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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 63, Touba Ye, You’re Made for Dharma

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Translator: Tamon

Translation Checker: Silavin


Touba Ye was in veneration. Ling Bao’er and Fig sharpened their ears.


They were curious to find what mystical secret was hid, which could wrest Touba Ye from death’s door and bring him back into this world as an Immortal. 


Chen Changan was grave, his voice clear. “The enlightened me can create any and everything… Ancient and modern are connected, always connected, from beginning to end; there is nothing separate from it. In the vast equanimity, it is called Nirvana. Do not stray from the scripture and attain Nirvana…”


Touba Ye and Ling Bao’er’s widened.


Fig’s leaves rustled at the mysticism hidden in Chen Changan’s abstruse lecture. Even the world began to shift.


With Chen Changan at the center, an incredible power washed in all directions. Purple glows flashed in the east. The stars shone in the sky, showering the world in their majestic glow and enveloping Chen Changan. He was like a god walking on this Earth.


The whole of Nine Province Continent witnessed this incredible change, gawking with wide eyes in shock.


“An Immortal Phenomenon! Who triggered it? Is someone ascending?” The entire continent was overwhelmed by the revelation.


The strongest on the Nine Province Continent, the Empty Immortals, the closest to ascend, knew what this meant the most. 


There had yet to be an ascension in ages. Now, one was doing on this very day, overcoming the World Principles and becoming Immortal.


The whole Nine Province Continent was aboil. The experts, Demons, Monsters, and Spirits felt their souls shudder, their eyes fixed on Ghost Province.


“It’s coming from Ghost Province!”


“Is it from the Ancient Phoenix Sect?”


“It has to be. I heard they had the insight to become Immortal a thousand years ago, needing but shed their mortal coil to ascend.”


Thunder Immortal Shrine on Sumeru Immortal Domain, Upper Realm.


Wrapped in a holy aura, thousands of miles large Buddha image sat cross-legged.


9,999 Immortals sat. Arhats, Buddhists, Monks, and Bodhisattvas, all congregated around the holy image. 


“The enlightened me can create any and everything… rise from the ashes towards Nirvana…”


The ancient chanting hummed around them from worlds beyond, Chen Changan’s voice.


The monks shuddered. “Dharma! Among the endless Immortal Domains, a Buddha is born! The birth of a Buddha! Only he can take the Sumeru Immortal Domain to the top. No matter the price, find Buddha!”


On the Soaring Immortal Mountain, Chen Changan was unaware of what he set in motion with just one classic line from his previous life. Golden lotuses bloomed beneath his feet while a holy Immortal Aura shone like the sun, making him look like a saint.


“All Principles are boundless, as is enlightenment. To comprehend the path of Nirvana, one must find it within the profound realization. Therefore, the Phoenix undergoes Nirvana, being reborn through fire!”


Chen Changan spoke at length, finally ending the lecture on the obscurity of Nirvana.


Ling Bao’er, the sacred fig, and the burning Touba Ye in Immortal Fire; they ruminated over the obscure Nirvana, wanting to grasp its mysteries. 


Buddhism was also known as karma. As the saying goes ‘benefactor has karma with this Buddhist.’


[It comes down to whether Touba Ye and the Nirvana Aura are tied by karma, by fate. This is the most I can do to help.]


“Touba Ye, a phoenix rises from the ashes toward Nirvana. You may not be a phoenix, nor its descendant, but I believe in your success.”


“Young Master, I shall not disappoint!”


Touba Ye’s Demon body was cooked under the flames, down to the innards, bones, and meridians. Every fiber felt like it would be turned to ashes, even his soul.


His mind recalled every word about Nirvana. He focused, the pain the fire brought him no longer chaining him. His fur turned to ashes, followed by his blood, innards, and bones.


He was no more but dust. Nonetheless, neither the pain nor the loss of life disturbed his tranquility.


Ling Bao’er said, “Master, is Brother Ox going to die?”


Chen Changan only stared.


At last, the only mark that the Demon Touba Ye ever existed was the remaining black horns. His aura was gone, the fire scattered.


Ling Bao’er was pale, staring at the horns.


Chen Changan noticed no energy from them, or Touba Ye’s aura. [Touba Ye, Buddhism wasn’t your fate.]


He sighed. His first subject met his end on the path to Immortality.


Chen Changan’s eyes flashed, and he noticed a sliver of life thrumming from the horns. [Is he still alive?]


Chen Changan focused on the minute signature, on the brink of fading. “Allow me to lend you a hand.”


Chen Changan’s eyes flashed and used creation. Immense vitality flooded the horns, giving off a blinding glow as they melded.


Ling Bao’er teared up from the pain and closed her eyes, but then she forced herself to watch. The horns took the shape of a tough body.


“Master, is that Brother Ox?”


Chen Changan smiled. “I was wrong, Touba Ye. You’re made for Dharma.”



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