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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 81, Trap and Immortal Crushing Array

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Unlike the storm brewing throughout Ghost Province, the Soaring Immortal Mountain was tranquil.


Chen Changan hardly cared if the green-haired Ghost Immortal was after him on this particular day.


Two days ago, Ling Bao’er and Foxy returned with Spiritual Herb seeds from the Nine Swords Sect.


Chen Changan occupied his time growing them all with utmost care. In the fertile Immortal Land, many of the seeds had already sprouted. And that without even having to use creation. He quite liked tending to them while they were growing at their speed.


He went as far as turning into a gardener in the eyes of the Demons that visited Soaring Immortal Mountain, spurring them on to bring their own types of rare seeds from their abodes in the Myriad Mountains.


Chen Changan found that many of the Spiritual Herbs grew to become very similar to medicinal plants on Earth.


Flood Dragon’s Jade Heart was a carrot, no matter how he sliced it. The only difference was that Jade Heart was a Spiritual Herb containing vast amounts of Spiritual Energy that helped a cultivator, while a carrot was a plain old vegetable.


To sum it up, Chen Changan was one busy bee thanks to all the seeds Ling Bao’er brought, tending to his herb garden on the mountain.


Under the blazing sun, Chen Changan sighed in relief as he planted the 99th Cistanche and walked out of the garden.


Ling Bao’er brought a water pitcher, while Foxy jumped on his shoulder to wipe the sweat.


“You’ve worked hard, Master.”


“Ya, yi, ya, yi!”


Chen Changan nodded with a smile. “It took a lot of effort to plant all those Cistanche. My back is sore.”


Ling Bao’er couldn’t help but ask, “Master, why not use Spiritual Energy or let me help? It would’ve made easy work of planting so many Herbs.”


Chen Changan shook his head. “Disciple, it’s not about results, but the process that I am enjoying.”


“Master, I don’t get it.”


Chen Changan glanced at the planted herb garden filled with Cistanche and hummed, “Hoeing cereal in the midday sun. His sweat drops and nourishes the grain and the Earth. But few people know his supper. Is nothing but hard work”

(Tamon: Pity the Farmer by Li Shen) 


“I’ve planted every seed with my own hands and I’m going to eat the Cistanche once they are ripe.”


“But Master, they’re just average Spiritual Herbs. It will hardly help you.”


Chen Changan shook his head, rubbing his aching back with a stern look. “You’re wrong. These are of immense help to me.”


Ling Bao’er asked again, “Master, what kind of help?”


Chen Changan gave a vague smiled, “You wouldn’t understand even if I explained.”


He then switched topics.


“Bao’er, didn’t that Ghost Immortal say he’ll drop by today? What’s taking him so long? It’s noon already. Did he bail?”


Ling Bao’er giggled, “Master, the green-haired guy must be scared of you. With the trap laid on Myriad Mountains, he’s finished the minute he comes over.”


Chen Ling shrugged.


Fox Demon Empress and Ling Bao’er’s Father came over expressing their desire to help.


Nine Swords Sect moved their sect’s defensive array, the one said to withstand an Immortal Slayer. While Fox Demon Empress wanted to thank Senior for all his generosity by offering her help against the Ghost Immortal.


Senior and the Ghost Immortal from the Upper Realm were both Immortal Slayers, of incredible power, but they were still worried for his safety.


Chen Changan didn’t bother with them, for he knew the Absolute Domain System was unstoppable no matter how tough the Ghost Immortal was.


“I have my own plans, so you don’t have to stop him. Let the Ghost Immortal come to Soaring Immortal Mountain.”


Alas, he gave a helpless sigh, for Nine Swords Sect and Fox Demon Empress were already prepared to deal with the Ghost Immortal before informing him.


Nine Swords Sect had spent all of the sect’s Spirit Stones to lay out their sect defensive array in the Myriad Mountains. It was too late to move it now.


Fox Demon Empress had even made use of a certain artifact to store an endless amount of Spiritual Energy from countless Demons every day in the hope of restoring it and using it against the Ghost Immortal.


Chen Changan was touched by their devotion. They all knew the Ghost Immortal was an Immortal Slayer, but the two still wished to stand by his side.


Losing the fight would doom Nine Swords Sect and Myriad Mountains. Of course, the two had blind faith in Chen Changan to go to such lengths. Chen Changan appreciated it.


He only said that in case the two groups were in danger from the Ghost Immortal, they were to come to Soaring Immortal Mountain at once and leave the Ghost Immortal to him. 




An eerie wind blew, with heavy clouds hiding the sun’s warm glow.


The chilling air crept across Myriad Mountains, making every living being shudder.


All eyes focused on the sky.


Chen Changan squinted. “Bao’er, the sky is dark.”


Ling Bao’er nodded with a frown. “Master, the Ghost Immortal is here.”


Chen Changan placed his hand on her shoulder and they vanished.


They were now atop Soaring Immortal Mountain.


On the peak, fierce winds blew, fluttering Chen Changan’s black hair and white robe. He stood tall, with hands clasped behind his back, staring into the distance at the ghastly devil that descended on Myriad Mountains.


Nine blinding humongous swords of light appeared in the skies, turning into a huge array that trapped the huge devilish form.


Chen Changan said, “Bao’er, is that the Nine Swords Sect’s defensive array?”


Ling Bao’er nodded, “Master, Dad activated the Immortal Crushing Array.”



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