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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 787, You’re the Mastermind? Deciding to Refine and Ascend

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Terrifying grey mist swept over from an unknown source, instantly shrouding the entire Resplendence Universe. All the Star Territories dimmed as not a gleam of light could be seen. It was as if this place had fallen into an eternally dark icy silence.


Everyone on the many ancient battleships outside the Resplendence Universe were filled with horror. They were unaware of what happened to all the hidden experts. It was as if they were completely swallowed up by the Resplendence Universe, disappearing without a trace like a pebble thrown into the sea.


This was too terrifying. To them, it seemed as if unimaginable monstrous Demons were hidden within. It was not just a matter of becoming Immortal; it went far beyond that. In the ancient records, there was not a single mention of such a phenomenon. How could the Resplendence Universe, no matter how mysterious it was, withstand the combined force of so many hidden experts without being destroyed?


It was truly an unthinkable occurrence.


All the armies came to a halt outside the Resplendence Universe, not daring to approach or take even half a step closer. Even the True Daoists felt chills running down their spines, whereas other cultivators were filled with even greater horror.


“They mobilised the entire Clan’s resources, only to be blocked here. We paid such a heavy price for the sake of achieving Immortality.”


“How tragic! Within the Resplendence Universe, there is clearly an opportunity for Immortal Ascension right before us, yet why has it turned out like this? Just what has happened…”


“Our True Ancestors have stayed hidden for countless ages, all in anticipation of this very moment…”


Many wailed in despair. They had believed that their Prime Ancestors would ascend to the Immortal Realm and lead them towards glory. Unexpectedly, even their Prime Ancestors had eerily been ensnared, engulfed by that universe, swallowed in darkness. At this moment, it was a hopeless situation for them. All the radiance before their eyes, like the expanse of the universe ahead, had plunged into absolute darkness.


Gu Changge sat upright in Gods’ Ruins as he observed everything from a distance and gently shook his head. He had no sympathy for those who were prepared to destroy everything, even contemplating a bloodbath in this universe, in their pursuit of Immortality. No living being or cultivator was innocent in this Age of Immortal Ascension. If one desired to become Immortal, they had to be prepared to pay the price.


“The fluctuations from the Epoch Dao Fruit are becoming stronger, and the World Principles are gradually becoming more complete. It seems that the world will return to its former prosperity within a few hundred years.” Tao Yao gazed at the sky before she quietly closed her eyes and sensed the fluctuations of World Principles. It felt as if the fragmented parts were being infused by a certain aura, slowly replenishing and completing them. She even felt her cultivation slowly recovering.


To be exact, it was not recovering but rather, the amount of Qi she could wield was increasing, resulting in her growing stronger. Her own cultivation level had surpassed that of the Immortal Realm. However, she still couldn’t fully unleash her true power due to the limitations of the world’s environment. Now that those limitations were slowly being lifted, the strength she could wield had naturally grown.


“En. Due to the changing environmental conditions and the arrival of the Age of Immortal Ascension, they are all in a hurry to seize the opportunity for Immortality. That’s why they are so desperate and are willing to sacrifice even their own Family.” Gu Changge put on a faint smile as his cultivation slowly transformed. His current level was actually only at the Later Stage of the Nirvana Realm. He was still far from the so-called hidden experts which were at the Peak of the Nirvana Realm, who was a step away from entering the Immortality Realm.


However, Gu Changge didn’t think his cultivation level meant much. His own combat power had already reached the limit in which this world could accommodate. It was just that this world could just accommodate the strength of the Remnant Immortals. Thus, the power he could exert was naturally that of a Remnant Immortal. Now that the World Principles here were becoming more complete, the limits it could accommodate were increasing, and thus the power he could unleash was also growing.


When facing the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, Gu Changge had used his Eight Barren Demon Halberd to shatter his soul. That had already reached the utmost limit of this world. These so-called hidden experts were the only ones who felt that they stood at the top of heaven and earth when, in reality, even Tao Yao could easily annihilate them, let alone Gu Changge.


[Since the true Immortal Domain is about to descend, I have to make good use of my time. These hidden experts had all learnt their lesson and are now hiding in the distant cosmos. None of them dare to get any closer.] Gu Changge’s gaze drifted into the distance where he saw the scene outside the Resplendence Universe.


Many hidden experts who had hurried here stood still in the distance with looks of uncertainty. Unlike the previous group, they chose to observe quietly instead of stepping into this universe. They had witnessed for themselves how those hidden experts were swallowed by the darkness. Having lived for so long, they had become cautious and would not act rashly after they sensed danger.


