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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 808, All Is Understood Without Words, Immortal Selection List Released

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Divine light shone brightly, and countless stars radiated with great brilliance. Everyone came from outside the Divine Empire to pay their respects. They offered their congratulations and gifts to Gu Changge. The magnitude of this grand wedding surpassed many historical events and could even be compared to Gu Changge’s previous wedding with Yue Mingkong. All the cultivators fortunate enough to witness this wedding would never forget it. It became an ancient legend passed down through generations.


During the Divine Lord’s grand wedding with his divine consorts, sounds resonating with the Great Dao could be heard throughout the realms, capable of shaking the universe. The final wedding ceremony took place in the temple of the Tree of Epoch. 


This world-rousing wedding between Gu Changge and his consorts lasted for half a month. The younger generations even referred to it as the Heavenly Wedding. Festivities filled the Divine Empire, and auspicious symbols appeared in various universes, reflecting throughout the realms.


During this half month, ancient beings continuously arrived to present precious gifts and blessings. Many from distant universes came with a submissive attitude. These Forces not only offered gifts and blessings but also came with their hidden foundation, hoping to be accepted into the Divine Empire and become its citizens.


The unification of all realms under the Divine Empire was already an inevitable outcome. Moreover, the difference between having and not having the protection of the Divine Empire was too obvious.


In those universes farthest from the central region of the Upper Realm, they were oppressed by Forces that withdrew from the Upper Realm. If these people had no powerful Force backing them, they would be enslaved by these Forces sooner or later. 


The farther they were from the central region of the Upper Realm, the more fragmented the World Principles. The experts born there were at most ordinary True Daoists. How could they possibly defend themselves against the hidden experts who possessed Immortal Grade Artifacts?


Therefore, given the choice, these Forces would rather submit to the Divine Empire than be enslaved by those Forces. Such events had actually been happening frequently during this period, but for the vast Divine Empire, they were insignificant matters.


“I have fulfilled the promise I made to you.” Stars sparkled where the Milky Way flowed. Inside Saintess Palace, a sea of red radiance filled the air. Red lanterns symbolising auspiciousness were hung everywhere, creating a joyous atmosphere. 


A woman with a dazzling headdress paired with a flowing vibrant veil sat beside the wedding bed, anxiously clutching her elegant fists. 


She appeared restless, but she instantly relaxed when she heard Gu Changge’s slightly amused chuckle from outside the hall. She then extended her fair and delicate hand, uncovering the red veil on her head, revealing a breathtakingly beautiful face like a flower made of jade. With a touch of makeup, she became even more stunning, and her white porcelain-like cheeks displayed a rosy blush, seemingly due to shyness, leaving a memorable impression on anyone who laid eyes on her.


“Who personally unveils their red veil on the day of their wedding? Are you in such a hurry?” Gu Changge looked at Jiang Chuchu whose eyes shimmered, and he suddenly chuckled as he couldn’t resist teasing her.


Ah…” Upon hearing Gu Changge’s words, Jiang Chuchu first froze, and her beautiful eyes blinked when she suddenly reacted at the realisation that she had indeed lifted up her own veil. The blush on her face deepened in embarrassment, and she dared not look up at Gu Changge’s teasing expression.


Seeing Jiang Chuchu about to put back her red veil again, Gu Changge laughed once more and grabbed her slender wrist. “This won’t do. You’ve already unveiled yourself, and now you want to cover up again? Are you not going to marry me?”


“No.” Jiang Chuchu couldn’t help but give him a glare at his words. However, knowing that Gu Changge had come straight to her palace tonight, she couldn’t help but feel delighted. This Heavenly Wedding was grand, and it was not inferior to the wedding between Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong. Moreover, it was a legitimate marriage that had been witnessed by everyone. 


Even though there were rules in Mortal Palace that stated the Saintesses couldn’t marry out, those rules didn’t matter in this case. No one would dare complain after all the Forces from the myriad realms had personally witnessed the wedding.


“I’m glad.” Jiang Chuchu suddenly hugged Gu Changge’s waist and buried her head in his chest, her face filled with contentment. She truly loved the man. The man who had gone against her conscience many times and done things that went against her believes. Even at the beginning, she had never thought that one day she would be willing to give up everything for Gu Changge. She did not even hold such feelings for Mortal Palace, which raised her. 


For Jiang Chuchu, her feelings for Gu Changge could be described as this: even if she knew he was the world’s enemy or her destined nemesis, she was willing to stand by his side and betray everything. She didn’t have any regrets either, despite knowing that Gu Changge might not be able to give her an official status by his side.


“I’m sorry I made you wait for so long.” A tender look appeared on Gu Changge’s face as he looked at Jiang Chuchu in front of him. The red candles burned brightly, but they were extinguished one by one with a flick of his hand. No words were needed to describe what happened next when the palace soon fell into darkness.


Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night for many people. Some were joyful, some were silent, and some were sorrowful…



The captivating and ethereal Yin Mei sat before a mirror in Nine-Tailed Fox’s Holy Land.


Her attending maids stood respectfully behind her with hearts filled with anxiety. After all, Gu Changge didn’t only take Yin Mei as his bride during this Heavenly Wedding. However, as the night grew late and the Divine Lord had yet to arrive, these maids couldn’t help but feel uneasy, fearing that she might not receive the Divine Lord’s favour.


Heavenly Consort Fox was the name bestowed upon Yin Mei, as she was one of the Four Great Heavenly Consorts. At present, there were only two heavenly consorts, one being herself while the other one was Jiang Chuchu.


“You all may leave,” Yin Mei instructed as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her expression remained unchanged, although deep down, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of desolation, regret, and loss… along with a touch of subtle grievance.


As she was preparing to sleep in the latter part of the night, Gu Changge quietly appeared, filling her heart with indescribable surprise.



Time had passed swiftly. Several decades had gone by since the establishment of the Divine Empire and the selection of consorts. Gu Changge sat atop the pinnacle of the Divine Empire, overlooking the myriad realms with his loved ones by his side for hundreds of years. 


The Divine Empire had flourished following the plan to gradually dominate the realms, and its territory had expanded boundlessly. Numerous Forces had all submitted and acknowledged the supremacy of the Divine Empire during these decades, recognizing it as the ultimate authority.


As for the matter of refining the Immortal Selection List, Gu Changge had completed it several decades ago. It consumed numerous precious treasures and even accumulated the Fortuity of countless living beings over many years.


And on this day, after perfecting even the smallest details, a resplendent gold list emitting an ancient and timeless aura appeared in the sky above the Divine Empire.


Boundless and vast while shrouded in Chaos Qi, it stood at the same level with the ‘sun’ that oversaw the Divine Empire, radiating light that covered all realms. The two ancient divine inscriptions on the Immortal Selection List reflected everything, and it possessed a divine might capable of suppressing heaven and earth.



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