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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 785, The Mastermind Behind the Epoch; Naturally Was No Different From a Big Fish

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“This is a grand gift I have spent a long time preparing for you all,” Gu Changge mentioned as he looked at the hidden experts approaching from the Northern Dipper Star Territory. There was finally a smile at the corners of his lips. With a single thought, the power of the entire universe pressed down from above. All the Star Territories undulated as if they had become gigantic Suns themselves.


A Dark Cage manifested then. Despite its name, it resembled more of a Dark Immortal Sanctum refined from the Dark Immortal Gold as it floated between heaven and earth, radiating with black light. Surrounding it was a thick grey mist that surged like great waves. Around these ancient palaces, numerous dark Grand Runes carrying the most profound Runes circulated and brimmed with the power of suppression.


The entire Resplendence Universe trembled as chains refined from Principles spread from all directions, entangling and dragging them towards the cages.




The sky quivered as four pillars rose from the vastness of the world while emitting a rumbling noise. The words ‘Sin’ in ancient characters were ignited before they flew out while radiating light. However, the brilliance was so dazzling that it caused everyone’s Spiritual Seas and souls to tremble and corrode.


“Who are you? What connection do you have with the Eternal Overcast?” Di Huang and everyone else’s expressions changed drastically. They felt that these Dark Cages were specifically set up here while waiting for them to appear. 


[What is his intention? Is he trying to trap us within the Dark Cages? Moreover, the word ‘Sin’ has integrated into our bloodlines and my Spiritual Seas is emitting the aura of the Eternal Overcast! It feels so dense, it is as if it is Eternal Overcast Source itself! But, didn’t the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being already intervene and seal away Eternal Overcast? For now, it is at least stable and unlikely to result in any accidents. So, where did this Eternal Overcast aura come from?]


Because of this energy, they even felt that their Source and their cultivation, which had remained unchanged for so many years, getting corroded and engulfed by it. In short, they were on the verge of being assimilated and dissolved.


They even feared that their divine conscience would be corrupted by the Eternal Overcast aura, which would transform them into Eternal Overcast Creatures. If that were to happen, they would no longer be themselves but become entirely different beings.


Gu Changge’s attack truly left them feeling horrified and unsettled.


“You… are you the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being? The Lord of Gods’ Ruins is actually the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being!? Someone who has not died and has been plotting against us and the entire Upper Realm?” One of the hidden experts roared. He was unwilling to concede even as he watched the chains shooting in their direction no matter what they did to fight back.


“He is not the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being! But, he is certainly someone from the Upper Realm. His name must have existed since ancient times,” another hidden expert snarled. “He stole the Tree of Epoch back then and blamed it on the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains, forcing us into wage war against them for countless years.” His gaze was as bright as a blazing torch as they stared at Gods’ Ruins shrouded in boundless Mist of Chaos.


Although he didn’t know the whole truth, he felt that he had gotten a part of his assumption right. Due to the Forbidden Epoch, the connection between heaven and earth was lost, and the whereabouts of the Tree of Epoch remained unknown after it was stolen away. For many years, the World Principles of the Upper Realm had always been incomplete. It was impossible for someone of the current era to achieve something like this. That was why the hidden expert suspected that the Lord of Gods’ Ruins must be a figure from before the Forbidden Epoch. It might be someone even older than the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


The Lord of Gods’ Ruins had never revealed himself before the public in the current world, and no one knew of his existence. However, he was like a shadow hiding behind the scenes in each epoch, witnessing the rise and fall of epochs, the destruction of mountains and rivers, the collapse of various Forces, and the withering of all eternity.


Even though the hidden expert, who had a strong Dao Heart, had conquered all under the heavens ever since they had emerged into the world and had stepped on the bones of countless peers along the way, they couldn’t help but feel spooked at this moment.


“How interesting.” Gu Changge’s voice rang out after he heard their words. He couldn’t help but chuckle at how unexpectedly these hidden experts make such associations. However, for him, this meant nothing. Since he had yet to catch the ‘big fish’. Thus, he had no intention of revealing his true identity. It was still too soon for that.


“Who exactly are you? Are you the original Ancestor behind the Eternal Overcast?” Di Huangspoke again while activating his Immortal Grade Artifact to suppress the Eternal Overcast Source in his body. His gaze remained fixed on the depths of Gods’ Ruins. He wanted to know who Gu Changge really was.


However, the Eternal Overcast Source had long entwined itself like maggots in these hidden experts’ souls. Even with their cultivation, they couldn’t expel it, as it required an immensely powerful force to suppress it. As a result, they couldn’t unleash their peak strength. Ever since they stepped into this universe, the Eternal Overcast aura had silently permeated them. It was something they had never anticipated or predicted. 


Anger was all that remained in their hearts now.


“My identity is not important. What’s important is that the Tree of Epoch is not something you have the right to covet.” Gu Changge smiled faintly and once again made his move. A pitch-black and terrifying palm that had the power to crush everything promptly emerged from Gods’ Ruins.


The darkness instantly shattered, and the chains in front, like long whips, directly lashed onto the hidden experts, causing their physical bodies to crumble and their energies to rapidly wither. With the entire universe suppressing them, even they themselves felt immense unease and fear.




The radiance of the Immortal Grade Artifact shot out once again as Di Huang roared and tried to shatter the chains before him. 


However, a terrifying might manifested in the sky as a cold and merciless Eye of the World’s Will appeared. It instantly suppressed the Beam coming from the artifact. 


In the next moment, more chains sprouted noisily and spread towards Di Huang. Amidst his astonished and enraged cries, he was dragged into the Dark Cage that had long since been refined.


The remaining hidden experts’ faces fell when they saw the unfavourable situation.


They had thought that fighting against a few people simultaneously was the Lord of Gods’ Ruins’ limit. However, they didn’t expect that he had long merged with this universe, or more accurately, he had already gained control over this universe. Thus, the outcome was already predetermined the moment they set foot in here.




The darkness shattered, and a grey haze flowed over and obscured the Dark Cage. The hidden experts’ terrified and anxious voices gradually disappeared. Gu Changge had prepared these Dark Cages which were refined with the power of this vast universe. Since they were as solid as the Dao Tribulation Gold, they could not be broken by non-Immortals.


Moreover, due to the influence of the Eternal Overcast Sources, the hidden experts had to allocate much of their power to resist, making it difficult for them to unleash their true strength. Even though they were unfathomably strong, their power had been greatly diminished to the point where they were not much different from True Daoists.


In Gu Changge’s eyes, they were no different from fish waiting for slaughter.



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