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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 57, From Immortal to Pill and the Shocked Qiu Qiantu

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The All-seeing Immortal Mirror was a 5th Grade Immortal Artifact, a famous and incredible Immortal treasure in the Black Tortoise Immortal Domain.


Now, it was in pieces just because he helped Shen Wu glance at the Lower Realm.


“There’s actually someone in the Lower Realm that can defy an Immortal’s sight, to the point of breaking the All-seeing Immortal Mirror.” Immortal King Tian Yuan spoke gravely.


Shen Wu huffed, his eyes flashing with murder. “He must be an Immortal Slayer to have that kind of power. After all these years, another one has appeared.”


Tian Yuan gasped, “An Immortal Slayer!”


“He must die!” Shen Wu huffed, his bloodlust surging as he left.


“Immortal Lord, what about my ruined All-seeing Immortal Mirror?”


Tian Yuan shouted after him, getting only silence as reply.


“Screw you, rotten and shameless bastard! Do you think being an Immortal Lord gives you the right to break my stuff? See if I’ll help you next time!”


Tian Yuan swore without qualms. He felt his heart bleeding at the broken mirror. “My precious All-seeing Immortal Mirror.”


On Soaring Immortal Mountain, Chen Changan frowned. He thought he felt eyes on him, but only for a moment. [Must be feeling things.]


He turned to the twelve burning flames. Ling Qingshan, Ling Bao’er and Qiu Qiantu’s group focused on them as well.


While the Immortal Pressure was gone, it was unclear if they were alive or dead. 


[The great Immortals can’t just die, right?]


Under their hard stares, the flames faded to reveal twelve golden pills. They were shining and covered in Immortal script, akin to Immortal Pills, containing an ocean of Immortal power. 


Chen Changan used creation from the Absolute Domain to turn the twelve Immortals into Immortal Pills. They had to be the best Immortal Pills the Nine Province Continent had ever seen. 


Ling Qingshan gapped at the hovering and dazzling glittering pills. [Senior’s divine skill turned them into Immortal Pills. How good are they? Will it make one Immortal?]


He witnessed the incredible effect of a Nascent Soul Demon King turned Blood Pill, so these twelve Immortal Pills should have a similar effect, just far stronger.


[It contains the essence of an Immortal!] 


Chen Changan waved and the pills fell in his hand. “Immortals to pills, how about that for a glorious ending? Anything else and it’d be such a waste.”


Qiu Qiantu’s group shuddered from afar. [The Ancestor is dead!]


They all ended up as mere Immortal Pills in Chen Changan’s hand.


The Ghost Skull Sect’s Grand Elders were shaking in fear. They followed the Ancestor over here to have him flex his power and then destroy the Nine Swords Sect later.


By the looks of it though, not only was the plan bust, but now they were lacking proper backing.


[Holy hell!]


The twelve Immortals couldn’t even fight back.


[How strong is this guy?]


“G-go and release the Nine Swords Sect’s Grand Elders at once!” Qiu Qiantu lost all intent on fighting Chen Changan, fleeing away with his Grand Elders while the monster was distracted.


The Nine Swords Sect was out of reach as well. With them having someone capable of killing twelve Immortals, they could never even approach the Nine Swords Sect. 


“Master, the Ghost Skull Sect is fleeing!” Ling’er drew Chen Changan’s attention.


He wanted to grind the Ghost Skull Sect as well, too bad they were out of range. “They must be scared out of their mind. Let them go. We’ll handle them later.”


Chen Ling returned the Sacred Immortal Sword to Ling Bao’er. She hugged it with glee.  “Master, they could never take the Sacred Immortal Sword away.”


Chen Changan smiled. “Any that intends to will die.”


“The Immortals threatened Master with that Immortal Lord in their final words. Is an Immortal Lord great?”


Ling Bao’er asked. She could tell the Immortals revered the Immortal Lord from their tone. [He must be tough, no?]


But her trust in Chen Changan transcended reality, confident her almighty Master was worlds above, or universes.


Chen Changan smiled, “No matter how great, I’ll still slap him in the hereafter.”


Ling Qingshan’s heart quivered. [The Immortal Lord has to be incredibly strong to send twelve Immortals here. But Senior still says with utter confidence that he is nothing.]


It boggled his mind just how strong Senior was. He couldn’t find his limit, but his respect and reverence were absolute.


Chen Ling turned to Ling Qingshan, “You can go. Your Grand Elders in the Ghost Skull Sect should be released by now.”


Ling Qingshan nodded, “I’m truly grateful for your help, Senior!”


“Go, I’ll guide Bao’er to my best ability.”


Ling Qingshan said, “I believe with all my heart that Bao’er is truly fortunate to have Senior’s guidance.”


Chen Changan cared not for Immortals, even less for a mere Sect Leader. He only got this treatment due to his daughter.


“Farewell, Senior.” 


Chen Changan nodded. This time, he didn’t send him off with an Immortal Pill. These were made of Immortals, not like the Blood Pills formed of Nascent Soul Demon Kings. They were on different levels. He would not give them away so easily, even if Ling Qingshan was Bao’er’s dad.


Chen Changan was left alone with Ling Bao’er in the now quiet and peaceful Soaring Immortal Mountain.


Due to the earlier Immortal Pressure, the Myriad Mountains were, for the first time, silent as a graveyard, especially after it left. No demon or monster made a peep, still terrorized by the Immortal Pressure that passed.



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