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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 77, Late Shocking News

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The peak Golden Core Elder was killed in a second, shocking the other four Ghost Skull Sect Golden Core cultivators to the core. It felt like a living nightmare from which they couldn’t wake up.


“Ghost Skull Sect is so forgetful. You got your Sect Leader and Grand Elders killed by my Master, and now you’re still up to no good.” Ling Bao’er slashed three more times.


Ling Bao’er’s training in Dugu Nine Swords resulted in a terrifying improvement. Not even a Grand Swordmaster trained for thousands of years could top her.


The slashes found their targets, and three more heads fell in a shower of blood.


Such power was beyond what they could understand and comprehend. 


The last Golden Core cultivator shivered in horror. His eyes rolled in his skull and he fainted.


“Is that it?” Ling Bao’er giggled.


“Foxy, I get I don’t know my own strength.”


“Ya, yi, ya, yi!” Foxy nodded.


The Golden Core fell flat on his face, the pain sobering him up. He looked up at Ling Bao’er and fled for his life. They only had themselves to blame for going after her. Now four of them were dead.




A light flashed across the sky, and Ling Bao’er blocked him. “Weren’t you going to kill me?” Why run away?”


“Sweet and kind miss, please spare my wretched life!” The Golden Core cultivator kneeled and pleaded for mercy.


Ling Bao’er was mighty young, but old enough to know the cruelty of the cultivation world. She only lived through this battle due to her Nascent Soul cultivation.


Master killed Ghost Skull Sect’s Leader and Grand Elders, taking their lives as a price for sparing the sect. 


She accepted his judgment, but the Ghost Skull Sect just didn’t know when to quit, now coming after her instead. 


[They won’t give up unless Master burns Ghost Skull Sect to the ground? They only care about themselves.]


Bao’er asked, “Why?”


It was the only reason he was still breathing, for now.


The Ghost Skull Sect wasn’t dumb enough to just go after her. There had to be a reason.


The cultivator spoke, “It’s the green-haired Ghost Immortal’s appearance that gave us the nerve to touch you, fair lady.”


“Green-haired Ghost Immortal?” Ling Bao’er asked back.


The Golden Core cultivator spilled everything he knew. After all, everyone in Ghost Province knew about the Ghost Immortal. It was hardly a secret.


Bao’er exclaimed. [That’s why! The Ghost Immortal came from the Upper Realm to kill Master.]


Due to the Ghost Immortal’s declaring it for all of the province to hear, the Ghost Skull Sect found the courage to retaliate. They patrolled nearby the Nine Swords Sect just in case they could snatch Ling Bao’er.


It did work, outside of their expectations, and hoped they could take her to the Ghost Immortal for a reward or get on his good side. It ended up being their undoing. 


Ling Bao’er didn’t spare him, taking his life with a casual swing.


“An Immortal Slayer like Master killed so many people from Ghost Province and now he is after Master. Humph, but he’s no match for Master!”


Ling Bao’er huffed.


Foxy nodded.


“Foxy, we’re rushing to the sect to get Master’s seeds, then return to Soaring Immortal Mountain on the double to inform Master of the Ghost Immortal.”


“Ya, yi, ya, yi!”


Chen Changan stood in a pavilion and glanced at the frail shoot peeking out of the gleaming water of the Immortal Pond in multicolored lights.


Besides the single lotus shoot, there were also ten vibrant Butterfly Koi swimming around.


It was Ah’Miao’s gift.


What she meant to be just one gift, she found it to be lacking after what the Flood Dragon said. So she gave all the Butterfly Koi she had on her.


With the coming of the Demons yesterday, Chen Changan opened up the Soaring Immortal Mountain.


Henceforth, Soaring Immortal Mountain had many Demons cultivating and training, giving it a vibrant glow.


The Immortal Land’s energy shocked the Demons to the core, intoxicating them with its aroma.


Chen Changan felt smug about his plan with every Demon engrossed in cultivation. They made use of this unique opportunity to reach higher and higher, for Immortal Energy was far above mere Spiritual Energy.


The Demons and Monsters hadn’t had an advancement in centuries with Spiritual Energy, some even in a thousand years.


While cultivating on Soaring Immortal Mountain, the minute Immortal Energy seeped into their bodies, their cultivation soared. With every advancement, Chen Changan got his cut in the form of Domain Points.


“Senior, are you home, nya?” Ah’Miao’s voice came from beyond Eternity Temple.


Chen Changan smiled. “Come in.”


He vanished from the pavilion and popped before the cat.


Ah’Miao jumped in fright.


“What is it?” Chen Changan asked.


“Senior, I have bad news, nya.” Ah’Miao patted her chest to calm down.


It worked to draw Chen Changan’s piercing gaze. [She has a nice bod. Bouncy doesn’t do her justice. Isn’t she tired with such a thin body?]


Ah’Miao had only cultivated a day on Soaring Immortal Mountain, but her Demonic Energy had multiplied already. Reaching the 6th layer of Nascent Soul was just around the corner.


“Ah’Miao, what brings you to Eternity Temple?” Chen Changan asked.


“Senior, I went fishing outside of Myriad Mountains and overheard some shocking news. I rushed here to tell you, nya.”


“Tell me then.”


“An Immortal Slayer calling himself ‘Ghost Immortal’ appeared in Ghost Province. he butchered over twenty cities and ate everyone. He said to have come from the Upper Realm and will arrive three days later to Myriad Mountains to deal with Senior!”


Chen Changan perked up at the wonderful news. “And here I thought the Upper Realm called it quits.”



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