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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 61, Disaster and Fortune Entwined

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Translator: Tamon

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Chen Changan said, “This Blood Pill will work even in the Spirit Severing Stage, such as yourself. Taking a Nascent Soul Demon King as an example, they would breakthrough with ease.”


“As a request of Hong Yi to take Foxy to your Heavenly Fox Clan for your Demon Cultivation Method, it’s only right that I offer gifts in the form of these two Blood Pills.”


Fox Demon Empress was touched to the core. “Senior, we could never accept such precious gifts. The Heavenly Fox Clan is honored enough just for being worthy of imparting our cultivation method to Foxy.”


“The Heavenly Fox Clan is at your service, Senior.”


Chen Changan gave them a look and walked away.


Mist roiled around them from every corner, swirling for a moment before scattering. Fox Demon Empress and Bai Yue found themselves a thousand meters outside the Immortal Temple.


[Senior has such incredible skills!] The two gasped.


The Fox Demon Empress was at Spirit Severing yet had never even felt any sign he had done anything. She stared at the Blood Pills in her hand with a complex gaze. She sighed in awe, “It explains why Hong Yi appeared with increased cultivation. It’s all due to this pill. She had met with such fortune.”


Bai Yue nodded. “Senior is incredible, Grandmother. Is he the Immortal Slayer of legends?”


Fox Demon Empress sighed, “How else could Senior kill Immortals? But to think an Immortal Slayer would be in the Myriad Mountains of all places. It is not just Hong Yi’s fortune, but all our blessing!”


As the dusk’s orange sun cast its weary glow on the land, Touba Ye rushed to Soaring Immortal Mountain in anxiety.


He shouted upon seeing the Immortal Temple. “Young Master, Young Miss Bao’er, the Immortals have come. Are you alright?”


Touba Ye was out plucking chickens from Cutlet Mountain when the Immortals deigned Myriad Mountains with their presence.


The pressure, the soul-gripping fear of the Immortals’ power, left Touba Ye frozen in his hunt for chickens.


He knew why they came, for the Young Miss’ Sacred Immortal Sword.


The event left its mark on him, for he felt powerless to help, reduced to a shaking mess under their pressure. There was nothing he could do to stop the mighty and great Immortals.


He could only pray that Young Miss and Young Master escaped.


[With their pressure alone filling me and the Myriad Mountains with dread, I can only imagine how strong they must be, how easy it is for them to kill me.]


He was aware the odds of the Young Master surviving were slim at best, his heart heavy and anxious as he rushed into the Immortal Temple.


There, he stumbled upon Ling Bao’er cultivating and Chen Changan sitting at the stone table under the rustling leaves of the sacred fig, playing go. 


Chen Changan sat upright as he placed a black piece. Across from him, a shy branch dipped down in the whites to place one piece on the board. 


Chen Changan smirked, replying with an immediate move. Looking at the match, there were five blacks in a row.


“You lost, Fig.”


The blooming and huge sacred fig spoke in reverence, “I have once again lost before your eminence, Young Master.”


Chen Changan smiled, “There’s a saying, ‘a sacred fig’s enlightenment brings infinite wisdom, a tree of great virtue.’ I have awakened you as a Demon, but you don’t look the part. This is your fifth loss.” 


“I could never attain Young Master’s level. May I ask, Young Master, what is this five-piece formation?”


Chen Changan replied with apparent infinite wisdom, “Seek weakness. Listen well, Fig, in the art of war, one needs to seek the enemy’s weakness and avoid their strengths. The same Principle lies in these five pieces.


“This move shows its value when attacking, striking where the enemy is weak so you can crush the opposition in one move. It’s unavoidable and unblockable.”


Sacred fig’s leaves rustled as he listened to Chen Changan’s lecture, Immortal Energy flowing into them, into his every fiber. Absolute Domain System v3.0’s Immortal Solution at work.


Chen Changan’s every word and action contained the power of Immortality. As the sacred fig was a tree of wisdom and virtue, Chen Changan awakened it into a Demon.


Under the constant influence of Chen Changan’s Immortal Solution, it had a high chance of evolving into an Immortal Tree.


“Art of war’s seek weakness,” Fig muttered, absorbing the Immortal Solution’s deeper meaning.


All of Fig’s flowers shone with an Immortal Glow.


Chen Changan was silent. [I just said something casual, and the sacred fig sank into enlightenment.]


He noticed the Immortal Energy within the sacred fig. [Don’t tell me he’s turning Immortal.]


Touba Ye landed in the Immortal Temple with joy and excitement. “Young Master!”


Chen Changan smiled, “Touba Ye, did you bring Draconic Fowl King?”


Touba Ye fell to his knees in guilt. “Young Master sent me to catch Draconic Fowl King, but I was worried something might have happened to you. I shall accept any punishment for coming back empty-handed.”


Chen Changan waved him off, “Rise, it’s not your fault.”


He knew fear overwhelmed Touba Ye and was also aware of an Immortal’s strength. 


“You’re back just in time. I have something for you.” Chen Changan said and offered an Immortal Pill.


Touba Ye shuddered at the golden pill. Its engravings shone brightly, releasing an Immortal and unfathomable glow.


“Young Master…” Touba Ye ventured.


“An Immortal Pill refined from an Immortal. I’ve yet to know the effect it might have on me. Will you be willing to try it?” Chen Changan asked.


Touba Ye went bugeyed. [An Immortal Pill?! Young Master is so amazing he can cull Immortals and turn them into pills!]


Touba Ye shuddered, words leaving him.


Chen Changan smiled, “Touba Ye disaster is entwined with fortune. I leave the choice of eating an Immortal Pill to you.”


Touba Ye snapped awake. He bobbed his head, filled with respect, “Young Master, I wish to know, I wish to try the Immortal Pill.”


He had to know how much he’d get. Just a Blood Pill allowed him to break through to the next Minor Realm. [How much will an Immortal Pill change me?]


He believed it to be Young Master bestowing upon him a chance at Immortality. He would seize it!


He was fine with dying from it, if it came to that.


Chen Changan nodded. “Good.”


He threw it at him. Touba Ye looked at the Immortal Pill in his shaking hand, barely able to speak, “Young Master, when should I eat it?”


“Now. Show me what changes it will bring.”


“As you command!” Touba Ye nodded and sat down, swallowing the Immortal Pill on the spot.



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