I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 83, Deceptive Body, My Fiancee Is Here


Translator: Fate

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Gu Changge squinted his eyes but quickly returned to his normal self. The person who came was no other than the Sovereign of the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect—Sovereign Zi Yan. As a woman herself, she took helm of the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect and made a prestigious reputation for herself in the Beyond, which showed her remarkable abilities. Even though her actual age was the same as Gu Changge’s ancestors, she didn’t seem old on the outside because she found a recipe to keep her youth when she was young.


In fact, she was the one who he considered to be Lin Qiuhan’s master when he first came here, so now that she was here, it saved him the trouble of asking for her.


“Young Master Gu, how kind of you to send such a talent to the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect. You’ve really solved an urgent need for my sect.” Sovereign Zi Yan entered the palace while giggling in an extremely tender voice, showing her unfathomable cultivation. As her eyes landed on Gu Changge, it seemed as though they could see through his heart. Based on the many rumors of the young prodigy of the Gu Family in the Beyond, she always thought that his personality was cold and indifferent as he only had his mind on cultivation. 


Every major force in the Beyond had a faint idea about the huge event that occurred within the immortal Gu Family more than 10 years ago. Even though it was quickly concealed from the outside world, she still managed to hear a lot of rumors about it, and according to said rumors, it was all caused by this young man in front of her.


“Senior Zi Yan, you’re being too humble. I was just giving you something I found. Besides, the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect is the best place Qiuhan could go right now,” Gu Changge said with a self-effacing expression.


Listening to him, Sovereign Zi Yan couldn’t help but smile reluctantly. She didn’t know whether the rumors were true or false, but she could tell that the young man in front of her was an extraordinary schemer, and other than that, his cultivation was also extremely powerful. At the moment, not many people in the same generation as him could be compared to him. Not only did he have a dashing look, he was also gentle and elegant.


[This boy is far from ordinary.]


“This is our sect’s Violet Order. With it, you can simply dispatch any master alchemist in the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect outside for your use. You can even use it to order every elder in the sect, but you will only have one chance to do so. Since you brought this little girl to us, the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect will always be grateful to you.”


With that, an item suddenly appeared in her hand. It was a token carved with alchemy patterns and made from an unknown type of divine gold, but it looked really ancient. The word ‘Violet’ on the token was extremely conspicuous.


“Sovereign…” The expression of every elder inside the palace changed at the same time as they didn’t expect her to give Gu Changge the all important Violet Order.


[What does this mean?]


Her actions spoke for itself. To many forces in the outside world, seeing this item meant seeing the Sovereign of the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect herself. Even though Gu Changge was the Young Master of the Gu Family and had gifted them such a talent in Lin Qiuhan, which was a great favor, it still wasn’t worth this much of a favour in return.


“Oh, then I’ll gladly accept it.” Of course, Gu Changge wouldn’t pass away such an opportunity after seeing the item since he clearly knew what it stood for. In short, he would have the terrifying ability to command most of the master alchemists in the Beyond, which was why he was a little surprised when Sovereign Zi Yan decided to give him this item straight away. 


It would be a waste for him to reject her offer, so he naturally accepted it. From now on, if he needed any pills, he could just use the Violet Order to summon master alchemist without even preparing the materials himself, such as the Mind Convergence Pill, the Spirit Transformation Pill, the Liberation Pill and many more. Also, he understood that her true intention was to sell Lin Qiuhan to the sect for the Violet Order. Thinking about it, he began to feel that things were becoming intriguing.


[Why can’t she just accept my ‘kindness’ instead of doing such futile actions? Since I dare to bring Qiuhan here, I’m definitely not afraid that she will betray me.]


“Qiuhan, she is the sovereign of the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect. From now on, she is your master. You must work hard and learn alchemy from her…” Then, Gu Changge smiled and caressed Lin Qiuhan’s hair without mentioning the matter of handing her over to the sect at all.


[Now that the Violet Order is in my hand, there’s no way I’m giving it back. They could have just gladly accepted her but chose to give me these benefits.]


Therefore, he wanted to treat Sovereign Zi Yan’s offer literally.


“Alright. Don’t worry, Prince Gu. I will not let you down,” Lin Qiuhan replied obediently while her face was still blushing due to Gu Changge’s intimate action just now.


Seeing that he didn’t seem to understand her intention, Sovereign Zi Yan looked slightly stiff as she found this a little unexpected, but soon, she managed to compose herself. [Why does it feel like I won’t be able to get back that Violet Order? What’s going on?]


All of a sudden, she regretted giving him the Violet Order.


[Why did I think of him as a good person? From the looks of it, his appearance itself is deceptive. Even my subconscious didn’t sense him to be a bad person.]


However, she also believed that as long as she kept Lin Qiuhan around to teach her carefully, she would become attached to the sect emotionally as time passed. By then, Gu Changge’s plot to have the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect nurture someone for him would fail.


“Your name is Qiuhan, right? From now on, I will be your master,” Sovereign Zi Yan gently said to Lin Qiuhan. She liked this innocent little girl very much and was already treating her as if she was already the future sovereign of the sect.


