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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 66, Ultimate Skill Imparting and Dugu Nine Swords

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Translator: Tamon

Translation Checker: Silavin


As the morning sun peeked over the mountain, Fig bloomed, and the Everlasting Immortal Tree’s unripe fruits flickered with an Immortal Glow.


The garden was filled with the soothing fragrance of flowers and nature.


The Immortal Energy in this land was beyond anything any other place on the Nine Province Continent could offer. It was truly Heaven on Earth.


Ling Bao’er looked at the Immortal Fruits from beneath the shade of the Everlasting Immortal Tree, drool leaking from her mouth. “Master, how much longer until the Everlasting Immortal Fruit is ready?”


Chen Changan yawned, having just woken up with bags under his eyes.


He had gone above and beyond the call of duty when it came to choosing the perfect martial art for Bao’er—i.e. staying up later than usual.


The sacrifice was not in vain, for he found a super grand sword art for her alone.


Guess it paid to be a NEET in his first life, having a healthy interest in China’s culture, especially the most popular wuxia works. 


Obscure Nirvana he used to save Touba Ye with was merely browsed at one point when he was bored and just looked around the internet.


Coming over to this world, the memories long forgotten had come back clearer than ever.


It came as a total surprise how the Obscure Nirvana helped with the added effect of Immortal Solution. So, Chen Changan believed beyond a shadow of a doubt the ultimate sword art would benefit Bao’er for sure. The only unknown in this was if the skill was great on the Nine Province Continent as well.


Yawning, Chen Changan walked out of the temple, only to lay back on his chair in the garden. “Bao’er, stop staring at the Everlasting Immortal Fruits. They need a couple more days to be ready.”


Ling Bao’er gave a sweet smile as she skipped over. “Master, let me massage away the weariness of last night’s hard work.”


Her soft hands were placed on Chen Changan’s shoulder, and he began to relax.


“Not bad.” Chen Changan smiled.


“Bao’er, after careful consideration this last night, I have for you an ultimate sword art. I’m just uncertain how it will fair after learning it.”


“Master, what sword skill is it?” Ling Bao’er’s eyes shone with eagerness.


Chen Changan turned grave and stood up from his chair.


“The ultimate and unrivaled sword art, Dugu Nine Swords. I see that you cherish the sword and shall impart this supreme skill.”


“Dugu Nine Swords?” Ling Bao’er blinked her big eyes.


Chen Changan stood tall, hands behind his back, with the dawn’s rays shining over his figure, emphasizing his aloof and proud nature. “Dugu Nine Swords, created by the Sword Demon Dugu Qiubai. He culled all his Demons and crushed Heroes, nigh unstoppable even among Immortals. Which is why I shall impart to you this ultimate sword art.” 


Ling Bao’er was in awe. “Master, I shall give my all to learn this sword art. I won’t fail you!”


“Then hear me well! The Dugu Nine Swords emphasizes the heart. Never forget it!


“Gui-Mei tends toward Wu-Wang, Wu-Wang tends toward Tong-Ren, Tong-Ren tends toward Da-You, Jia turns into Bing, Bing turns into Geng, Geng turns into Kui. Zi connects Chou, Chen connects Si, Wu connects Wei. Wind to thunder is one change…”

(Tamon: they are all points on the Eight Trigrams, used to teach the art.)


Chen Changan lectured.


Once the core of the sword art was passed on, the Soaring Immortal Mountain looked bleak. The Sacred Immortal Sword from Ling Bao’er’s storage ring shot out and shone brightly like the sun.


Ling Bao’er shuddered as she looked at the changes around. [Master is only imparting a sword art yet caused such a monumental change!]


Chen Changan squinted, focusing on the world’s changes, but he didn’t stop talking. He followed with the Dugu Nine Swords’ sword moves.


Thanks to the Immortal Solution, endless sword light flowed, shifting into the form of a person. The figure held the Sacred Immortal Sword and executed Dugu Nine Swords’ every move.


Dugu Nine Swords was mystical and abstruse, engrossing Ling Bao’er in its forms. 


Chen Changan finished speaking and sighed. [I’ve passed on Earth’s Dugu Nine Swords through the Immortal Solution. Now it’s up to Bao’er to grasp as much of it as she can. It rests entirely on her if she can train the Dugu Nine Swords.]


Chen Ling let Ling Bao’er learn and he returned to his chair to observe.


The Dugu Nine Swords’ image faded away in the end, having gone through its every form.


“Bao’er, how was it?”



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