epoch away and planted it in this universe solely to draw us over so that we would become his herbs.”


One of the hidden experts spoke, his gaze icy. Despite knowing it was a plot, they had no choice but to do all they could to obtain the Epoch Dao Fruit, or they would never ever have the chance to become an Immortal.


“Well done… You’re the first person to chop off my head in so many years.”

At that moment, at Di Huang’s neck, after his head was cut off, blood suddenly started to gather and flowed in reverse. Endless lights entwined as exuberant Life Force gushed.


He grew back a new head, but his expression was hideous and his voice was ever so cold.


The Immortal Grade Artifact above his head emitted blinding lights, but that couldn’t conceal the patheticness and embarrassment he felt. After all, getting beheaded in an instant was a loss he had never once experienced in his entire life. It was a fathomless humiliation.


Now, he must avenge himself!


“I’ll kill you!” Di Huang charged on with big steps, shrouded in Principles, as if an ocean filled with unceasing, intertwining lights was waving around him.




The dazzling Immortal Grade Artifact emitted ceaseless lights, and a formidable Immortal seemed to be awakening within the artifact. It was going to prove itself a true Immortal Grade Artifact. It possessed an aura that would leave True Daoists to shiver. Despite the far distances, the True Daoists in other universes couldn’t help but kneel down in fear.


Traces of Celestial Lights erupted. The sun, the moon, and the stars seemed dim in comparison, and their illumination was far inferior compared to this one artifact.


“This person wished to turn us into medicine. We must not let that happen. Let’s combine our might to avoid unnecessary accidents.”


“We must kill him regardless of his schemes. We shall work together against him and retrieve the Epoch Dao Fruit.”


Outside the Resplendence Universe, the rest of the hidden experts spoke to each other with cold gazes. They immediately launched their attacks together to prevent repeating the same mistake again.


For some reason, they felt restless deep inside with how the Lord of Gods’ Ruins never showed himself from the beginning as if he was planning something huge. Vaguely, given their current cultivation levels, every inkling they felt could not be simply cast aside.


Sitting within Gods’ Ruins, Gu Changge looked at the scene and finally revealed a grin. “You’ve finally lost the restraint to attack, huh?”




He swung his palm forward, causing the entire Resplendence Universe to shake. A terrifying giant palm appeared in the sky, harbouring world-destroying power that could obliterate all things.


The whole place seemed as if it was falling apart. World Principles were turned into dust as terrorising auras surged, piercing through time itself.


To the Resplendent Universe, the event was equivalent to its devastation. Unlike today, there was never a situation where numerous hidden experts partnered up and attacked together.


“Kill him!”


Di Huang’s entire body shone with matter resembling Celestial Mists surrounding him as if he became the reincarnation of an emperor who looked down on the world. Holding the Immortal Grade Artifact, he seemed intent on tearing the world apart.


The rest too spared no mercy as they displayed their most powerful abilities. With firm resolve, they resorted to their strongest moves as they stormed towards Gods’ Ruins, which a trace of it could collapse the wide sky.


The entire great universe was almost destroyed. Even in the barren lands and the deepest parts of the universe, one could feel the frightening aura.


The hidden experts’ zealous desire, accumulated for aeons, erupted in this instant. They sacrificed everything for the sake of becoming Immortal, and now that the opportunity was right before them, how could they give it up?


Nonetheless, from the depths of the sky, a palm landed. It was truly horrifying, as though the entire world’s energy was concentrated in it. It also harboured illimitable power of suppression, causing the void to continuously collapse.


The surrounding Star Territories and universes too were shaking violently, almost breaking apart from a trace of the shockwave.




The Immortal Grade Artifact was hit, after which it emitted blaring, spine-chilling noises as the palm continued to plunge. The attacking hidden experts couldn’t help but shiver as they coughed up blood.


Their faces were full of disbelief. [How could he possibly be this strong? He hasn’t even become an Immortal!]


At the same time, at the four corners of the world, following Gu Changge’s Will, terrifying bronze pillars began to appear, capable of supporting the sky, as though they were the fabled pillars that held up the sky.


On these bronze pillars, an ancient sacrificial scripture began to manifest, shining brightly and forming entwining chains. It was the word ‘Sin’ (罪).


As the ancient sacrificial scripture was ignited, everything instantly became dazzling. Resembling brands, entities in the form of little suns flew out of the bronze pillars and rushed towards the hidden experts and entered their souls directly.

“What is this?”


Di Huang’s face changed dramatically once again. He felt that this aura was too similar to the aura back when the Eternal Overcast erupted. It was impossible to drive off even a mere trace of it as it seeped right into the depth of his soul.

The other hidden experts too were clearly dismayed, feeling as though a black spot instantaneously spread across their souls. Despite their cultivation level, they couldn’t repel the black spot. It was as if it was a cancer in their bones—or rather, in their souls.


“A welcome gift I prepared for you, of course.”


Gu Changge’s leisurely voice came from Gods’ Ruins. With that, at his Will, a Dark Cage appeared amid grey mists, icy and deep, carrying a nauseating aura.



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