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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 72, Plunder and Enraged Demons

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Translator: Tamon

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As Chen Changan rebuilt Soaring Immortal Mountain, it caused a great sensation throughout Myriad Mountains.


The Absolute Domain was an Immortal Land and it generated tons of Immortal Energy, but the sheer amount of Immortal Energy dumped into the remaking process was mind-boggling.


Even the two pillars marking the entrance were made with an obscene amount of Immortal Energy. To say nothing of the Immortal Stones making the new Eternity Temple, or the literally liquid Immortal Energy inside the Immortal Pond.


The Immortal Pong alone took most of the Absolute Domain’s Immortal Energy to generate such splendor, displaying unrestrained opulence. Due to its every drop being made of liquefied Immortal Energy, it dazzled the eye as the sun’s rays fell on its surface.


It was only a matter of short time for the average fishes Chen Changan raised in its waters to awaken and turn into veritable Immortal Fishes.


The excessive drain of Immortal Energy forced the Absolute Domain to compensate for being sucked bone dry.


Being an Immortal Land, every rock, pebble, and dirt would generate Immortal Energy by itself, within reason.


This unhealthy use of such incredible energy was beyond what this paradise could cope with. The Absolute Domain had no choice but to suck it out of the world beyond its limit. It became a black hole as it devoured the Spiritual Energy from all around.


It went beyond simple recovery. It actually stole the world’s Spiritual Energy.


Since turning the stolen Spiritual Energy into Immortal Energy wasn’t perfect, it led to the Myriad Mountains’ Demonic denizens panic as they felt the very air around them turning stale from the drop of Spiritual Energy.


As Spiritual Energy was the foundation of cultivation, it was required for a cultivator to gain Spiritual Energy. As the Immortal Energy was linked with the Upper Realm’s Principles, so was Spiritual Energy in relation to the world and its areas.


In a cultivator city, the Spiritual Energy was thin, though a Spiritual Gathering Array would compensate for this deficit, by taking the world’s Spiritual Energy.


As for the Spiritual Energy in nature, it led to the birth of treasures and Spiritual Herbs, even sanctuaries. It was for the same reason many if not most, Demons and Monsters picked nature and mountains as their home.


Sects did it as well, picking the perfect environment for their school. This explained the cultivators’ unhealthy fixation with caves.


Myriad Mountains had plenty of such areas and thus many great Demons among countless others. No matter how much the Demons tried, there was no way for them to affect Spiritual Energy density within the Myriad Mountains, for it did not offset the land’s replenishing.


Due to Absolute Domain being a bottomless hole, the Myriad Mountains were sucked bone dry. It was obvious the many great Demons within weren’t the least bit pleased.


Among the many rare sanctuaries within Myriad Mountains, there was one black pond housing a Flood Dragon. It had such intimidating Demonic Energy that it would scare any that approached, for it was at the peak of Nascent Soul Stage, on the cusp of reaching the Spirit Severing Stage.


The sudden lack of any Spiritual Energy around robbed him of this great opportunity to advance.


“Why has the Spiritual Energy vanished? Who’s the rotten bastard that is up to no good?” Roaring, he took to the skies in outrage, shooting in the direction of the Spiritual Energy suction.


“It’s in the outskirts!”


Many other Demons showed up for the same reason. These were mighty Demon Kings as well having cultivated for thousands of years. Some of them had been secluded in their caves for centuries even, if not thousands of years.


The sudden drop in Spiritual Energy around them left them stunned and furious. And they all focused in one direction.


Fox Demon Empress and Bai Yue floated above their clan, glancing at the distant Soaring Immortal Mountain.


The Empress was grave, “The Spiritual Energy is being robbed, going towards the Myriad Mountains’ outskirts. Is it Senior’s doing?”


Never in the history of Myriad Mountains were its Spiritual Energy reserves stripped clean. Soaring Immortal Mountain’s Senior was the only being she could think capable of such a feat.


Bai Yue nodded. “Grandmother, should we take a look?”


She didn’t get to answer as Demons streaked the sky to stop before her. 


“Demon Empress, do you know what is happening?”


The dozen of Demons had the Black Flood Dragon in front.


They were the strongest beings in Myriad Mountains, if excluding her.


These Demons were the mightiest of Myriad Mountains, gathered before Heavenly Fox Clan, all at the peak of Nascent Soul Stage.


They growled from anger at having their future stripped from them. The robbing of Spiritual Energy meant none could cultivate. It was like having their family killed, a hatred that could only be sated with blood.


The only reason they hadn’t scoured the outskirts and tore the criminal to pieces already was because Fox Demon Empress warned them to stay low when the Immortals descended upon Myriad Mountains.


This led to Chen Changan’s feat of killing the said Immortals unable to reach their ears. 


These great Demons took it as Immortals leaving Myriad Mountains, oblivious to Chen Changan’s existence.


Fox Demon Empress took in their furious looks and knew they were going to charge into the Senior’s home and make him pay.


[Senior will be furious and will then take it out on each one of them. Alas, since they don’t know about him, these great Demons won’t calm down with just a few words.]


She came up with a simple plan, “There’s no need for violence, everyone.”


The Black Flood Dragon howled, “Demon Empress, so you know who’s behind stealing all the Spiritual Energy! I won’t rest until he is no more!” 


“Yeah, this is a damned blood feud now! He stole our future!” A Crocodile Demon nodded, approving the Black Flood Dragon’s words.


“Humans are behind it for sure! They came to Myriad Mountains to steal it with some magic treasure! Demon Empress, we can’t let them get away with this!” 


The Demon Kings complained and raved at the injustice of it all. They were beyond reasoning.


Bai Yue and Fox Demon Empress shared a look. [I wonder what faces they’d have if they knew Senior’s might and terror.]



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