Not long ago, eight hidden experts had appeared and ventured into this universe, only to end up vanishing without a trace like mud sinking into the sea. They were not fools; even if they were eager to become Immortals, they understood the immense danger within the Resplendence Universe. 


Naturally, Gu Changge didn’t expect them to come in recklessly and meet the same fate as the previous hidden experts.


“With the Sources of ten or more hidden experts, it should be enough for me to break through to the Peak of the Nirvana Realm,” Gu Changge murmured while shaking his head lightly. His figure then disappeared from where he stood, only to reappear in the Star Territory shrouded in grey mist.


The four pillars that connected heaven and earth stretched endlessly. With how ancient and desolate they were, they emitted a terrifying and chilling aura. Countless chains extended from these four pillars, reaching the ends where they connected to the Dark Cages.


The hidden experts were now imprisoned within those cages. Some chose to strike the cages, attempting to break free, while others sat on the ground with their bodies aglow, showing signs of breaking through. They intended to forcibly ignite their souls and establish a connection with the Immortal aura of this world. They had already sensed the thick Immortal aura emanating from Gods’ Ruins, which was why they were eager to make this desperate attempt.


There were also those who roared in anger, their eyes turning red as if they had fallen victim to their Inner Demons. This was not due to their lack of mental fortitude; it was the influence of the energy from the Eternal Overcast Source, which had penetrated their souls.


Even the Eternal Overcast Great Ancestors were unable to stop this aura. Although they possessed high cultivations, their proficiency over the soul was not enough.


“Who are you?” Someone exclaimed.


“Why are you doing this? What is your purpose?” Another voice rang out.


As soon as Gu Changge appeared in this place, many of them immediately demanded answers from him. Hoping to unveil his true identity, they kept their eyes fixed on him, who was the mastermind behind all of this. After seizing the Tree of Epoch in the Forbidden Epoch and framing the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains, subsequently causing countless years of conflict between it and the Upper Realm, the Tree of Epoch had finally manifested. With it, his mysterious man lured everyone here to be his ingredients. Describing his intent as malicious and ruthless would be an understatement.


He had been plotting against the entire Upper Realm and all its various Forces. What was even more terrifying was that no one knew about his existence for countless years.


He was like a shadow that had merged into the darkness, always lurking behind the epochs, observing everything with indifference and ruthlessness. He watched as the epochs changed, as the Upper Realm fell into chaos due to the search for the Tree of Epoch, and as the world plunged into turmoil. Such a mastermind was definitely not some nameless nobody; he must have been a formidable figure even before the Forbidden Epoch. In fact, he might even be older than the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


“Who am I, you ask?” Gu Changge shook his head, chuckling lightly. He made no effort to hide his true appearance as he stepped forward from the void of darkness. His handsome face remained calm and emotionless.


“It… It’s you?”


“How… How is this possible?”


It suddenly felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured on their heads when the hidden experts, who recognised Gu Changge, stared at him wide-eyed while trembling in fear. They couldn’t even form proper sentences now.

Before this moment, they had speculated and deduced many possibilities. They even thought that it was highly likely that the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was the culprit. But never in their wildest dreams did they consider that the mastermind would be Gu Changge, this invincible young figure of the current era. This was like an incredible tale that they couldn’t bring themselves to accept.


When a lot of them came out from seclusion, they had learned about Gu Changge from the younger generation. They knew of his terrifying Talent and extraordinary nature. However, they never regarded him as their equal, as they merely considered him a talented youth among the younger generation. 


It was only when Chan Honyi mentioned during his wedding that Gu Changge was the reincarnation of an Absolute Being from the Forbidden Epoch that these Seniors started paying more attention to him.


Some among them had even planned with the One-Eye Daoist from Sky Emperor Mountain to eliminate him – to prevent him from becoming an unrivalled power in the future. However, with the appearance of the Tree of Epoch and the opportunity to become Immortal, they had to set aside this matter. They instead shifted their attention from Gu Changge to mobilising their entire Force to rush to the Resplendence Universe.


To their unpleasant surprise, the mastermind behind the Resplendence Universe turned out to be Gu Changge.


At this moment, their heads buzzed, their scalps tingled, and a chill ran through their bodies. As hidden experts, they still couldn’t help feeling afraid from the bottom of their hearts despite having long reached a state of undisturbed tranquillity.


“How could it be you? How did you do this? Or is Gu Changge just your incarnation, and this is your true self…” a hidden expert choked shakily. Even they were unaware of the extent of the fear they felt now. All they could feel was how unbelievable everything was.


Gu Changge, who remained unperturbed, didn’t answer their questions. Grand Runes appeared behind him, and a pitch-black vortex abruptly appeared within the darkness. It then swept towards the group so that it could devour and use them for refinement.



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