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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 74, Demons’ Respect, Secular World’s Immortal Mountain

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The dozen Demons landed at the foot of Soaring Immortal Mountain. Fox Demon Emperess was in the lead, followed by Bai Yue and Ah’Miao.


The rest were the Demon Kings from other corners of Myriad Mountains. They decided to pay Chen Changan a visit having heard the story of him killing the Immortals from the Fox Demon Empress.


In her words, she believed the Senior was an Immortal Slayer, of immense strength.


They only had to gain by getting in his good graces. This led to now, with them having not the slightest hatred against Chen Changan for robbing them blind of Spiritual Energy. In a strange twist of events, they even went back home to fetch some gifts instead.


When meeting such a grand Senior, first impressions were crucial.


They craned their necks, taking in the lofty mountain, with the tip covered in clouds. The tension was palpable, as was their anxiety.


“Is this Soaring Immortal Mountain? I don’t recall it being so tall.”


“Yeah, it looks even loftier, worthy of Senior’s presence.”


“So scary, I’m already quaking. Bai Yue said Senior is nice and mild, but won’t he just kill us on sight?” A shifty Demon King squeaked out.


Ah’Miao gave the mountain a curious blink. “Bai Yue, is Senior up there, nya?”


Bai Yue nodded. “Ah’Miao, please wait here with the others. Grandmother and I will go first. We’ll come back once Senior agrees to see you.”


Bai Yue and Fox Demon Empress went ahead, leaving the scared Demon Kings behind.


Ah’Miao’s tail flicked about, betraying her curiosity towards Senior. The Flood Dragon stepped out.


“Ah’Miao, what gift have you brought Senior?”


“What’s with the question, nya?”


The Flood Dragon beamed with pride as he took out his own gift, a lotus seed shining in five Immortal colors. “I had the fortune of finding a precious lotus seed from the Everlasting Jade Lake three thousand years ago. It contains not only incredible energy but also traces of Dao. It was thanks to this amazing item that I reached the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage. I’m sure that presenting such a precious seed will make Senior happy to have me as his subject along with Touba Ye.”




Ah’Miao nodded, “Quite the fancy gift, nya.”


The Flood Dragon carefully tucked in the precious seed, “Ah’Miao, will you let me see yours?”


Ah’Miao beamed, her storage ring flashing. A bottle popped in her hand, holding a swimming golden carp.


“A fish?” The Flood Dragon gapped.


“Yep, a Butterfly Koi, my favorite. Senior is sure to love its taste, nya.”


The Flood Dragon looked worried. “Ah’Miao, Senior is an Immortal Slayer. He might not take kind to a mere Butterfly Koi.”


Ah’Miao winced.


The Fox Demon Empress and Bai Yue had entered Soaring Immortal Mountain. They came over for a visit but were quite tense.


[Will Senior blame us?] As their eyes landed upon the new and improved Soaring Immortal Mountain, they gawked.


The Fox Demon Empress stammered, “Is this an Immortal Mountain?”


The clouds drifted on Soaring Immortal Mountain, among the thick Immortal Energy about. A waterfall three miles high splashed crystal water in a pond below, surrounded by birds and animals alike as they walked out of the lush vegetation. The rainbow forming from the falling water added to the Immortal scenery.


Bai Yue shuddered, giving the Soaring Immortal Mountain a goony look, [I bet that cultivating here will make life worthwhile.]


They walked through the vibrant grass, peering at the clear water, getting used to the new Soaring Immortal Mountain as they climbed to the peak. The mesmerizing scenery felt like they were in a fairytale. 


As they passed a large rock, their eyes feasted on the two Immortal Pillars and the words written above the entrance.


The two exchanged a glance.


The Fox Demon Empress bowed at the entrance with utter respect, “Ning Su is here to see you, Senior.”


Bai Yue did the same, “Bai Yue is here to see you as well, Senior.”


“Come in.” Chen Changan’s voice echoed.


The Demon Empress and Bai Yue eased a breath and entered Eternity Temple.


They found Chen Changan in the garden, playing chess with Fig. He turned around with a smile. “What brought you to Eternity Temple?”


Chen Changan hid his immense pride behind his poker face.


He had noticed them entering Absolute Domain and was watching them.


[I knew they were going to flip after I remodelled Soaring Immortal Mountain.]


With no Bao’er or the others around to flex, it made the new look he gave the Soaring Immortal Mountain feel stale. Since the Demon Empress and Bai Yue came, he could now finally show off.


Chen Changan smiled. “Having chosen Soaring Immortal Mountain for my cultivation, I did a little redecorating. What do you think?”


“Such splendid and flawless work, Senior. It’s like true paradise, an Immortal Domain. It feels nothing short of a dream.”


The Fox Demon Empress spoke, shock obvious in her tone at the sudden and radical changes the Soaring Immortal Mountain went through. Not to mention the thick Immortal Energy, surpassing the Spiritual Energy outside.


Here, in this paradise, she felt light like she could ascend anytime. The fresh feeling was too intoxicating for anyone to want to leave.


Bai Yue nodded. She looked around and found it empty. [Where is Sister Hong Yi and the others?]


Chen Changan smiled, noticing her curious glance, “They had to leave on some matters. I’m the only one left on Soaring Immortal Mountain right now. To what do I owe your visit?”


The Fox Demon Empress hesitated, not knowing how to breach the subject of him stealing all the Spiritual Energy. 


Chen Changan smiled, “Please, sit, and let’s have a friendly chat.”



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