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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 83, Cheap Shot and Unethical

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Translator: Tamon

Translation Checker: Silavin


A deafening ringing came from the Immortal Crushing Array as a gargantuan greatsword formed in the sky. Its incredible pressure flooded the area for miles. Even the audience of Humans, Demons, and Monsters far away felt it.


One gulped. “How terrifying!”


“This is the Nine Swords Sect’s full power. It’s unstoppable!”


Someone sneered, “It remains to be seen if it’s enough to break the Ghost Immortal’s clothes.”


“Why is Myriad Mountains’ Immortal Slayer not showing up?”


“What is he thinking? The Nine Swords Sect is giving its all yet he plans to just hole up like a coward?”


They hoped to catch a glimpse of the twelve Immortals’ murderer but Chen Changan proved to be a huge disappointment.


[Or did he flee?]


The Ghost Immortal sneered at the oversized greatsword. “Finally showing your true color, but you’re sorely mistaken if you think it’ll be enough!”




The gargantuan sword locked on the Ghost Immortal, preventing his escape. The Earth around cracked under the might of the sword. The Ghost Immortal’s clothes glowed as he made a fist, clashing with the greatsword.


He winced upon contact, the power beyond his expectations, actually posing a genuine threat. [I can’t just block this kind of power.]


He took a couple of steps back, right into Ah’Miao’s direction.


“You’re not getting anywhere, nya!”


A golden cauldron came out, as large as a mountain.


The Ghost Immortal winced hard. [What kind of mysterious Artifact is this?]


The Mist Province Cauldron’s aura stirred even him. He was now stuck, caught in the middle of a gargantuan greatsword and an unknown and deadly cauldron.


[They’ve been planning this all along! Rotten schemers, saying they would duel me only to have no honor!] The Ghost Immortal roared. He was now left with no choice but to use all his power and his Immortal clothing to block the pincer strike.


Even the Ghost Immortal couldn’t take both of them on, one from the back and one from the front. Blood spilled, and his organs got crushed. As for his blue attire, it was in tatters.


The Ghost Immortal had never been reduced to such a state and his savage nature exploded. [Curse these filthy bugs! They dared to wound me! I won’t stand for this humiliation!]


His eyes went red as he roared. “I am going to eat every one of you for daring to wound me!”


His power exploded like a volcano, surging in every direction. The gargantuan greatsword broke under his power display, while the cauldron got flung back.


Those watching the spectacle shuddered and paled as they felt his abominable aura. “H-how horrible.”


“This is his true power!” Someone shuddered.


The Immortal Crushing Array crumbled as it used the last trace of its energy. Nine Swords Sect’s Grand Elders suffer a backlash from the Ghost Immortal’s explosive outburst, wounded internally.


The Ghost Immortal made a claw and snatched a Grand Elder.


“Filthy bugs!” He squeezed.


“Aah!” The Grand Elder wailed in agony as blood squeezed from between Ghost Immortal’s fingers like an overripe tomato.


The Ghost Immortal opened his maw and brought the crushed body to his mouth.


Ling Hai and his group shook with dread.


“That devil is eating Ling Gao!”


They were too hurt and powerless to help their fellow Grand Elder.


Ah’Miao intervened, using the Mist Province Cauldron to strike once more.


The Ghost Immortal huffed and threw Ling Gao away, dodging from the cauldron’s path, which reduced an entire mountain to rubble upon impact.


“Where is he, nya?”


Ah’Miao was grave, her cat ears twitching as the Mist Province Cauldron came back. She was focused on finding her target.


Ling Hai rushed to help Ling Gao from slamming into the ground. He eased a breath picking up his aura beneath all the blood and wounds.


Ah’Miao was still looking for the Ghost Immortal when Fox Demon Empress called out in her ear, “Ah’Miao, behind you!”


Despite being in the Nascent Soul, she was far too slow for the likes of the Ghost Immortal.


A cackle came from behind her and as she turned, she found the Ghost Immortal there, his fingers snapping around her frail neck.


The Ghost Immortal’s eyes were bloodshot, “You have no honor, little kitten! To think you would foolishly try to blindside me!”



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