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I Level Up By Absorbing Everything – Chapter 6, The Wilderness

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[To think he genuinely wants to kill me!] Chu Mo’s heart sank.


In his previous life, struggling to survive for years in the apocalypse had made Chu Mo accustomed to death and murder. During those days, he could only trust himself.


Those who weren’t ruthless couldn’t survive.


Chu Mo, as an ordinary person, was able to struggle for several years and finally die under the zombie tide because he was cautious and decisive in killing others when the need arises.


As for Zhou Qi, he first insulted Chen Xiwei then he revealed his intention to kill Chu Mo. As a student with great potential, if Zhou Qi wasn’t eliminated early, he would definitely become a big problem sooner or later.


Although Chu Mo didn’t like to take the initiative to cause trouble, when it came to such matters, he knew the best course of action: nipping the problem in the bud.


Thinking this way, the look in his eyes when he looked at Zhou Qi changed. It was now revealing murderous intent. [Since you want to kill me, then I’ll just need to kill you first!]



After waiting for a moment, the two Martial Artists teachers came in.


After checking the number of students present, and confirming that all were present, without any delay, they directly led everyone onto the bus.


This bus was also powered by spiritual energy.


After the world changed drastically, all electronic equipment failed to function. Tools and vehicles used by people in their daily life had to switch their energy source. Now, they all run on spiritual energy or Spirit Stones, which just stores spiritual energy.


The bus started and headed outside the base.


Seeing the direction the bus was heading, some students were curious and couldn’t help asking, “Teacher, where are we going?”


“The wilderness outside the base!”




Hearing this, all the students on the bus turned pale with fright.


The wilderness outside the base was very dangerous, and there were Ferocious Beasts everywhere.


Only Martial Artists had some self-defense capabilities to go out and hunt. They, as Martial Apprentices, hardly qualify to be strong enough for such an area.


Even for Martial Artists, this place was still full of crises.


They were just a group of students, and most of them were only Early-Stage Martial Artists. Going to the wilderness was almost equivalent to sending them to their deaths!


“Don’t worry too much!”


Seeing that the students were all scared, the teacher said with a smile, “This time we are going to the north of the city. There was originally a Level Three Earth Wyvern there, but it was taken down by the Chasing Wind Hunting Team a while ago. After it had been killed, the base recruited more than ten Hunting Teams to clean up the already. They have slaughtered all the Level Two and above Ferocious Beasts, and have now opened up a hunting area with a radius of twenty kilometers.”


“Now that area only has Level One Ferocious Beasts, which is just right to be used as the academy’s hunting trial.”


“Besides… Teacher Lin and I will be escorting you. It will be relatively safe!”


Hearing this, the students finally relaxed.


With only Level One Ferocious Beasts, along with getting escorted by two Mid-Stage Martial Artists teachers, their safety could be said to be guaranteed.


As they spoke, the bus quickly left the base, traveled for a while longer, and then finally stopped.


They had reached their destination!


Everyone got off the bus one by one, curiously looking at the scenery outside.


Chu Mo was the same. It was his first time going to the wilderness.


Looking around, he saw what seemed to be a primitive land, with towering ancient trees and intertwined vines everywhere.


If they hadn’t just come from the base, they would have thought they had entered a primeval forest.


Spiritual energy not only allowed humans to harness supernatural powers, but it also caused beasts and plants to mutate and grow.


Just like these trees and vines, if it was in the past, it would take at least hundreds or even thousands of years for them to grow to this scale. However, with the nourishment of spiritual energy, it only took a few decades for them to grow to this scale.


As for the beasts, some crawled out of space rifts, while others were nourished by spiritual energy and thus mutated.


For this reason, the wilderness was very dangerous.


However, along with danger came opportunities.


The wilderness also contained many precious materials. Some could increase one’s strength after consuming them, and some could even awaken one’s Talent.


These were often invaluable and could be sold at sky-high prices when brought back to the base.


In addition, although the beasts were dangerous, their whole body was a treasure trove. This was why there were so many Hunting Teams who roamed around the wilderness, hunting for Ferocious Beasts.


“This hunting trial adopts a point-base system. Points are calculated based on the strength and level of the hunted beasts. The one who ranks first can get three bottles of Level Two Ferocious Beast Blood awarded by the academy, plus a Bronze-Grade Martial Skill Manual.”


“Second place can get two bottles of Level Two Ferocious Beast Blood.”


“Third place can get one bottle of Level Two Ferocious Beast Blood.”


“Below third place, there are no rewards.”


“This is a Communication Talisman. If you encounter danger, crush it immediately. Teacher Lin and I will receive the message and come to save you… Even if you have it, don’t think you can rest easy with the Communication Talisman. The wilderness is full of countless dangers. Remember, prioritize your safety above all else!”


“Alright, now all of you will enter the wild zone. This hunting trial will last for five days. You can only come out after it ends!”


Such rewards were truly generous. Especially the Bronze-Grade Martial Skill Manual, which made all the students rub hands in anticipation, eager to give it a try.


After the teacher finished explaining the rules, all the students took their Communication Talismans and couldn’t wait to enter the wild zone.


Zhou Qi, as the top student in the class, naturally took the lead.


After getting the Communication Talisman, he looked back at Chu Mo with a provocative look flashing in his eyes. He then strode into the wild zone with his head held high.


Faced with such provocation, Chu Mo remained unmoved, his expression still as usual.


Soon, it was his turn.


Seeing Chu Mo, the teacher had a complicated expression.


He seemed to want to say something, but in the end, he just sighed and said, “You don’t have the Physique for cultivation. After you go in, just stay in one place and hide well!”


“Thank you, Teacher.”


For such a kind reminder, Chu Mo thanked him, then took the Communication Talisman and walked into the wild zone.


Behind him, the teacher couldn’t help shaking his head.



“The vegetation here is so lush!” After entering the dense forest, Chu Mo proceeded cautiously.


He didn’t start hunting beasts immediately but planned to look for traces of the others.


To be exact, he was looking for traces of Zhou Qi.


This person had insulted Chen Xiwei and harbored intentions to kill him. It was only naturally for Chu Mo to kill him at the first opportunity, to eliminate future troubles!


Unfortunately, this was a primeval forest with trees and vines everywhere. It greatly obscured his vision.


The students in front of him had only walked a few steps faster than him, but he couldn’t find any traces of them.


[Since I can’t find him right now, I should start by hunting some Ferocious Beasts first, and train my combat skills. Besides, there’s still plenty of time. This place is only about twenty square kilometers. I’ll definitely run into him!] Thinking this way, Chu Mo made his resolve.


He carefully walked through the dense forest, his spirit tense, guarding against the threats that could come at any time.


The wilderness was full of crises, allowing no room for negligence or carelessness.


Although he had his Lightning Element Talent, and his might could be said to be at the forefront of the many talents of his class, it was still only an Inferior Talent and couldn’t be considered invincible, so he had to be cautious.


Moving forward, about half an hour later, Chu Mo suddenly stopped. His eyes were like torches as he looked ahead.


In his line of sight, not far ahead, behind the cover of the dense forest, a pair of dark blue pupils appeared.


Behind the pupils was a body more than two meters long. At this moment, it was standing on all fours, its fangs gleaming, staring at Chu Mo.


“A Low-Tier Level 1 beast! An Iron-Back Hound!” Chu Mo’s eyes narrowed, and the common beast records he had learned at the academy surfaced in his mind.



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