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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 82, Nine Province’s Artifact, the Mist Province Cauldron

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Translator: Tamon

Translation Checker: Silavin


The green-haired Ghost Immortal just arrived and found himself trapped in a crushing array. “I underestimated Myriad Mountains’ Immortal Slayer. This array isn’t normal.”


The strong powers, Demons, and Humans, watched from afar, hidden from sight.


“What a fierce array, trapping the Ghost Immortal the second he came!”


“That’s the Nine Swords Sect’s defensive array, created by their first Sect Leader!”


“But it still won’t be enough to defeat him. Why hasn’t Myriad Mountains’ Immortal Slayer shown himself?”


Ling Hai, Ling Qingshan, and Nine Swords Sect’s Grand Elders stood at every corner of the large array, showcasing all of its power.


Ling Hai shouted, “Elders, let’s show that Ghost Immortal what Nine Swords Sect’s made of! Immortal Crushing Array will not disappoint Senior!”


“Yeah, we can’t let him down!”


Nine fearsome sword energies snaked like Dragons as they decimated everything in their path to their target. As the Elders operated the array, the Ghost Immortal was struck from every direction, unable to escape.


Outside of the Immortal Crushing Array, Fox Demon Empress brought eighteen Demon Kings, observing with a critical eye. Bai Yue and Ah’Miao were among them.


Fox Demon Empress spoke, “Soon it’ll be our turn to act.”


“Senior, in his infinite kindness, opened Soaring Immortal Mountain for every one of us. It’s time we do something for him as well!”


“We are Demons, violent in nature, but never one to not return the favor! We will have Senior’s back!” The Black Flood Dragon roared.


It had been merely days since the Demons cultivated on Soaring Immortal Mountain yet they had all gone through incredible growth. More than half of the Demon Kings rose a layer.


It worked to save them centuries of grueling work. Such a great favor had to be returned. 


Fox Demon Empress nodded. “Good, you bring honor to Myriad Mountains!”


She followed with. “Ah’Miao, did you bring the artifact?”


“Grandmother, it’s here, nya.” Ah’Miao nodded.


She made a sign and a golden light spilled from her chest.


A tiny golden cauldron came out, with golden mist wafting from its mouth as it unleashed an incredible power.


“Grandmother, this is the Mist Province Cauldron.”


The Demons started at its appearance.


“I never would’ve known Ah’Miao was Mist Province Lord’s daughter if not for this.”


“Nine Province Continent, nine cauldrons holding them firm. Mist Province’s Lord’s cauldron can only be on his daughter, Ah’Miao!”


“Legend has it that the nine cauldrons are made of Immortal materials, almighty and unstoppable. Whoever wields one, becomes the lord of that province. I wonder if it’s true.”


Ah’Miao nodded. “Yes, nya, but all wielding the nine cauldrons are Immortal Slayers, nya.”


“Grandmother, we have to act fast, before Father senses the cauldron and takes me away, nya.”




Fox Demon Empress was firm. “Demon Kings, send all your Demonic Energy into the Mist Province Cauldron, fuel its power to strike down the Ghost Immortal!”


The Demon Kings obeyed, holding nothing back. The sheer amount of energy turned into a flood while the cauldron sucked it like a black hole. It shone brightly with fearsome power, growing by the second. 


In the Immortal Crushing Array, the nine Dragons raged against the Ghost Immortal, but the devil punched with explosive force, his calm unperturbed. Each strike contained boundless strength, making the space shudder and warp. 


The punch struck a Dragon and pulverized it, but the Dragon’s power was still holding strong, turning into countless swords, and going in for the kill.


The environment was forever changed under the onslaught of forces, with mountains and forests leveled.


The audience gapped at the display. 


Nine Swords Sect was a top power in Ghost Province for a reason. This array alone was not something anyone could stop. Even the Ghost Immortal should have a hard time, right?


Alas, the Ghost Immortal within the array left them in shock. The devil had not a scratch on him. His body was covered in a green glow, an Immortal attire, that blocked the Immortal Crushing Array’s devastating might.


“He stopped it?”


“Is the Ghost Immortal wearing some Immortal attire?”


“He’s an Immortal Slayer, but he came from the Upper Realm. It’s normal to have some Immortal Artifacts, but to think it’s that strong.”


“Nine Swords Sect’s array is pointless now.”


The Grand Elders operating the Immortal Crushing Array were grave and weary under the strain. It was beyond what they could handle.


“What’s taking Fox Demon Empress so long?” An Elder said.


“Waiting.” Ling Hai spoke gravely.


“Ling Hai, the Immortal Crushing Array used 60% of our Spirit Stones already, the rest won’t last for much longer.” 


Ling Hai took a deep breath, the drain on the old man made him haggard.


A sudden golden light flashed across the sky.


Ling Hai’s eyes lit up.


“Fox Demon Empress is ready. Elders, activate the full power of the Immortal Crushing Array!”



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