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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 62, Phoenix Nirvana and Rise from the Ashes

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Translator: Tamon

Translation Checker: Silavin


The world shifted and a sudden gale blew.  Touba Ye sat cross-legged in an Immortal Land, a paradise, giving off an ungodly glow.


Chen Changan and Ling Bao’er watched.


The girl looked worried, “Master, will Brother Ox be alright taking the Immortal Pill?”


Chen Changan shook his head. “His fate is his own.”


It was anyone’s guess what an Immortal Pill could do, even his, as he watched Touba Ye’s body changing under its influence.


The pill filled him with endless Immortal Energy and covered him in Immortal Markings. As an added effect, he was becoming a bottomless hole, sucking up the Immortal Land’s Immortal Energy.


The constant devouring of energy hummed within Touba Ye, his power building every second. 


Thunder rumbled high above. Each thunder strike held a devastating power, apocalyptic even. All around Soaring Immortal Mountain was turned into a living Hell. Only the part covered with the Absolute Domain was spared of this endless conflagration. 


[Taking an Immortal Pill drew such a powerful tribulation that would’ve erased Touba Ye’s body and soul if not for the Absolute Domain shielding him. This pill is something alright.]


Ling Bao’er jumped at every lightning strike. Her hair fluttered in the violent winds.




Touba Ye howled at the Heavens, sucking up more of the Immortal Energy around him.


His power surged like an unstoppable tide, rumbling with every increase. The Immortal Markings burned, combining with his body, as an Immortal pressure washed the world with Touba Ye at its center. 


“Did Touba Ye become Immortal?” Chen Changan gasped.


“Brother Ox is an Immortal?” Ling Bao’er’s eye shone.




The sound was that of a flawless china being smashed to bits.


Chen Changan had a sinking feeling.




The sounds came unabated from Touba Ye. His body ruptured, unable to withstand the pill’s energy. The Immortal Markings, containing an Immortal’s incredible power of law, were under heavy strain.


“Ah…” Touba Ye wailed, his life ebbing under the sea of Immortal Energy, burning his very soul.


“Master, Brother Ox…” Ling Bao’er paled.


Chen Changan flashed before Touba Ye.


“Y-Young Master, I-I have failed you.” Blood spilled from his pores and face, on the brink of death. He felt utter regret for wasting the Young Master’s Immortal Pill.


[It’s because I’m worthless.]


“No, you’ve done more than enough.” Chen Changan muttered.


“Immortals and Mortals are too different. I was too hopeful thinking a mere Immortal Pill would be able to bridge the gap.” 


Touba Ye wheezed, “Young Master, I’m ready to die for all you did for me.”


Chen Changan chuckled, “Disaster and fortune are entwined. It’s too early to call it quits now.”


Immortal fire scorched his body, his bones, his mind, and even his soul. But there was one other fire burning hotter in his heart at Chen Changan’s word, that of living. “I’m not dead yet, Young Master. I can’t give up. I can’t disappoint you!”


Touba Ye’s eyes shone, his horns turning sharper like blades.


His body was restored. A huge ox stood tall, its black mane covered in Immortal fire as it towered half a kilometer from the ground.


He was not going to die like this, he would not let a mere Immortal Pill do him in. Touba Ye leaned on his endurance and tenacity as an ox, to fight for his life.


Chen Changan thought, [A phoenix rises from the ashes to reach nirvana, so why can’t he be reborn as well?] 


Chen Changan’s eyes shone. 


“Touba Ye!” Chen Changan shouted, his voice thundering through Touba Ye’s mind, drawing his attention.


The worried Ling Bao’er shielded her ears, her mind swimming as she staggered.


“I shall impart to you the Obscure Nirvana art. Use it and seize your fate!”


Obscure Nirvana was a Buddha script he browsed back on Earth that spoke of a Pheonix’s rise from the ashes towards Nirvana. It came to him now of all times, every word clear as day.


Chen Changan used Immortal Solution, as well, to send his words with the most effect. He didn’t know what would come of it, but he was willing to help Touba Ye.



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