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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 807, Construction of the Various Palaces in the Imperial Harem, Holding the Consort Selection Ceremony

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“This is the list that Mingkong drafted some time ago. She just wanted me to take a look and give my opinions,” Gu Changge casually remarked. Since he had some free time now, he was willing to invest some of it in selecting his consorts.


He had started to consider the issue when Yue Mingkong first mentioned it to him. In fact, he had already glanced through the names listed in this booklet. Yue Mingkong initially had intended to abdicate the position of Empress. However, Gu Changge didn’t see the need for it. The Divine Empire he created was meant to be for the sake of collecting the Power of Faith. There was no need to get too bureaucratic over it. It actually felt bothersome to him if there were too many red tapes.


As for the four divine consorts, there were only Yin Mei and Jiang Chuchu as of now, leaving two vacancies. However, Gu Changge hadn’t officially married either of them nor had he informed the whole Upper Realm about him selecting consorts. The list was only a draft. He understood that a proper ceremony would be necessary to make it official. He didn’t want to owe them, especially Jiang Chuchu, anything in this matter.


Below the divine consorts were the heavenly consorts, and there were many names on the list. These were women Yue Mingkong automatically added to the list as she believed that they had a flirtatious and inexplicable relationship with Gu Changge. 


There were names like Yan Ji (Heavenly Consort Yan), Empress Yao Xi (Heavenly Consort Yao Xi), Sky Deer Goddess (Heavenly Consort Sky Deer), Ji Qingxuan (Heavenly Consort Qingxuan), Su Qingge (Heavenly Consort Qingge), Hei Yanyu (Heavenly Consort Yanyu), Lin Qiuhan… Even Xiao Ruoyin, the reincarnation of the High Priestess of Destiny, as well as Tao Yao and Chan Hongyi, were on the list.


Gu Changge felt a headache coming on from all this. He didn’t even know that Yue Mingkong had been aware of these things all along, only that she never mentioned it to him. Furthermore, Yue Mingkong had even asked him about his relationship with Gu Xianer.


Even though Gu Changge could easily handle the Upper Realm and intimidate worlds, he found this matter troublesome. If he could get away with being nonchalant about it, he would.


Subsequently, the responsibility for selecting consorts and managing the affairs of the imperial harem was entrusted entirely to Yue Mingkong and Yin Mei. Gu Changge wouldn’t intervene more than necessary. As for the entire Divine Empire, the selection of Empress was a paramount issue.


Upon learning of the plans, almost all the ministers immediately requested that Gu Changge construct a palace for the Empress. They believed that a Divine Empire governing the various realms would appear lacking in foundation and identity without such a palace. After considering their opinions, Gu Changge agreed to adopt the suggestions of the ministers.


In the Divine Empire, he instructed numerous craftsmen to begin the construction of the palaces. Sacred materials required for the construction were to be obtained from the national treasury. If any scarce resources were needed, Gu Changge dispatched experts to acquire them. This, he was meticulous in.


The harem would have various palaces, including the Empress’ Palace, the Divine Consorts’ Palaces, and the Heavenly Consorts’ Palaces. However, Gu Changge didn’t make the decision on what each palace would be named. For example, the Empress’ Palace where Yue Mingkong would usually reside and collect the Power of Faith would be named by her. Gu Changge speculated that she might choose to name it Mingkong Palace, given her personality.


In the following days, numerous palaces began to emerge within the Divine Empire. The materials alone were enough to leave True Daoists in shock. Various sacred materials emanating resplendent divine light used for forging and cultivating Dao Artifacts were piled up like mountains. 


Master craftsmen from ancient godly clans, some towering like mountains, tens of thousands of kilometres tall, including their clan leaders, had personally come to built palaces for Gu Changge.


Those from the ancient godly clans were of an ancient race from a distant universe. They fed on stars. Each time they underwent evolution, a star pattern would appear on their foreheads.


The Nine Stars Ancient Gods possessed the power of True Daoists. Their clan leader, on the other hand, was a Nine Stars Golden God, an incredibly powerful existence. Ordinary individuals were no match for him. He held genuine awe and respect for Gu Changge. In fact, he went out of his way to bring back many experts from his clan to the Divine Empire as he willingly served in the creation of the Immortal foundation for the empire.


The process of forging the palaces wasn’t complicated or lengthy. In just a few months, vast palace complexes rose from the Empire. Some areas were built using Immortal Soil, which True Daoists had moved at great cost from forbidden sacred lands. 


Furthermore, divine rain poured down, exuding immense divinity with many Immortal Herbs and Flower planted.


There were also vast areas condensed by numerous stars that served as cultivation grounds. They were shrouded in dense mist that exuded a profound silence. 


Some palaces were simple and unadorned, but their surroundings were filled with various medicinal fields where many precious and rare exotic plants rarely seen in the world were cultivated. Some were exclusive to the Divine Empire. 


There were also areas resembling serene mansions, which didn’t occupy much space. Instead of mansions, they were reminiscent of tranquil residences.


Due to the divine rain that fell all over the land, the scenery was adorned with sacred colours. Mountains, vast areas of water, pavilions, towers, small bridges, and flowing streams were arranged in an enchanting manner. In fact, these areas were each independent small worlds with their own inherent World Principles completely different from the outside world. Numerous profound restrictions were established between them, and even ordinary individuals would not have the qualifications to come across them.


Of course, these independent small worlds existed within the Divine Empire. After all, the Divine Empire was unbelievably big, as it was created by Gu Changge by refining numerous Star Territories. 


Each of these areas had its unique name. The grandest and most majestic palace, exuding a sense of solemnity and grandeur, was called the Empress’ Palace or Mingkong Palace, which was close to the resting place where Gu Changge resided. Other than that, there were also the Nine-Tailed Fox’s Holy Land, Saintess Palace, and many more.


Gu Changge couldn’t help shaking his head as the construction progressed. Even Gu Xianer couldn’t resist joining in the excitement. She requested Gu Changge to have a primitive practice ground built for her. It encompassed massive palaces and endless wilderness. Like a Celestial Realm, the location was shrouded in Celestial Mist, fairy plants bloomed, spirit springs gushed, and silver waterfalls cascaded. She named it Xianer’s Palace.


Once all the palaces were completed, Gu Changge selected a date and directly informed the various realms that the enthronement ceremony for his consorts would be held. The news shook the heavens, causing a sensation throughout the realms.


The Forces of various worlds felt deeply shaken and subsequently offered their congratulations. Whether it was the ministers of the Divine Empire or other Forces, they all sent representatives with gifts to congratulate him and show their respect.


When the day arrived, the whole world celebrated it. Red decorations adorned everything, creating a grand and awe-inspiring atmosphere. A festive banquet was arranged in the Divine Empire. The Upper Realm was abuzz with excitement as important individuals from countless worlds and Forces came to pay their respects. 


Ancient existences, True Daoists, hidden experts were among the many who gathered to offer their congratulations while they presented the most precious gifts.


Gu Changge’s figure, radiating a brilliant glow, as if endless Immortal Light flowed within him, soon appeared at the top of the Divine Empire. With his body shining with divine light, he sat atop the universe as a peerless imperial crown materialised above his head, embodying the faith of all living beings.


“Greetings, Divine Lord!” At this moment, Gu Changge’s radiance illuminated the countless realms, with all beings prostrating in his direction.




As if spanning across countless aeons, an ancient and desolate aura was seeping from the ancient and towering Tree of Epoch standing behind him.



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