I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 79, Craving for Your Body, How Come Its Different From My Imagination


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Proofreader: Dhael Ligerkeys & Silavin


“Young Master, please tell me what instructions you have. You don’t need to be reserved with Yan Ji at all.”


Although Yan Ji was still uncertain about her whereabouts, she promptly replied upon hearing Gu Changge’s words.


Recently, she had been feeling guilty and uneasy about not being able to pay Gu Changge back for the great favor he had done her. So, she was actually relieved to hear him asking her to do something for him. She did not believe that she was worth being taken care of by someone with Gu Changge’s identity without seeking anything in return.


“Actually, it’s not some important matter or anything. But before I talk about it, let me help you with reconstructing your body first.”


Gu Changge replied with a smile. Not only did only a few people know of Yan Ji’s existence, she was also a very strong cultivator of the Sacred Lord Realm at her peak. As such, Gu Changge would obviously be at more ease having someone like her do secret things for him.  Not to mention, he was very confident about her not doing anything to his disadvantage. He had already perceived her nature during his time in the Nether and believed that she was worth trusting with such things.


“Reconstructing my body…” Yan Ji’s glassy and red pupils could not help but tremble at his words, and she seemed as if she had fallen into a trance all of a sudden. She had also been looking forward to the day when she would be able to reconstruct her body, but it was clearly something that she could not see happening within the foreseeable future. Especially, when she discovered that the place she had awakened at was the Nether, a desolate place compared to the Beyond, she almost gave up on realizing this wish of her. All she could do was slowly wait for the day it happened.


Back then, she definitely had her own plans for teaching Ye Chen. She wanted him to become powerful and help her with looking for the treasures of heaven and earth in order to reconstruct her body. However, Ye Chen was so weak that she had to drop her plan to get his help very soon. She continued to teach him while waiting for the day when her remnant soul would disperse away, thinking that it was also a good way to return the favor of awakening her.


But due to an unexpected turn of events, she was now following Gu Changge.


What she felt like an unattainable wish once was something that could be realized with just a few words from Gu Changge. She could not calm herself down for a long while after experiencing such a great difference in their abilities. It was at this time that she found herself rejoicing at her present situation too. Considering her loyal nature, if Ye Chen did not misunderstand her which resulted in them breaking off their relation, she would likely be still waiting for the day she would disappear at some corner of the Nether.


The word ‘coincidence’ was not enough to explain everything that had led to her being at this place.


“Young Master Gu, why’re you so nice to me?” Yan Ji’s flawless and sapphire-like pupils shone as she stared at Gu Changge without blinking her eyes. She could not help but wonder about it.


It could be ignored if it only happened once, but he had done a favor to her again and again. Moreover, Gu Changge had a very noble identity as the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family, and looking at the place around her, he had most likely returned to the Beyond already. After all, it was not possible for an ordinary force to possess the kinds of decorative items that she could see inside the palace, the extremely abundant spiritual energy that was flowing around her, and the treasures that were shining with light. All of it showed the unimaginable accumulation of resources that a vast and ancient Immortal Family would have.


She felt very apprehensive in her heart. Yan Ji was no idiot, and thus she could not help but have doubts about Gu Changge’s treatment of her. Did Young Master Gu have some intention behind it? Did he fancy her strength or her background?


The Immortal Gu Family did not lack in its number of experts. Although her background was rather special, it was nothing special compared to the Immortal Gu Family. She also did not really think that he had fallen for her. Even if she was very confident about her looks, she knew that he would not lack beautiful and outstanding women as the Young Master of an Immortal Family. Just a few words from him should be enough to get many heaven-favored women to offer themselves on his bed.


She was truly confused for a while. [Does he simply want to do good? But for such a fierce and ambitious person like Young Master Gu, it is unlikely that he would do such things.]


“Young Master, you have done me enough favors, so I’d rather you drop the matter of reconstructing my body. Yan Ji doesn’t even know how to repay you for the favors she has received already.”


Soon after, although Yan Ji really wished to reconstruct her body, she still refused while slightly shaking her head. She had her own principles that she adhered to and she could not receive any more favors from Gu Changge when she had not found a way to repay him.


Gu Changge was not surprised to hear her words. It would instead be a problem if she did not try to understand his intention behind helping her with such an important thing.


He had a faint smile and an intriguing look on his face.


“Why do you refuse? Isn’t reconstructing your body a good thing? Wasn’t it your plan and objective all along? Or is it because it sounds too easy for you to find it a satisfying achievement?”  He laughed lightly as he asked in a teasing tone.


Yan Ji could not help but be surprised when she heard his words, and she had the urge to glare at him. What the heck did he mean by it sounds too easy for her to find it a satisfying achievement?


Nonetheless, she had no idea what she could say to answer his question. If she was following Ye Chen, she would have no chance of reconstructing her body in this life, but now that she was following Young Master Gu, it could be done right after a few words from him.


There were indeed various aspects where some people would find themselves eternally outmatched by some others. While some people spend their whole lives chasing after things, some other people are already at the finishing line as soon as they are born and are able to obtain everything easily.


It made her emotions even more complicated.


Actually, she had always thought that she would be given cold treatment by Gu Changge for being someone who stood on his opponent’s side before. But Gu Changge had never cared about it as if he truly understood her situation at the time. It was something that moved Yan Ji’s heart whenever she thought about it.


“Don’t worry. I’m helping you reconstruct your body for my own purpose. You don’t need to think too much about it.” Gu Changge said with a smile. Once you manage to move a woman’s heart, it becomes quite easy to handle them. The phrase had proven to be true in both the lives he had experienced so far.


