Invincible At The Start

Invincible At The Start – Chapter 15, Master, I Don’t Want to Die!

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Translator: Tamon

Translation Checker: Silavin


Beyond Soaring Immortal Mountain, a black mist scattered to reveal a pale and terrified Qiu Qiantu gasping for air.


Glancing back at the Soaring Immortal Mountain, the terror only mounted. It felt a dream to Qiu Qiantu that he actually made it out alive from an encounter with a Nascent Soul expert.


He figured the rest of his team had to be mincemeat by now.


“To think an average place like Soaring Immortal Mountain housed a Nascent Soul cultivator. But that still isn’t enough to make me put the immortal treasure matter to rest!”


His eyes held nothing but hatred, entering another black mist and running away.



Chen Changan  enjoyed his tiger stew, with Ling Bao’er giving him a back rub with her small, adorable hands.


“Master, how is it?”


“Not bad, though it’s a little thin. It just needs a bit of salt.”


“I’ll be sure to remember.”


Chen Changan squinted into the distance. He let Qiu Qiantu flee so he would spread the word of the immortal treasure’s location. That was his best chance at hoarding domain points. That was Chen Changan’s plan all along.


He was getting excited just thinking about it. 


The Absolute Domain now had a range of twenty plus meters, and that just from killing Golden Core cultivators. It made him curious about the prospects of killing a Nascent Soul cultivator. How much was one worth?


[Bao’er listens to me but she’s still too weak. Foundation Establishment is just too low.]


He wouldn’t care inside the Absolute Domain, but outside, she was on her own. [She could very well go on one of my errands and end up getting killed like nothing.]


[I’ll need to bump up her cultivation.] Chen Changan’s eyes lit up.


[Since creation can awaken all things in creation, turning weeds into spiritual herbs and granting them consciousness, it should increase Ling Bao’er’s cultivation as well, probably…]


Regardless of outcome, Chen Changan was going to give it a shot. If creation could increase Ling Bao’er’s cultivation, he was giddy to see just how many realms she could skip.


[Maybe get her straight to Golden Core, or Nascent Soul?]


“Bao’er, come in the garden.” Chen Changan called Ling Bao’er.


Ling Bao’er followed Chen Changan inside the temple’s garden.


The spiritual herbs made everything lush and, with the sacred fig in bloom, this place was like heaven on earth as spiritual energy was dozens of times denser than outside.

It would prove a paradise for any cultivator to train here.


Chen Changan placed his hands behind him and looked at Ling Bao’er.


She fidgeted under his intense stare. “Master, what is it?”


Chen Changan entered Ling Bao’er’s space. His right palm landed on her head and used creation. A bright golden light shone from his palm and enveloped Ling Bao’er.


“Bao’er, what do you feel?”


Ling Bao’er blinked, “Master, I feel warm and cozy.”


“Anything else.”




[It can’t raise cultivation?]


Chen Changan didn’t give up, ramping up the intensity of the golden light and turning Ling Bao’er into a blinding sun. The sky above Soaring Immortal Mountain dimmed as fierce gales blew across the mountains, fluttering Chen Changan and Ling Bao’er’s hair and clothes.


Chen Changan still found no signs of increased cultivation in Ling Bao’er all this time, but something else had changed about her.


Her body was going through a radical transformation as her talent increased. Chen Changan knew very well how there were nine grades of talent.


Even with the Eternal Body, he still didn’t make the cut even for a 1st grade talent, never to cultivate in his life.


With higher talent, cultivation became faster as well as having greater insight into magical arts and all kinds of abilities to be learned in a very short time. 


With Ling Bao’er’s talent being bumped, it would be natural for her cultivation to soar. Reaching Golden Core was just around the corner.


“Master, it hurts.” Ling Bao’er bit her red lip, wincing in pain.


Ling Bao’er didn’t have it any easier even as her talent increased. If the ordeal proved to be more than Ling Bao’er could bear, her life would be exacted as price.


Chen Changan could feel Ling Bao’er’s life fading and wouldn’t take long to be snuffed out.


He turned grave. [Killing my disciple by mistake just wouldn’t do.]


“Bao’er, I’m improving your talent so you can be reborn into a supreme genius. You must hold on!”


“Master, it hurts. It hurts so much.” Ling Bao’er felt her guts twisting in pain, her flesh and meridians snapping.


Chen Changan spoke coldly, “Persevere if you want to live.”


Ling Bao’er was scared and started crying, “Master, I don’t want to die!”


“Then stand firm. What’s a little bit of pain?”



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