[With her terrifying talent, it’s not impossible for her to far exceed me in alchemy in the future.]


“I’m honored, Master.” Lin Qiuhan greeted her politely as she was also fond of her master who gave Gu Changge a gift the moment she arrived.



With this one trip, not only did Gu Changge successfully send Lin Qiuhan to the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect and turned her into their disciple, he also gained a great favor from the sect, which included the Violet Order. Seeing his fortuity points increased by 500, he felt that the journey wasn’t a waste.


Outside the mountain gate of the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect, Gu Changge’s figure appeared alongside several other elders who sent him all the way here.


“Young Master Gu!” his companions, including Ah Da and Ming Lao, shouted.


“That’ll be all, my fellow elders. I’m relieved that I’ve entrusted Qiuhan to you all.” Gu Changge looked back with a faint smile on his face.


“The pleasure is our, Young Master Gu. The Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect will always remember this favour of yours.” The elders smiled and waved their hands goodbye, but inside their hearts, they couldn’t help but roll their eyes.


[Even though he looks gentle and elegant on the outside, his heart is as evil as it comes. He didn’t even flinch when he received the Violet Order from the sect.]


They still remember the shock on the sovereign’s face clearly when she couldn’t retract her offer.



After Gu Changge left, Sovereign Zi Yan lectured Lin Qiuhan about the rules of the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect, but she couldn’t help but ask, “Qiuhan, how did you and Young Master Gu meet each other?”


[Where in the world did Gu Changge get such an innocent girl from? By the looks of it, she is completely blinded by him and doesn’t know about it. He practically sold her here, but she is still delighted to endure the anything for him. I can’t help but feel a little worried for her. She doesn’t seem that stupid either.]


“Master, are you talking about Prince Gu? I first met him at the Lin Family in the Middle State of the Sky Blue Realm, which is also my family…” She remembered the scene where she first met Gu Changge very clearly. He was high above others, like a young god with an aura band above his head, while sitting at the top and looking down at everyone with a casual expression. As for her, she was secretly looking at him from the crowd outside.


Listening to her words, Sovereign Zi Yan felt a little speechless. She had lived for many years, so she could tell these simple tricks in an instant.


[As expected, this Gu Changge isn’t a good person. With just a simple trick, he was able to trap Qiuhan in the palm of his hand. It seems like I need to carefully remind her in the future so that she will stay away from him and see his true self.]



It took them three days to travel all the way from the Violet Supreme Alchemy Sect in the far east back to the Gu Family, but everything was peaceful.


Inside the palace, Gu Changge was sitting on his knees while dressed in white clothes. His hair was glowing like a divine graphite jade, exuding a transcendent aura. At this moment, his expression was particularly calm with eyes as profound as the vast universe in which there were many black runes flowing.


In his palm, a black grand flask was turned to the size of a palm while a black light lingered up and down around it.


“It took me so many days to refine this one Demonic Manipulation Urn,” he said to himself as he quickly exited his current state.


Then, his eyes lit up in black while the dark grand flask quickly disappeared into his eyes.


[Virtual interface.] He summoned the system inside his heart.


<User: Gu Changge

Aura Band: Fated Villain

Weapon: Eight Barren Demon Halberd

Identity: Direct Disciple of Skyward Schloss, Young Master of Immortal Gu Family

Bloodline: Demonic Heart, Daoist Bone

Level: Early Honored Lord Realm

Spells: Skyward Ascension (Level 9: 30%), Demonization (Talent), Nature God’s Chant (Talent), Power of Void (Talent), Nommening, Endless Immortal Art… 

Fatum: 1000

Fortuity: 1500 (Onyx)

System Shop: Unlocked

Storage: One-third Fragment of the World Seed*3 (Combination Possible), Fortuity Plundering Talisman*3>


Looking at his current Fatum points, Gu Changge pondered for a while before searching through the System Shop.


[If I convert the Fortuity points all together, I’ll probably have more than 16,000 Fatum points. Then, there will be many goods for me to redeem…]


It was great to have the Daoist Bone, but it wasn’t his to begin with. Now that the Demonic Heart had accommodated the Daoist Bone’s natural divine ability, its role became not that important. Of course, he needed to see what useful items there were in the System Shop first so that he could plan for the future. At the moment, he didn’t return to the Skyward Schloss, but he wanted to wait for news from Yan Ji and know about Gu Xianer’s movements before planning everything.


Soon, he squinted his eyes as he noticed a few items.


“It is much more feasible this way.” He revealed an intriguing smile with his lips. No matter how strong Gu Xianer’s backing was, he had everything under his control.


Then, he suddenly heard the voice of a subordinate reporting to him from outside the palace, which left him a little surprised.


“Young Master Gu, the leader of the Gu Family wants to see you in the main hall. The emperor of the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty has brought his Fourth Princess to meet you, and they are now in the hall.”


Gu Changge was slightly stunned at first, but then, he revealed a faint smile.


[It seems like my fiancee is here.]




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