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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 68, She Zini’s Report and Immortal Heritage Clan

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“Half Immortal.” Chen Changan squinted.


Empty Immortal Stage was the same as being a Half Immortal.


An Empty Immortal needed just a small opportunity to truly ascend, thus making it known as the Half Immortal Stage. By reaching its peak, one held limitless strength in their bodies, forged to withstand Immortal Energy and leave for the Upper Realm.


[Touba Ye is just a Nascent Soul yet has the power of a Half Immortal.]


“It’s good you have an understanding of where you are.” Chen Changan nodded, not bothering to gauge Touba Ye’s real cultivation level.


[He’ll have no trouble roaming the Ghost Province at the very least.]


Touba Ye nodded, “Young Master is right.”


With the return of Touba Ye, Hong Yi and Foxy, Soaring Immortal Mountain became lively. 


While Bao’er trained, Hong Yi attended to Chen Changan’s every need. 


As for Foxy, having benefited from the Heavenly Fox Clan’s cultivation method, she entered deep sleep, processing a Demon Cultivation Method tailored to her.


In the case of Touba Ye, he had two tasks, to hunt and provide food for the temple, and help Bao’er with her Dugu Nine Swords training.


His Immortal body and tough strength made him the perfect sparring partner.


Ling Bao’er managed to shock him silly at the display of power the Dugu Nine Swords could unleash. She was just in the Golden Core Stage, yet this sword art was so ingenious and incredible, the only reason he was unharmed was due to his Immortal Body.


He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that his previous Nascent Soul strength would’ve been pulverized under Ling Bao’er’s strikes.


He could guess the art came from none other than Young Master, and Touba Ye had nothing but endless veneration for the young man in white.


Days passed, with the Sacred Immortal Sword disturbance settling as no more Demons came over, or cultivators. The Upper Realm’s Immortal Lord showed no sign of movement either.


Soaring Immortal Mountain became akin to a paradise, peaceful and tranquil, a slice of Heaven.


As the sun finished its job for the day in the dusk’s orange glow, Chen Changan stood tall with a firm gaze at the sky. “There’s no sign of any new Immortal descending by the looks of it.”


His Absolute Domain crossed the two-thousand-meter limit, covering a third of Soaring Immortal Mountain.


It wasn’t enough. He needed more Domain Points.


He’d have his fill of points if only that Immortal Lord was sensible enough to send more Immortals over for him to slaughter. Alas, the guy just wouldn’t play ball, evident by the quiet days.


Chen Changan sighed, “Immortals are such cowards, hiding in a corner.”


A Demon glow flashed as Hong Yi bowed before him. “Young Master, She Zini sends word.”


She presented a jade slip. It came from Cloud Province, where She Zini was right now. Chen Changan read it with a frown.


It contained all the information She Zini gathered from Cloud Province.


She Zini followed the rumors of Eternity Coven’s destruction and discovered that it was due to Cloud Province’s three great Immortal Heritage Clans working together in the hope of getting the Eternal Body.


The Immortal Heritage Clans were just Mortal Clans that once had a member ascend, leaving their Immortal Legacy behind to strengthen their future hopes of ascending.


Each Immortal Heritage Clan had been around for ten thousand years, thriving in the Cloud Province. 


The second information he sent was regarding Feng Qiyun.


She Zini heard that Feng Qiyun appeared in Cloud Province a month ago to challenge the three Immortal Heritage Clans. Defeated, he fled to Bronze Mountain where his trail went cold.


He also reported that his new talent earned the envy of the current scion of the Golden Python race and was hunted down. He fled to Bronze Mountain, deciding to search Feng Qiyun while hiding from the Golden Python race’s pursuit in the hope that Chen Changan would send help. 


Chen Changan’s heart sank at the report. [Master went to Bronze Mountain, a deadly area.] 


As for the three Immortal Heritage Clans, Chen Changan already saw them culled.


Now he knew it was them who were after his Eternal Body.


Tang, Shi, and Zhong clans had Immortal Heritage. As long as any member reached the peak of the Empty Immortal Stage, they had a high chance of ascending with their legacy.


It was not foolproof though, so they fell back on getting Chen Changan’s flesh.


His Master warned him about this and Chen Changan only had a guess about their intent. But now he had proof.


Chen Changan was not going to let them get away with this, not if he could help it.


It was also stunning how She Zini got in trouble.


Chen Changan said, “Hong Yi, you and Touba Ye are to take a trip to Cloud Province and help She Zini. If the Golden Python Clan doesn’t know what’s good for them, set them straight. They have no chance of defeating Touba Ye’s strength.”


“Understood, Young Master.” Hong Yi left at once.


Chen Changan sighed, “Master, please don’t die. Bronze Mountain is fraught with dangers. But worry not, I’ll be sure to avenge you if you are, wiping the three Immortal Heritage Clans from the face of these lands.”



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