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I Became The Chief Of A Primitive Village – Chapter 5, The Hunting Team Has Returned 

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Translator: Silavin


At dusk, as the sun set in the west, an excited howl resounded throughout the entire Tribe: “The Hunting Team is back!”


“They sure run really fast.” Hearing this, Su Bai lifted the tent flap to come out, only to see many people madly dashing towards the mountains.


Yan Hua had at some point appeared beside him. She indifferently asked, “How was your rest?”


“…” Su Bai was startled. Seeing that it was the cow horned girl, he quipped, “Do you not make any sound when you walk?”


“Walking soundlessly is the most basic of skills for a Warrior.” The corner of Yan Hua’s mouth curved.


“What are they all going to do?” Su Bai changed the subject. After all, he hadn’t started inheriting the Shaman position yet.


“To welcome the Hunting Team’s return. Do you want to go check it out?” A hint of fanaticism flashed in Yan Hua’s red eyes.


“Let’s go take a look,” Su Bai nodded.


The two strode out of the camp. From afar, they could see a group of people gathered in front of a path, with shorter individuals tiptoeing to look.


“They’re here!” Someone shouted.


News of Su Bai being the Successor had already spread throughout the Tribe. Seeing him approach, everyone made way to open up a path.


“…” Yan Hua had an eyebrow raised as she quietly followed behind Su Bai as they came to the very front of the crowd.


From a distance, Su Bai could see the trees shaking, as if being pushed by enormous creatures. The surrounding people widened their eyes, clenching their fists in anticipation.


A few minutes later, six robust figures appeared in everyone’s view. They were carrying beasts two to three times their size on their shoulders, looking like ants moving boulders.


“Wow! Impressive! They hunted so much once again!” The children cheered.


“Yay! Those are Red Boars, right?” The youths exclaimed in admiration.


“That’s great. The kids won’t have to go hungry.” The women breathed sighs of relief.


“Fortunately, they all made it back safely.” The Elders set aside their worries.


“…” Su Bai quietly stood to the side, observing the reactions of those around him. Listening to everyone’s discussions, he further understood the Flame Dragon Tribe’s circumstances.


He turned his head and asked the cow horned girl in a low voice, “Is the Tribe very short on food?”


“Mm, extremely.” Yan Hua nodded. Her red eyes were fixed fanatically on those massive beasts. She could already imagine the scene of returning from a hunt as a Totem Warrior.


“You really want to go out and hunt?” Su Bai could see the longing in the cow horned girl’s eyes.


“Of course! That represents glory to the Tribe!” Yan Hua held her head up high.


“Can you tell me about the Tribe’s food situation?” Su Bai rubbed his belly. He hadn’t eaten anything all day.


“The Tribe is severely lacking in food. Most of the meat is given to the Totem Warriors, with a small portion for the Warrior Trainees and children to eat.”


Yan Hua’s brows furrowed. She paused before continuing, “The women and Elders occasionally eat meat. But they usually gather berries to eat.”


“How many days will all this meat last?” Su Bai looked at the Hunting Team that had drawn near.


“It won’t all be eaten. Only half will be consumed. The rest will be dried into jerky and stored,” Yan Hua shook her head.


“How many berries are gathered?” Su Bai asked.


“Not many. They could only be picked from nearby. Places too far out are dangerous, so the women can’t go there,” Yan Hua answered every question.


Su Bai had a general understanding of the Flame Dragon Tribe’s food sources now. He followed up, “Do you know how to farm? Do you raise livestock?”


“What is farming? Why raise animals? We already don’t have enough to eat.” Yan Hua looked at the fair-skinned man before her in bafflement. How could he ask such silly questions?


“Haaa…” Su Bai was at a loss for words. Especially being amused by the cow horned girl’s gaze. [How can I explain? Do I need to raise a pig to show her? It would probably be killed and eaten in the middle of the night…]


*Tap tap tap…* A fishy stench assailed their faces as a muscular figure arrived before Su Bai and Yan Hua.


Su Bai frowned and looked over, seeing a dirty face that obscured the man’s features. However, a pair of purple eyes was very eye-catching. He was at least 1.9 metres tall. Several pheasants with twisted necks hung from his waist. It was clear their heads had been wrung off.


*Boom!* The man put down his prey and curiously asked, “Yan Hua, who is he? Could it be you new husband?”


“Of course not!” Yan Hua’s face flushed red as she angrily retorted, “Uncle Cang Shi, don’t talk nonsense!”


“Oh? He’s not?” Cang Shi blinked. He knew his Niece Yan Hua well. She wasn’t someone easy to get along with. The boys her age had all been scared off by her beatings and didn’t dare stand beside her.


“His name is Su Bai, he’s the Shaman Successor,” Yan Hua rolled her eyes and hastily explained.


Cang Shi widened his eyes in pleasant surprise and loudly cheered “That’s great! We finally found a Successor!”


“Hello.” Su Bai nodded in greeting.


“Your body is too weak, eat more meat!” Cang Shi swiftly untied a pheasant from his waist and forcefully stuffed it into Su Bai’s arms.


“Uh…” Su Bai hurriedly caught it. Before he could say anything, the other Hunting Team members squeezed over.


“Where is the Shaman Successor? Let me see.”


“Hey! Don’t push me! I want to see the Successor too!”




Several grimy faces poked over and Cang Shi was shoved to the back.


Su Bai soon found an unknown rabbit and three more pheasants in his arms.


“If it’s not enough, come find me for more. The Tribe’s future depends on you.”


“Hey, I’ll have someone send you more meat after the Ferocious Beasts are processed.”


“Where are you staying? Come eat meat at my place tonight?”




They were enthusiastic, too enthusiastic. If not stuffing him with meat, they would be inviting him over. If Su Bai hadn’t repeatedly declined, he would most likely have already been carried to their tents.


*Tap tap tap…*


The Hunting Team members carried their prey and walked towards the meat processing area of the camp. The women quickly went up to help.


“Phew…” Su Bai let out a soft sigh. He turned his head to look at the smiling cow horned girl and asked, “Are they always so enthusiastic?”


“You’re just overthinking.” Yan Hua quickly put away her smile and reached out to take two pheasants from Su Bai’s hands.


“Let’s go back.” Su Bai turned and walked back, suddenly feeling the pressure of the situation. The importance of a Shaman was once again refreshed in his mind.


“…” Yan Hua frowned as she watched the slender figure ahead, feeling that he stood much straighter than before…



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