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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 79, Not What I Expected

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Translator: Tamon

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Senior, I-I’m going, nya.” Ah’Miao blushed, pulling back her tail. Her head hung with drooping ears in shame.


“Sure. You’re welcome anytime to Eternity Temple for more fish.” Chen Changan spoke.


“Great, nya.” Ah’Miao rushed out with a beet-red face.


Chen Changan eased a breath, “I didn’t mind it.”


As to what happened just now? Chen Changan would swear on his very life that he had only bumped into Ah’Miao’s tail with his hand; nothing more, nothing less.


It had nothing to do with his fantasies. [As readers are my witnesses, I’ve done nothing else, Ah’Miao.]


Chen Changan shook his head, looking over his Domain Points. He had close to a hundred thousand from just one day of ‘hard’ work!


It was due to the many Demons cultivating and improving in his Domain. The Immortal Land filled them to the brim with Immortal Energy, easing cultivation to a ridiculous degree and earning Chen Changan a cartload of Domain Points.


Soaring Immortal Mountain was going to have Demons for days to come.


While not all Nascent Soul Demon Kings, there were many others at Golden Core and Foundation Establishment Stages.


Chen Changan opened Soaring Immortal Mountain for all Demons. Regardless of who came, every little bit counted.


This resulted in such a big harvest at the end of the very first day. He felt better than ever. Even gave himself a mental pat on the bag for that genius move. [Damn, am I smart or what?]


Before long, he’d get Absolute Domain to cover Soaring Immortal Mountain for sure, making him the lord of Soaring Immortal Mountain.


Standing at the top of the mountain, Chen Changan looked further with a gleaming look.


“Where’s this ‘blue-haired’ Ghost Immortal? Hurry on over so you can die.”


Ah’Miao left Eternity Temple with her heart racing, a red face, and looking like a thief. She passed many Demons as she went, with some great Demons calling out to her.


Her silence got them confused, finding her demeanor off from usual.


“Ah’Miao.” A familiar voice broke through her thoughts as Bai Yue and Fox Demon Empress arrived.


Ah’Miao looked up with a red face. “Bai Yue, Grandmother, what are you doing here, nya?”


Bai Yue smiled. “We learned that something bad has happened in Ghost Province related to Senior and came to inform him.” 


The Fox Demon Empress said, “Senior’s benevolence of letting us on Soaring Immortal Mountain is the fortune of all Demons of Myriad Mountains. Now that an Immortal Slayer came from the Upper Realm, we have to stand by him!”


Ah’Miao blinked.


“Are you alright?” Bai Yue asked, feeling that Ah’Miao was out of it.


The Fox Demon Empress noticed it too.


Ah’Miao shook her head, “I-I’m fine. Grandmother can you go see Senior first? I want to have a word with Bai Yue, nya.”


The Fox Demon Empress smiled. “Sure,” and went ahead.


Bai Yue said, “Ah’Miao, what is it you want to talk about?”


Ah’Miao glanced around then whispered in her ear with a red face, about what happened in Eternity Temple.


Bai Yue gasped. “Ah’Miao, Senior touched your tail?”


Ah’Miao covered her mouth at once, “Not so loud! Senior said it wasn’t on purpose.”


“It’s my fault for getting carried away and sleeping after a great meal. My tail just landed on him and Senior touched it.”


Ah’Miao’s squeaked like a mouse, getting even her ears red.


“What are you going to do?” Bai Yue asked.


She and Ah’Miao were close and knew her true identity. Ah’Miao was a princess of Mist Province and, daughter of Mist Province Lord. Rumor was that the lord was an Immortal Slayer.


Why was Ah’Miao in Ghost Province’s Myriad Mountains? The word went that she ran away from her wedding.


In his search for Ah’Miao, Mist Province Lord kicked up a storm throughout the Nine Province Continent, to no avail.


It still took a long time for Mist Province Lord to give up the search though.


Ah’Miao told her about it all at some point.


Her tail was called the inaugural tail, extremely sensitive, and only for the hands of her husband.


The same applied to the Heavenly Fox Clan.


But Ah’Miao’s chipper nature ended up with Senior touching it.


Of course Ah’Miao was blushing extremely hard.


“Bai Yue, wh-what should I do?” Ah’Miao’s mind was a mess.


She couldn’t get the feeling of Senior touching her tail out of her head. Her body going weak, becoming feeble, as well as the hammering of her heart in her chest. [Ah’Miao, just ignore it. Senior didn’t do it on purpose.]


“Ah’Miao, why are you getting redder?” Bai Yue asked.


“Ah, nothing.” She covered her face and felt it burning hot.


“Bai Yue, did anyone touch your inaugural tail?”


“Your inaugural tail bumped into it.”


“How did it feel?” Ah’Miao followed quickly.




“Not numb, or weak?”


Bai Yue shook her head, “No.”


Ah’Miao snatched Bai Yue’s inaugural tail and squeezed. A sudden flood of emotions stormed her heart. Bai Yue’s face went red and rushed to get away.


“Ah’Miao, what are you doing?”


“Still not feeling it?”





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