Of course, the reason he subdued Yan Ji was because he fancied her fortuity. It went without saying that one would prefer to raise the goose that lays the golden eggs over killing it.


Besides, Yan Ji was powerful enough herself, and the experts he could mobilize at present were only at the level of Old Ming. The Gu Family would not send their juniors slaves with too high strength so that they work hard as they should instead of relying on others too much. But he needed strong enough people to do things for him.


“What is Young Master Gu’s purpose?” Yan Ji asked in curiosity upon hearing his answer.


“Do you even need to ask to know the answer? It’s because I’m craving for your body, of course.” Gu Changge stared into her beautiful eyes and replied with a light laughter.


Yan Ji felt her head buzzing and fell in a daze when she heard his words.


“Young Master Gu, that was nasty of you. If you don’t want to answer, then so be it…” Yan Ji gave him a glare. She never expected Gu Changge to say so.


What kind of answer was that? He was helping her reconstruct her body because he was craving it? Yan Ji felt her heart beating very fast at this moment.


If an ordinary person said it, she would have already slapped them with her frosty palm. But Gu Changge saying the words made her dizzy and her face was burning hot. [He must be blurting out whatever he wants to poke fun at me! How was it possible for Young Master Gu to fancy me?!]




Outer Region of the Beyond, Xiling State.


Gu Xianer had kept herself hidden all this time.


At this moment, the small red bird on her shoulder became large. It carried her and her old servant on its back and flew forward to pursue an old man in black, who was at the Enlightened King Realm. Hearing the words the old man in black said, she could tell that he was a slave sent by her good brother.


A slave that was the Enlightened King Realm. It seemed that her good brother was truly living a good life with great power in his hands.


Thinking about it made Gu Xianer feel livid as she clenched her beautiful hands into fists. She had been painstakingly cultivating in the Peach Village under the guidance of many mysterious and powerful masters, but she was only at the Honored Nobility Realm right now. On the other hand, his brother can easily obtain all kinds of resources and authority, and so it was likely that his current realm was even more unfathomable than she had thought.


“But I’m not going to give up here. Even Sister Tao Yao said that she has never seen anybody with a more solid foundation than mine, so it’s not like I’ll always remain weak compared to Gu Changge. I’ll take back everything that belonged to me.”


Gu Xianer made a fist secretly in determination as they followed the old man ahead of them. She had used many mysterious treasures that concealed their aura, so she was not afraid of the old man discovering their presence. But she did not know the reason behind Gu Changge sending the old man to look for her lineage.


[Is it to kill them off to the last man?] Gu Xianer lightly gnashed her shiny teeth as a look of hatred appeared on her exquisite and flawless face.


“My good brother, I didn’t think that you’d still come after me after so many years…”


Very soon, she firmly suppressed the fury and hatred in her heart.


“So long as I exist, no one can harm my family members!”


Gu Xianer declared in her heart.




In the sky ahead of them.


Old Ming did not know that he was being followed. He had only come here to pass on the order of his young master and bring the Gu Family members back to the Inner Region.


He did not care about anything other than following his young master’s instructions.


Traveling along the route, Old Ming soon found the old and majestic city where the Gu Family members were located. The city was extremely lively and incomparably vast, and people from various families and factions were entering and leaving the city. There were no less than ten million cultivators that were present in this place.


Immediately, his face showed a warm smile that was devoid of any sign of arrogance. Although he was a subordinate of the Young Master, he had to make sure to not appear too overbearing at this time. After all, the Gu Family members here belonged to one of the lineages that had the most authority in the family.




His Enlightened King Realm pressure erupted at once and swept across the ancient city in no time. At the same time, Old Ming’s deep and powerful voice transmitted throughout the city.


“I’ve come to look for people with the surname of Gu at the command of the Young master.”


He believed that his words would be enough to let the people in the city know what he meant.




Almost as soon as Old Ming unleashed his pressure, the whole city became boisterous and all the cultivators were shaken and frightened.


[Why would an Enlightened King Realm existence come all the way here? Why was he looking for people with the surname of Gu?] All they knew was that this ancient city was definitely controlled by the family with the surname of Gu and that they were the absolute overlord of the place. [Just who exactly was this old man in black that had appeared here all of a sudden? Also, who was he referring to by Young Master?]


Everyone was extremely shocked and felt as if some big incident was going to happen on this day.


At this moment, a few old men with powerful aura had a grave expression as they raised their heads to look outside the city from inside a grand and imposing building complex.


“I didn’t expect that Gu Changge would come knocking at our doors again after the peace we had for a short period. And seeing how he only sent an Enlightened King Realm cultivator, he seems to be clearly looking down on us, huh?”


They had a very resentful and gloomy look on their faces. After all, they immediately knew who sent this old man once the latter mentioned the words ‘Young Master’. They all unconsciously believed that Gu Changge had sent this man to exterminate them all.


“Has the situation inside the family already worsen to such an extent that he can do anything he wants? This place has informants of elders from a few other lineages, but Gu Changge doesn’t care about them at all?”


“I didn’t expect that the elders who have protected us for so many years couldn’t stop Gu Changge from doing such a thing, either. Forget it, today we might as well…”


Just as they were speculating things with an unsightly expression, Old Ming’s voice resounded from outside the city once again, “Young Master has sent this old slave to bring the people with the surname of Gu back to the family.”


All of them were stupefied when they heard his words. How come it was different from their imagination? He was here to bring them back to the family? What exactly happened for things to turn out this way?


They had been banished for so many years, and now someone had come to bring them back to the family out of the blue. Since they never expected such a turn of events, they could not help but be shocked at this moment.




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