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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 75, Ah’Miao, Don’t Be Rude

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Chen Changan chatted with Fox Demon Empress about what transpired without his knowledge because of his selfish desire to look cool. He felt awkward, as he was oblivious the new Soaring Immortal Mountain would cause such radical change through Myriad Mountains.


Though the empty Myriad Mountains were sure to recover with little time, but it would still take time. It left the Myriad Mountains’ Demon denizens affected nonetheless.


Chen Changan decided to handle it, easing a breath from Fox Demon Empress and Bai Yue.


The second topic was regarding the Myriad Mountains’ Demon Kings’ visit.


Chen Changan was surprised at the news. [They all came to see me!]


They awaited his decision at the foot of Soaring Immortal Mountain.


Chen Changan’s first instinct was to kill them for Domain Points, but now he got a better idea. Since they came to pay respect, it wouldn’t do to just reap them for points. They were put to a far better use by enacting his ingenious plan. 


“Call them up.” Chen Changan said.


The Fox Demon Empress and Bai Yue relaxed, going to inform them of his decision.


The Demon Kings were ecstatic and fearful as they walked up the mountain behind the foxes.


They were stunned just as the Fox Demon Empress and Bai Yue were before when they entered Absolute Domain, feeling the incredible Immortal Land around them teeming with life and energy.


[This is Senior’s abode.] Their awe towards him shot through the roof.


A Demon King knew Soaring Immortal Mountain from before and he saw how it went through a monumental change. Gone were the average and plain rocks and scenery.


Senior had to have done it!


[His power is beyond an Immortal to create such miracles and kill Immortals.]


They arrived at Eternity Temple and met with Chen Changan.


The youth in white looked nigh divine, like a god walking on Earth. 


They all looked with trepidation and astonishment.


“Ah’Miao, Flood Dragon, Earth Snake, Hound Dan, Tie Zhu, greets Senior.”


Chen Changan chuckled.


It was his first time meeting the known savage Demon Kings acting so meek, so quiet, so docile. [Fox Demon Empress must’ve told them.]


Chen Changan didn’t mind it, “I’m amazed there are so many Demon Kings in Myriad Mountains.”


The Demon Kings wore a strained smile.


Chen Changan chuckled, “People, please, sit.”


He snapped his fingers and the sacred fig rustled, letting a dozen fruits fall.


Under the effect of creation, Fig’s fruits ripened.


“I’ve only recently come to Soaring Immortal Mountain and I’m afraid I don’t have much by means of welcoming you all. All that I have are these sacred fig fruits.”


The fig fruit landed in their hands. Each was as big as an apple, gleaming with an Immortal Glow, sweeter than honey and intoxicating to their noses.


“Care to have a taste?” Chen Changan smiled.


They took a tentative bite, and a symphony of flavor blew their mind away, along with the incredible energy it held.


“Such incredible energy! Is it an Immortal Fruit?”


“Bai Yue, it’s so good, nya.” Ah’Miao closed her eyes in bliss, leaning on Bai Yue.


Her tail coiled around Bai Yue’s fox tail in joy. Bai Yue blushed, snatching her tail back.


“Ah’Miao, can’t you behave?”


“Sure, nya, but Senior’s fruits are just too good, nya.”


Chen Changan chuckled as he ate his own fruit, focused on Ah’Miao and Bai Yue’s interaction.


[A cat and a fox, huh? The Demons here are just adorable, matching a NEET’s fantasies.]


Chen Changan thought, [Bai Yue gave me an aloof impression, of purity and nobility. But by the looks of things, she’s quite close to the cat, belying her image.]


After the light snack, the Demon Kings’ power grew, earning their admiration and respect.


As Nascent Soul Demon Kings, increasing their cultivation was no easy feat, yet that proved a trifle by eating just one fig fruit. 


They glanced at the sacred fig and drooled at the hundreds of fruits dangling.


[Won’t we reach Spirit Severing like this?]


They were positively envious of Touba Ye, Hong Yi, and She Zini.


[They must be having their fill every day.]


The sacred fig sensed their greed and his branches rustled. 


[What the Hell are they thinking? I’m a gentleman here!]


Now came the time for negotiations.


Chen Changan turned serious, making the Demons tense. “It was my oversight leading to robbing Myriad Mountains of Spiritual Energy. I shall make it up to you all by welcoming to cultivate on Soaring Immortal Mountain until the Spiritual Energy returns to normal.”


Chen Changan left them in shock. Eyes went wide and mouth gapped.


Soaring Immortal Mountain was an absolute paradise, an Immortal Land! There wasn’t anything remotely close to as valuable on the Nine Province Continent as this place. The simple visit went beyond what they expected. Cultivating on Soaring Immortal Mountain was like a dream come true.


Alas, this was mere wishful thinking, for this place belonged to Senior.


Now, Chen Changan had actually offered them such an opportunity.


Senior, t-that…”


Chen Changan smiled. He knew fully well what this meant to them. They would get to reach Spirit Severing in this paradise, but it would also help Chen Changan a lot.


After careful deliberations, Chen Changan came up with this ingenious plan.


The Demon Kings had to advance within the Absolute Domain and he would reap the Domain Points. Be it a mere layer or stage, all would shower Chen Changan in Domain Points.


It would be such a big haul that would lead him to expand Absolute to new limits. 


[A chicken lays eggs, and the eggs hatch into more chickens. The Domain Points will multiply!] 


Simply killing them would take forever to gain the points to cover all of Soaring Immortal Mountain.


His overly generous and kind offer left the Demon Kings to shower him with respect and gratitude.


This was a monumental chance for all of them!


“We are thrilled at this offer, Senior. You’re just as kind and elegant, carefree and mild, as Bai Yue said. I like you, Senior.”


Bai Yue flinched at Ah’Miao talking next to her and covered her mouth.


“Ah’Miao, don’t be rude.”


The Demon Kings were scared that Ah’Miao’s disrespect would earn Senior’s ire.



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