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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 67, Envious Hong Yi and Touba Ye’s Half Immortal Energy

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Jing Bao’er came out of her stupor and cocked her cute head with a red face.


“Master, Dugu Nine Swords is too mystical. In all my life learning sword arts at the Nine Swords Sect, I’ve never seen anything like this ultimate sword art. I only managed to remember Master’s words.”


Chen Changan smiled.


“It’s fine, for you have the best talent. Learning Dugu Nine Swords isn’t hard, but to train this art, one needs to understand it, not cram it in.”


Bao’er paused. “But Master, its power is so fearsome from the many variations and killing moves. Doesn’t it have any defensive forms as well?”


Chen Changan smiled, recalling the novel in his first life, of how Linghu Chong had the same reaction when Feng Qingyang taught Dugu Nine Swords.


Ling Bao’er didn’t put him on the spot with this question.


Chen Changan said.


“Bao’er, Dugu Nine Swords, once stepping in, never steps back! Every technique is an attacking technique. When you force your enemy to have no choice but to defend himself, there’s no need to defend yourself. With your perception, you’re sure to see reason in this. What you need to do right now is learn the art’s sword intent.” 


Ling Bao’er nodded. “Master, I will work very hard to grasp it.”


“Go on, train.” 


Chen Changan eased a breath. He managed to get out of teaching her without a blunder. He didn’t much care what level she trained Dugu Nine Swords in.


In the following days, Chen Changan enjoyed peace and quiet.


Ling Bao’er was focused on her training in the new art, grasping the art’s core. She could feel her sword skills improving by the day!


As for the sword moves she used, they proved taxing on her Spiritual Energy despite how much she already had. The more exhausted she became from the drain of Spiritual Energy, the more excited she got. It shocked her to the core how fearsome the ultimate sword art was.


Once she grasped it to completion, what kind of might could she unleash? How far would her sword skills grow?


She was so engrossed in training she never pestered Chen Changan, who lazed around, sometimes playing go with Fig, or teaching it about go.


What got him sour was every time he taught Fig, it ended up with him losing more than he won. It went to the point where winning against Fig became a challenge.


[The sacred fig is the embodiment of wisdom in the truest sense.] Chen Changan teased Fig before, but now he felt his IQ got crushed. 


In consequence, he played lesser and lesser. Until he found another hobby.


Seeing Bao’er train in the sword, he got pumped up as well. He resumed practicing Taiji Nourishing Sword from his past life. He felt his body would wear out if he didn’t train a bit. [I’m getting old and need to get in shape.]


Touba Ye brought Hong Yi and Foxy three days later.


“Ya, yi, ya, yi!” Foxy jumped about.


Her Demonis Energy had multiplied in just a few days though she still had trouble speaking real words.


Chen Changan chuckled, “Foxy, why are you so tiny? You haven’t grown a bit.


“Ya, yi, ya, yi!”


“Greetings, Young Master. I have failed you for not realizing what will happen in the Heavenly Fox Clan, and I await your punishment.” Hong Yi said, filled with respect towards him. She hadn’t been around him for a while, but Touba Ye told her all she needed to know what transpired on Soaring Immortal Mountain.


Killing twelve Immortals and turning Touba Ye into an Immortal. He was reborn in body and soul. He even challenged the Grandmother, the Fox Demon Empress.


To her shock, her Grandmother lost. She couldn’t even begin to imagine how strong he became. It felt unreal how he became Immortal in just a couple of days, generating no small amount of envy.


Would she have become Immortal if she had stayed by Young Master’s side?


Hong Yi was wise to keep those words to herself. She knew from Touba Ye how challenging it was to become Immortal. He almost died, but was fortunate to experience Nirvana and rise from the ashes.


Just hearing Touba Ye recount his experience along the way sent a shiver down Hong Yi’s spine of how dangerous it was.  


Hong Yi was quick to show remorse, but Chen Changan didn’t punish her.


He bestowed a Blood Pill instead. “It’s not your fault. Have this Blood Pill for your troubles.”


Hong Yi was touched. “Thanks, Young Master.”


“Did the Heavenly Fox Clan impart its cultivation method to Foxy?” Chen Changan asked.


Hong Yi nodded. “Young Master, Foxy has learned our cultivation method and with her amazing talent, she reached the 5th layer of Qi Refining Stage already. Foundation Establishment is just around the corner.”


“Well done.”


Chen Changan asked Touba Ye the situation, mostly about his battle with the Fox Demon Empress.


“Young Master, the Fox Demon Empress isn’t my match.”


“Since even a Spirit Severing expert can’t take you on, how strong are you really, Touba Ye?”


Touba Ye shook his head, “I don’t know.”


He sighed. “Fox Demon Empress said my strength is comparable to that of an Empty Immortal she once fought. So, I must be at that stage as well.”



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