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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 58, Terms and Soaring Immortal Mountain’s Lord

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Bai Yue and Fox Demon Empress hovered miles above ground, staring in Soaring Immortal Mountain’s direction.


“Grandmother, the twelve Immortal Pressures have vanished.”


The Matron sighed, “Yeah, as we can’t see them in person, that means they must’ve left the Nine Province Continent.”


“The Immortals of Upper Realm come and go without a trace, truly horrifying.” Bai Yue muttered.


She considered the Young Master her sister Hong Yi served, and the stranger in white, to be dead. But for some reason, the mysterious guy in the Immortal Temple surrounded by mist resurfaced in her mind.


Something told her he wouldn’t just keel over.


“Bai Yue, tell Hong Yi and Foxy what happened. I bet they would be glad to be in our clan now.”


Bai Yue hesitated, “Grandmother, I want to check on Soaring Immortal Mountain first.”


The Matron smiled, “Might as well go together. As a place that bore the brunt of Immortals’ powers, even with them gone, their traces must still be around.”


Bai Yue nodded at the convenient excuse. Her reason wasn’t to feel an Immortal’s aura and further her cultivation but to ascertain the fate of that youth. She kept it to herself, not wanting Grandmother to mock her wild imagination. Bai Yue thought it absurd as well, but seeing was believing. 


“Master, isn’t that an Immortal Pill?”


Ling Bao’er peeked at the twelve golden pills with a curious gaze.


They glimmered in a mystical light, drawing her in.


Chen Changan smiled, “Made of the finest Immortals, if these aren’t Immortal Pills, what are?”


“I guess so?”


Chen Changan held one out. The pill shone in a dazzling light show, brimming with Immortal energy. He was curious if it would help his particular case.


“Bao’er, want to try one?”


Ling Bao’er licked her lips, “Master, will I become Immortal if I do?”


Chen Changan was pensive, “It’s possible.”


[If Bao’er ascends with one of these, then what?] He just got a disciple and would rather avoid parting so soon.


“It’s best you don’t. The Upper Realm’s Immortal Lord must be dying to have you ascend to peel your skin, eat your flesh, and drink your blood.”


Ling Bao’er got so scared, that all the blood drained from her face, her hands shaking, her eyes dilating, hugging onto Chen Changan’s hand for dear life. “Master, I don’t want it, I don’t want to ascend. I’ll stay with you.”


“Ha-ha, you’re such a scaredy-cat.” Chen Changan teased.


Ling’er blushed, “I’m not scared. I would rather stay with you. Without me, Master will be all alone again.”


Ling Bao’er mentioned the time before they met. She had given her heart and soul in making an eminent and confident young man out of the wretched beggar she chose for a Master. Besides, she had such a nice life by his side. She didn’t want to go ahead alone.


“Then go on and cultivate, Bao’er. That Immortal Lord won’t just take killing his Immortals and holding the Sacred Immortal Sword kindly. Your cultivation is too low so I’ll set a task for you.”


“What task, Master?”


“You have one month to reach Nascent Soul Stage.”


“A month! I can’t do it Master.” Ling Bao’er was at the 7th layer of the Golden Core Stage. She knew Nascent Soul was around the corner, but a month was pushing it too much.


Chen Changan gave a confident smile, “Bao’er, you’re my Disciple. If I say you can, then it’s a certainty.”


Her Master’s trust in her inspired Ling Bao’er to be confident as well. “Right! I’ll work extra hard, Master, and reach Nascent Soul in a month.”


Nascent Soul was the minimum for her to have some self-defense in the Nine Province Continent. Bao’er was no greenhouse flower. She couldn’t stay with him her entire life. She had the talent and this sanctuary to help. Reaching Nascent Soul in a month was a breeze.


Chen Changan gathered the twelve Immortal Pills. [What to do with these? Do they only raise cultivation, or is there something else they’re capable of?]


Chen Changan excluded Bao’er from the testing. He had a much better candidate in mind. [Touba Ye ought to be back soon from Cutlet Mountain.]


Since he sent Ling Bao’er to cultivate in the garden, he was alone in the temple. A wide smile was plastered on his excited face.


Reaping the twelve Immortals had him hit the motherload.


Since he had time, he was eager to see how many domain points he got. He opened his status and Chen Changan found himself sitting on 240,000 Domain Points.


The Immortals went for 12,000 Domain Points per head. 


“That’s Immortals for you.” Chen Changan was shocked at the windfall.


That meant an increase of 2.4 kilometers in the Absolute Domain’s range.


“System, I have 240.000 Domain Points. Can I go for another system upgrade?” Chen Changan asked.


V3.0 took 5,000 Domain Points. V4.0 had to be doable with how many points he had on him.


While extending the Domain’s reach was nice and all, getting new traits topped it. Be it v2.0’s creation or v3.0’s Immortal Solution, even Mirage and Everlasting Immortality he got from the deadbeat package, all were novel to him but also extremely useful.


This was the reasoning behind his choice.


<50,000 Domain Points required for v4.0 upgrade, and a mission.>


“What mission?”


<Be titled Lord of Soaring Immortal Mountain.>


“What does that mean?” Chen Changan asked.


<Host will earn this title once the Absolute Domain’s reach extends over the Soaring Immortal Mountain.>


Chen Changan blinked. “Come on! You now want me to cover the whole Soaring Immortal Mountain?”


With how lofty and magnificent Soaring Immortal Mountain was, 240.000 Domain Points were nowhere near enough to cover even a third. He figured he needed half a million more, at the least.


Chen Changan cussed, [This rotten hunk of buggy junk!]



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