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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 70, Ling Bao’er Leaves and the Rebuilt Immortal Temple

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Ling Bao’er was all smiles for reaching Nascent Soul Stage at long last.


While she finished her tribulation, Chen Changan got a notice.


<Disciple Ling Bao’er reached Nascent Soul Stage, 50,000 Domain Points earned>


Chen Changan was floored. [That many? You alright there, System?]


Only one Immortal earned him twenty grand, yet Ling Bao’er’s Nascent Soul Stage got him over twice that amount. It just blew his mind.


<Host needs not worry. The System is never wrong.>


Chen Changan was speechless.


“How come killing an Immortal only gets me twenty grand, while Ling Bao’er reaching Nascent Soul Stage is over twice that amount?”


<Immortals come from the Upper Realm and suffer penalties here. Per the System’s analysis, it is worth 20,000 Domain Points each. Due to Absolute Domain becoming an Immortal Land and Ling Bao’er being host’s disciple, as well as System reaching v3.0, the host receives bonus Domain Points for advancing stages. 500 Domain Points was the standard reward for Ling Bao’er reaching Nascent Soul Stage, multiplied by 100 as a bonus.>


Chen Changan went wide-eyed. “Damn! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”


<Host didn’t ask.>


Chen Changan, “…”


“I was wondering why you gave me bigger rewards from Ling Bao’er’s breakthrough. To think it was because of this.”


Chen Changan smiled. That was great news for him. He was still worried about how was he supposed to earn points and expand Absolute Domain to cover Soaring Immortal Mountain. Just a third of it took over 200,000 Domain Points. That meant he’d need around half a million more.


It turned out that killing Immortals wasn’t the most efficient way of farming points.


Chen Changan had no interest in taking disciples, till now. He was pumped to have droves of them.


Taking in even ten and bumping them to Nascent Soul Stage, the fifty grand bonus would be half a million Domain Points.


“Master, I reached Nascent Soul Stage.” Ling Bao’er floated down with excitement in her voice. Wishing to tell the good news to Chen Changan first. 


Chen Changan was ecstatic. “Marvelous! Bao’er, you’ve reached it far faster than I thought possible.”


Ling Bao’er giggled at his praise, “It’s all thanks to Master improving my talent.”


Foxy was also thrilled for Ling Bao’er’s success.


“Foxy, you’re just as talented as me. You’re sure to reach Nascent Soul Stage.” Ling Bao’er urged.


Chen Changan’s eyes shone. [Right, I’ve yet to take Foxy as a disciple.]


By taking her under his wing, she’d reap him thousands of points in no time.


The System warning came as a wet blanket, saying he had a limit of five disciples.


It also said that Chen Changan didn’t need to bother picking disciples. Be it cultivators, Demons, Monsters, or Spirits, anyone who trained in the Absolute Domain would net him Domain Points from their advancement, though the boost was slightly lower, only at 50 times the base. 


Take a Demon reaching Nascent Soul Stage from Golden Core for instance. The base reward was 500 Domain Points, but now would be twenty-five grand.


Chen Changan was more than pleased.


He wanted disciples, but taking them in was a pain. He couldn’t just go around taking the first one he saw, could he? Especially now since he was aware of the limit of five.


He’d need to think it trice over.


“Whatcha thinking, Master?” Ling Bao’er asked.


She noticed the diagram before him and looked curiously. “Master, what’s this?”


Chen Changan smiled. “I decided to rebuild the Immortal Temple and Soaring Immortal Mountain. As I turned this area into an Immortal Land, it must also look the part. Don’t you agree?”


“En, Master makes total sense.”


The Immortal Land was filled with Immortal Energy.


Ling Bao’er cultivated here and knew just how better it was than anywhere else. Though it did lack something – style. It just didn’t fit Master’s otherworldly air.


“Master must’ve been busy these days.”


Chen Changan nodded, “And many more following. These need to be done.


“Bao’er.” Chen Changan instructed.


“Master, how may I be of help?”


“It’s been a month now since you’ve come to Soaring Immortal Mountain. Now that you’re at the Nascent Soul Stage, I have a task for you.”


“Please tell me, Master.”


Chen Ling looked at the Spiritual Herbs in the garden. They were all mere weeds, with hardly a use. Revising Soaring Immortal Mountain meant they had to go, replaced with real Spiritual Herbs. It was the best way for them to turn into Immortal Herbs at some point.


“Bao’er, go out and find me some Spiritual Herb seeds.”


Ling Bao’er blinked. “Seeds?”


“Master, there are plenty back at the sect. Should I get some from there?”


Chen Changan nodded, “Sure, and since you’ve been away from home for some time, you can also stay over a bit.”


“Hi-hi-hi, I bet Daddy’s going to flip when he sees me in the Nascent Soul Stage. All my Seniors will faint as well!” Bao’er gushed. She couldn’t wait to show all of them how much she’d grown in cultivation. What kind of faces would they make?


Bao’er grinned with pride.


Chen Changan bopped her head. 


“What was that for, Master?”


“You’re to behave outside and show restraint. The sooner you go, the faster you return.”


“Right. Don’t worry, Master. I’ll get the seeds and be right back.”


Ling Bao’er glanced at Foxy. “Foxy, want to come with me?”


Foxy’s eyes shone, but she glanced at Chen Changan. She didn’t want to leave his side.


Chen Changan chuckled, “Go with her and see the world. Since Soaring Immortal Mountain is being rebuilt, you won’t have anything to do here.”


“Ya, yi, ya, yi!” Foxy nodded.


Ling Bao’er packed in no time at all and was off for Nine Swords Sect with Foxy.


Chen Changan was the only one left on Soaring Immortal Mountain. 


He sighed, feeling uneasy all by himself. [Bao’er reached Nascent Soul Stage and has the Sacred Immortal Sword to protect her. She should be safe as long as her opponent is beneath Spirit Severing Stage.]


He wasn’t that much worried about the girl’s safety.


Chen Changan used a day to finish the blueprint for his new domain.


He stretched once done, “Next is rebuilding the Immortal Temple.”


Chen Changan flew to the very limit of the Absolute Domain to overlook Soaring Immortal Mountain.


He pointed.




Endless power surged and flattened the Immortal Temple to dust.


Fig was dumbstruck. [What’s Young Master doing? Is Young Master planning on leaving?]


In a moment of great distress for Fig, the Soaring Immortal Mountain shuddered.


Fig felt how he was suddenly flying into the air.



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