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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 76, Green-haired Ghost Immortal and Shocked Ghost Province

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The Demons feared Ah’Miao had angered him. No one with high cultivation would like to be disrespected, and the feeling multiplied the higher one’s cultivation was. The only question was just how temperamental Chen Changan was, corresponding to his strength.


Though, he was nothing but a NEET stuck in the Absolute Domain. This meant he had no pride in terms of cultivation, not when he had none to begin with. Instead, he found Ah’Miao adorable and blunt.


It checked every box in Chen Changan’s fantasy of cat girls.


“It’s fine,” he said.


Ah’Miao’s ears twitched and giggled. [Senior is so nice. I’ll be sure to share the first fish I catch with Senior.]


The Demons relaxed. [Senior is so strong and easygoing.]


They had lost their tension, feeling more at ease.


“That settles it. You are all free to cultivate on Soaring Immortal Mountain.” Chen Changan said.


The Demons bowed, “Thank you, Senior, for your generosity.”


“Senior, as it is our first meeting, please accept our gifts.” Rare Spiritual ores, precious plants, all things the Demon Kings held dearly.


They shone in a multitude of lights in their hands.


Chen Changan blinked, knowing full well their value.


Planting them in Soaring Immortal Mountain would give them a high chance of turning into Immortal Ingredients. While he wanted them, he had to play his role as some aloof grand expert.


Chen Changan spoke, “You’re already here. What need is for gifts?”


[Senior is almighty, of course, he won’t care about these things.]


The Demons felt down, believing Chen Changan didn’t like them.


“But since you went through the trouble, I shall gladly accept your wishes.” Chen Changan waved and the treasures were gone, now planted around the Eternity Temple.


As for Ah’Miao’s Butterfly Koi, he placed it in the Immortal Pond.


The Demon Kings went bug-eyed.


All that could be planted were placed in the Immortal Earth, while the rest were with Chen Changan.


The Demons didn’t stay for long, not wanting to disturb him. But what got them in a rush was the excitement of training on Soaring Immortal Mountain.


First things first though. A bath, a leg shave, some clean clothes, and a trip, were a must before stepping on such a pure Immortal Land. It wouldn’t do to sully Senior’s home. 


Chen Changan smiled at them, eager to see them advance and reap Domain Points within the Absolute Domain.


First, he would cover Soaring Immortal Mountain then the Myriad Mountains.


Even Ghost Province, or Nine Province Continent, wouldn’t be so far off. It might even reach the Upper Realm. Chen Changan was giddy just thinking about it.


Before that, he had to get Soaring Immortal Mountain under Absolute Domain’s coverage so he could upgrade to v4.0.


Chen Changan was dying of curiosity with every upgrade.


All the towns, big and small, from Serene Province to Ghost Province had become a living Hell. Their inhabitants, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, and even Nascent Soul cultivators were all butchered.


The trail of destruction left by the green-haired devil went on.  Such evil drew the attention of all powers in Ghost Province, but alas, unable to defeat it. It was they who were culled instead, eaten alive by the green-haired devil. Even the strongest Ancient Phoenix Sect, with a Spirit Severing expert, wanting to spare the world of this abomination, ended up an afternoon snack.


News of the infamous green-haired Ghost Immortal spread like wildfire throughout the Ghost Province. Each power stayed clear of him, letting him have his fill of Ghost Province’s denizens.


After crunching the millions of souls of the 23rd city of Ghost Province between his fangs, he had his fill. He took a light nap in the devastated ghost city for three days, making the factions think he left Ghost Province. 


The Ghost Immortal gave a shocking declaration after, that he came from the Black Tortoise Immortal Domain from the Upper Realm.


He came for revenge against the Immortal Slayer who killed the Immortal Generals sent by an Immortal Lord to retrieve his precious vital treasure.


The green-haired Ghost Immortal slaughtered left and right to show the world they were nothing but ants to the mighty Immortal Lord.


As for his target?


It was to kill the vile Immortal Slayer Chen Changan for taking the lives of the twelve Immortal Generals and stealing the Immortal Lord’s treasure. 


Three days later, he arrived at Myriad Mountains, to erase his quarry and show the might of the Immortals and the insignificance of the worthless Lower Realm denizens.


The powers of Ghost Province were dumbstruck.


None knew the twelve Immortal Generals died in the Lower Realm, thinking they just had enough and left instead.


The explosive news of their death had the factions shuddering. [Since when did we have an Immortal Slayer in our land?]


The news spread like wildfire, on the lips of every man within the Ghost Province, within a day.


Each faction turned their attention to Myriad Mountains, awaiting the Immortal Slayer’s response against the Ghost Immortal. Could he fight off the Ghost Immortal?


As the sun set, a red light streaked in the Nine Swords Sect’s direction.


Ling Bao’er held Foxy with excitement as she looked around the passing scenery.


“Hi-hi-hi, Foxy, we’ll reach Nine Swords Sect in half a day. I bet Dad and Grandpa are gonna flip at my progress.”


Foxy nodded, “Yi, ya, yi, ya.”


As she approached the sect, a few lights surrounded her.


They were five Golden Core experts from the Ghost Skull Sect. One of them was even at peak Golden Core, an Elder. They dumped their bloodlust on the seemingly defenseless Ling Bao’er.


The Ghost Skull Sect Elder had a grimace as he spoke, “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Nine Swords Sect Leader’s precious daughter. Weren’t you under a mighty expert in Myriad Mountains? What are you doing back all by your lonesome?” 


“Don’t I look the part?” Ling Bao’er was confused, then had a fierce gaze of recognition.


“Do you plan on dying surrounding me, spawns of Ghost Skull Sect?”


Chen Changan had her lay low, so she kept her mighty aura to herself. Only cultivators above her level would be able to notice her real cultivation. Something the five Golden Core cultivators sorely lacked.


In their eyes, Ling Bao’er was around the early Golden Core Stage. As such, the natural response to her threat was to laugh.




“I don’t look like it?” Ling Bao’er replied.


With a flash of the Sacred Immortal Sword, a sword wave flew at them.


The Elder had his cumbersome head removed from his body. Blood gushed like a fountain on the other four Golden Core cultivators. Their grins froze on their crimson faces like they had seen a ghost.


“How about now? Is death funny?” Ling Bao’er spoke.



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