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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 80, Fairy Yuchan and Spotlight

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Fairy Yuchan paid Tian Yuan’s Immortal abode on the Upper Realm a visit, and Immortal King Tian Yuan welcomed her.


“Fairy Yuchan you honor me. Forgive my lack of hospitality.”


Jiang Yuchan took out a storage ring. “Immortal King Tian Yuan, as an apology for breaking the All-seeing Immortal Mirror, please take these five top Immortal Stones.”


Immortal King Tian Yuan was overjoyed. “Thank you, Fairy Yuchan, but the repair needs only two top Immortal Stones.” 


“Two it is then.”


Tian Yuan watched with a twitching mouth as Jiang Yuchan took three of them back. [Me and my big mouth!]


“Uhm, to be perfectly honest, Fairy Yuchan, I meant it as a joke.” Immortal King Tian Yuan showed a strained smile in embarrassment. 


What could he do? Those three top Immortal Stones were beyond precious in the Black Tortoise Immortal Domain. He would have to shelve his honor if he wanted them.


Jiang Yuchan giggled at his greedy nature and offered the last three.


Immortal King Tian Yuan had a dumb look as he watched her radiant smile.


A poem came to mind, [Nestled on her hair a mandarin duck pair are mellowed in sweetness of her face fair. Her smile is charming like lotus blooming. One twinkle in her eye tells everything.]

(Tamon: from Maiden in Love by Li Qingzhao.]


 “Thank you kindly, Fairy Yuchan. I have for you a small piece of info priced at a Mid Immortal Stone. It is related to the Everlasting Immortal Tree. Do you care to hear it?”




An Immortal Stone fell in Immortal King Tian Yuan’s hand.


The Immortal King laughed. [That’s the top Immortal clan of Black Tortoise Immortal Domain for you, loaded.]


On top of the five precious stones, he was now filthy rich. 


“You should hurry, lest you want the Everlasting Immortal Tree to fall in the hands of Immortal Lord Shen Wu.”


“What are you implying?”


“A while back, the person Immortal Lord Shen Wu wanted me to find triggered a Heavenly backlash and ruined my All-seeing Immortal Mirror. Fairy Yuchan searched for the Everlasting Immortal Tree and the All-seeing Immortal Mirror once again broke. It just so happens that the owner of the Everlasting Immortal Tree is the person Immortal Lord Shen Wu wants dead. Fairy Yuchan, delay your descent to Lower Realm and the owner might just die at the hands of Immortal Lord Shen Wu’s man. You have to seize this chance to get the Everlasting Immortal Tree first.”


Fairy Yuchan appreciated the tip-off, “I’m thankful for the reminder. The tip is worthy of a Mid Immortal Stone.”


She left Immortal King Tian Yuan giggling. “Immortal Lord Shen Wu, now that the Lower Realm Immortal Slayer is under her protection, what are you gonna do? I hope you blow a gasket!”


The powers of the Ghost Province focused their sights on Thunderwind City.


The dead city was filled with a million corpses, a rotten stench suffusing the toxic air, courtesy of the Ghost Immortal’s action in making it his temporary home.


He breathed out and a horrid ripple spread, followed by wails and shrieks of the most evil nature. It felt like a literal ghost city.


He snapped his eyes open and said, “Three days are up.”




The Ghost Immortal erupted with endless power.


The deadly energy spread like a flood, laying waste to the city. He shot into the air and sped for Myriad Mountains.


The Ghost Immortal’s movement was in the spotlight of all factions around. They were discussing and following from a very healthy distance.


Two Immortal Slayers were about to clash. The result had to be earth-shattering.


Chen Changan had killed twelve Immortals before any of them realized, but now they would not miss the chance to see this glorious fight.


“The Ghost Immortal is on the move. He’s going for Myriad Mountains.”


“Yeah, three days are up. Myriad Mountains has shown no sign all this time. Does this mean he plans to get killed?”


Someone said, “I disagree. Since he didn’t flee, he must have an ace up his sleeve.”


Another supplied, “From what I heard, Myriad Mountains’ Demons did not only stay, but even Fox Demon Empress declared they were on the Immortal Slayer’s side in facing the Ghost Immortal.”


“Are those Monsters right in the head? They’re better off staying clear of this mess. Why are they taking an active approach by taking at his side?”  


“Regardless, I heard that even the great power of Ghost Province, Nine Swords Sect, rushed to Myriad Mountains in full force. I also heard that they even moved their grand defensive array.”


“Holy shit! That’s insane! They say Nine Swords Sect’s defensive array was placed by their very first Sect Leader before ascending, that not even an Immortal Slayer could break it!”


“Damn, is it that dope? Why only now I’m hearing this?”


“He-he, blame your short-sightedness. I have a friend in Nine Swords Sect saying that on top of that, their Sect Leader’s daughter is the Immortal Slayer’s Disciple.”


The cultivator showed an envious look.


“Mere days after Ling Bao’er went under his wing, she went from Foundation Establishment all the way to Nascent Soul. It shocked Nine Swords Sect to the core, especially when her Father was still stuck at peak Golden Core Stage.”


The others gasped.


“How the Hell did she do it?”


“What do you think? That Immortal Slayer had a hand in it for sure.”


“Myriad Mountains’ Immortal Slayer is just too big of an unknown. I couldn’t find anything about him. Now that Ghost Immortal is after him, we’ll finally get a clue.”


“Many have gone ahead already. We should go as well.”


A storm was brewing in Ghost Province as each faction and countless cultivators and Demons converged on Myriad Mountains.


Today, Myriad Mountains was in the spotlight of every eye in Ghost Province.



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