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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 59, Fox Demon Empress and Apologies

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“Grandmother, we’re near the Myriad Mountains’ surroundings. Soaring Immortal Mountain isn’t far.” Bai Yue and the Heavenly Fox Matron flew through the sky.


“We should feel the traces of the Immortals soon. I hope there’s a deep imprint, enough for me to glean and help my ascension.”


Bai Yue nodded, while curious about Chen Changan’s fate.


As they arrived upon Soaring Immortal Mountain, they noticed a few people at its foot.


The Matron asked, “It’s only been moments since the Immortals left, but there are already cultivators here. Is it to feel the traces?”


They were Qiu Qiantu and Ghost Skull Sect’s three Grand Elders. All of them flew towards the Immortal Temple with dread and apprehension.


They sensed demonic energy and noticed the two.


The three Grand Elders gasped, “Heavenly Fox Clan’s Demon Empress!”


They knew her. Two thousand years had passed when the grand factions of Ghost Province united to take over the Myriad Mountains. Yet this Demon Empress had thwarted their conquest all by herself. Her presence made it so no human power could ever take a foothold on Myriad Mountains, leaving it a domain of Monsters and Demons.


The Heavenly Fox Demon Empress was known to all of Ghost Province.


The Matron sneered, “Myriad Mountains belong to the Demons. You have some nerve coming here. Are you seeking death?”


Her Spirit Severing aura made the four wince. 


Qiu Qiantu cupped his hands at once. “Senior Demon Empress, we only came to Soaring Immortal Mountain to apologize to a mighty Senior, then we’ll leave.”


The Grand Elders bobbed their heads.


“Senior Demon Empress, I ask that you forgive me.”


The Matron was only bluffing, knowing that the three Nascent Souls had to have some backing. She didn’t want any trouble as there were other Spirit Severing cultivators in Ghost Province. 


Their words drew her curiosity, “Is it the previous Immortals coming to Myriad Mountains that you speak of?”


In her mind, only Immortals could be called such by these strong cultivators. [They came to apologize. Does that mean the Immortals are still up there?]


The Matron tensed.


Qiu Qiantu shook his head, “Senior Demon Empress, the Immortals are dead. We didn’t come for them.”


“Come again?” The Matron gapped.


Even Bai Yue was overwhelmed. “How is that possible?”


She didn’t believe her ears.


Qiu Qiantu sighed, “Senior Demon Empress, it’s the cruel truth. The twelve Immortals are dead, including our Ghost Skull Sect’s Ancestor. It is beyond anyone’s imagination that an Immortal Slayer lives in the Myriad Mountains.”


Bai Yue’s words flew out of her mouth in haste, “You can’t be meaning the Senior living in the temple on Soaring Immortal Mountain, could you?”


Qiu Qiantu nodded. “Yes, him. We came to apologize in the hope that Senior would overlook our transgressions and let Ghost Skull Sect stand.”


The Matron frowned, “Just what on earth happened on this mountain for the Immortals to die? Talk!”


They had no power to resist a Spirit Severing and hastily recalled the event.


The Matron paled, with Bai Yue shuddering,  “Senior is so strong that he can kill Immortals!”


“A slash swept Immortals, a word froze Immortals. He alone killed twelve of them. So this is the Young Master Hong Yi spoke of.” The Matron was deathly white.


[Heavens! Since when did Myriad Mountains hide such a deadly being?] It was humbling and even feeling insignificant to find how useless she was as a Spirit Severing before this mighty persona. [We’re finished!]


She seized Hong Yi and Foxy. It was like asking to be killed.


Qiu Qiantu watched the Matron looking worse and worse and drew his conclusions. [Did the Demonic Empresses rub that Senior the wrong way too?]


The Matron took a deep breath, trying and failing to quell the horror and despair. “Bai Yue, what do you think?”


She sighed, noticing Grandmother’s evident fears. “Grandmother, Senior gave us three days to return sister Hong Yi and Foxy to Soaring Immortal Mountain. I’m sure Senior won’t blame us.”


The Matron wallowed in regret, “Since we’re here, we have to go apologize.”


“Yes, Grandmother.” Bai Yue nodded.


Qiu Qiantu was silent. To not make it even more awkward than it already was, he refrained from talking on their way up.


They reached the Immortal temple with tense and heavy hearts. [Senior’s power is beyond measure. Who knows what he’s thinking? Will Senior forgive us?]


They passed through Absolute Domain’s limit and the vast Immortal energy rushed to them. The mysticism and boundless beauty of the place had them gawking.


[There’s such pure spiritual energy here!] The Matron gasped.


Bai Yue was still amazed, despite it being her second visit. The invading Immortal energy activated her Demon Cultivation Method and filled her with power and bliss.


This happened to all of them, the Demons and Humans.


“Is this the Immortal Land the Immortals spoke of?”


Being outside when the fighting occurred, they couldn’t realize the value of an Immortal Land just from words alone. Now that they felt it on their skin, they were in awe at such an incredible treasure.


Qiu Qiantu knew it to be just a sanctuary, leaving him mesmerized by the difference.


Chen Changan felt their breach the instant they crossed the Domain’s limit. “The Ghost Skull Sect actually came. Even Bai Yue is here with a foreign strong Demon.”


With but a thought, he vanished from the temple and towered over the visitors the next second.


The Matron didn’t feel any movement, leaving her in shock. “Space Principles?”


Qiu Qiantu and his Grand Elders showed utter fear as they pleaded on their knees. “Senior, we ask that you spare Ghost Skull Sect. We apologize for all we’ve done!”



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