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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 64, Golden Immortal and Frigid Bone Claw

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Translator: Tamon

Translation Checker: Silavin


Touba Ye walked out of the blinding Immortal Light. His body shone, no longer having the aura of a Demon. He had majestic horns and a sturdy body of herculean strength. There was no comparison with his previous self.


“Young Master, I was fortunate not to fail you.” Touba Ye fell to his knees and cupped his hands.


Ling Bao’er blinked, “Brother Ox, I feel you’ve changed and didn’t at the same time.”


Chen Ling chuckled and rubbed her head. “Bao’er, look closer.”


“Oh.” She gave him a thorough inspection and gapped.


“Master, that’s an Immortal Aura!”


It was the same aura as the one the twelve Immortal Generals used.


Touba Ye’s voice thrummed with power. “Young Master, I’ve not ascended, but the Immortal Energy and markings have melded with my being, and in the Immortal flames, I was reborned from the ashes with an Immortal body.”


Ling Bao’er gasped. “Sounds amazing!”


“Figured as much.” Chen Changan expected it.


“Touba Ye, how strong are you now?”


Touba Ye shook his head, “Young Master, the energy in me has been transformed into Immortal Energy, along with my body. I am unclear as to its full effect.”


“I see.”


Chen Changan was pensive, “Touba Ye, I command you to pay the Heavenly Fox Clan a visit, to bring back Hong Yi and Foxy. While you’re there, have a spar with Fox Demon Empress.”


“I obey!”


“What do you think your chances are against the Demon Empress?” Chen Changan chuckled.


“Young Master, I’m certain of victory. With my new Immortal Body and Immortal Energys, I have what it takes to fight her.”


“Good, now go.”


“Understood!” Touba Ye turned into a light and shot into the air like a dazzling shooting star streaking the night sky.


“Ha-ha, a Golden Immortal, quite possibly the only one in this world.” Chen Changan chuckled.


Ling Bao’er said, “Master, is Brother Ox an Immortal now?”


“Yes and no.”


“Master, I don’t get what you’re saying.” 


“Looking at Touba Ye’s body and strength, then yes, he can be called an Immortal. The only thing stopping him from becoming a real Immortal is his Nascent Soul. He’s an unprecedented Gold Immortal.”


Ling Bao’er exclaimed.


Every step was a grueling task on the path of Immortality. Starting with Qi Refining, one defied the Heavens until the Empty Immortal Stage, becoming Half-Immortal. But only through providence one would gain the chance to ascend.


Few were those at the peak of the Empty Immortal Stage.


This made Touba Ye a unique Golden Immortal, but ascending was still a toil even for him. He almost lost his life just to turn his body Immortal. His fortune was great, having rebirthed from the ashes, but the same couldn’t apply to everyone else.


Chen Changan had eleven Immortal Pills left, intending not to use them for now.


The others couldn’t take the insane amount of energy it contained. Caving under pressure meant one thing only, demise.


Chen Changan rejoiced letting Touba Ye test them out before giving one to Ling Bao’er. She would’ve most likely gone to Heaven.


“Master, Nirvana sounds so profound. I tried to understand it, but it was so hard.”


Chen Changan chuckled, “This just shows you’re not meant to practice Dharma and become a Nun.”


Ling Bao’er shook her head, “Why would I become one? Master, after all this time, you’ve yet to teach me anything.”


Chen Changan’s smile froze. He yawned. “Bao’er, I’ll be off resting. It’s been a long day.”


Ling Bao’er’s mouth twitched, pulling on his sleeve and angling her head to emphasize her puppy eyes. “Master, you taught even Brother Ox something. I’m your only precious Disciple. Don’t you like me? Don’t you want me anymore?”


Ling Bao’er looked so pitiful; her eyes red with slumped shoulders. Chen Changan was certain that she’d burst into tears by saying no.


He sighed. [I brought this on myself.]


His plan was to take her in and use her, not teach her anything. Now karma came back to bite him. The only relief was the trusty Immortal Solution of his. Maybe it could teach her some nifty trick.


Chen Changan rubbed her cute head. “How could you ever think that? Let me think it over and tomorrow I’ll teach you.”


“Really, Master?” Ling Bao’er lit up, stars sparkling in her innocent eyes.


“Really, really.” Chen Changan smiled.


“Thank you, Master.” Ling Bao’er hugged him tight.


Moments like these made him feel that he didn’t take in a disciple, but a daughter. It wasn’t bad either way, honestly.


[I need to figure out what on Earth to teach her. Dongfang Bubai trained in Sunflower Manual to become undefeated.]

(Tamon: reference to a secret wuxia manual from The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Jin Yong)


[No, no, Dongfang had to turn eunuch to train in that. I can’t have Bao’er become an empty sHell, with no emotions.] Chen Changan shook his head.


[What else is there?] He was going through the arts in webnovels and movies he read and watched back on Earth, wondering if the Immortal Solution would work on them.


“Whatcha thinking, Master?” Ling Bao’er asked, seeing him lost in thought.


“What to teach you.”


Ling Bao’er tilted her head, “Master, are there so many options?”


“I’ve wandered the Immortal Domains for eons on end, amassing endless scriptures and manuals. The Sunflower Manual, Divine Sword of the Six Meridians, Yang Finger, 18 Dragon Palms, Left/Right Technique, Nine Yin White Bone Claw…”

(Tamon: references to martial arts in wuxia novels written by Jin Yong)


“Master, what’s that bone claw thingie?” Ling Bao’er interrupted.


Chen Changan winced, the Nine Yin White Bone Claw being a vicious and ruthless art. [Does that mean she wants to learn it since she asked?]



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