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Invincible At The Start – Chapter 85, They Call Me Absolute Dominator

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Translator: Tamon

Translation Checker: Silavin


Everything on Soaring Immortal Mountain, from the grass to the trees, from the insects to the Demons, were held in the sweet embrace of Immortal Energy; even the air itself. 


The Ghost Immortal waited for the mist to clear.


He noticed a youth in white with flowing black hair and sharp eyes, bearing a dauntless demeanor despite having not a single trace of cultivation.


The haired Ghost Immortal knew this youth for who he was, the killer of Immortal Lord’s twelve Immortal Generals.


His eyes were frosty, grinning. “So that’s where you’re hiding.”


The Humans and Demons spectating from afar notice Chen Changan as well.


“Who’s the kid?”


“Is he the Immortal Slayer?”


“Isn’t he too young?”


“The Monsters known as Immortal Slayers have cultivated for millennia. To make himself younger is even harder.”


A cultivator gasped, “We finally get to see who among the two Immortal Slayers is stronger.”


The rest were silent.


With the Ghost Immortal having killed so many people in their Ghost Province, they rooted for Chen Changan, of course, but that devil wasn’t a pushover. He came from the Upper Realm and had plenty of Immortal Treasures and Immortal Arts helping him. Like the Five Thunder Lashes that sundered the earth, which none could block.


Countless eyes were fixed on Chen Changan. They were eager to see what this mysterious Immortal Slayer that killed twelve Immortals was capable of.


Ghost Immortal sneered, “So you’re the one that killed the Immortals.”


His voice rumbled everywhere.


Fox Demon Empress and everyone else shook with worry.


Ling Hai said, “Bao’er, can Senior win?”


Ling Bao’er nodded with conviction. “Grandpa Hai, Master is the strongest. Master said he could handle it and that’s enough for me. You just have to believe in him.”


The others felt Chen Changan’s figure grow in their eyes, like a huge mountain. 


“Yeah, Senior can do it!”


“Senior’s the best!”


“I believe in Senior, nya!”


Chen Changan chuckled. “Ghost Immortal, huh? You got me.”


Ghost Immortal barked, “Who the Hell are you? State your name, for I don’t kill nameless Immortal Slayers!”


The spectators sharpened their ears. They never saw him in the Nine Province Continent. They only found out about an Immortal Slayer living in Ghost Province due to the Immortal Descent.


“You’re asking who I am? Me?”  Chen Changan grinned.


“I am Chen, Chen Changan. They call me Absolute Dominator!” 


[Also the Jaded Dragonling.]


The people engraved Chen Changan’s name and his title. [Absolute Dominator.]


The Ghost Immortal was started.


The spectators blinked.


The silence was deafening.


Nine Swords Sect and Myriad Mountains’ groups were bashful, feeling shy about the boasting. “Ahem, so Senior is called Absolute Dominator.”


Ling Bao’er’s eyes shone with pride and joy.


“Master has such an awesome title.”


“Bao’er, what’s ‘awesome’?” Ling Qingshan asked.


“Master told me it means someone strong beyond what words can describe.”


The others exclaimed. [Senior is awesome!]


Chen Changan’s heart swelled with pride. [The Ghost Immortal must be shaking in his boots from my title. I made the right choice toiling for days to find the right nickname.]


While he was planting in the Herb garden, Chen Changan’s mind was hard at work thinking up the coolest title befitting a deadbeat hack like him.


Bao’er said he made quite the name for himself in Ghost Province; so he had to have a title to match.


He went from Bloody Slaughterer to Bedroom Steed, Soaring Immortal Lord, Posh Gentleman, and on and on. Until he finally figured he should link Absolute Domain into his title, for that was his power, making him the Absolute Dominator.


Someone cupped his hands. “Sir is the great Absolute Dominator of the Nine Province Continent?”


“The one and only honored by the Heavens and the Earth as the Absolute Dominator!”


The Ghost Immortal glared and then spat. “Screw you! What kinda shitty title is that? Never heard of you!”


Immortal Lord Shen Wu, Immortal Lord Leng Ming, Fairy Yuchan, now those were names and titles.

(Tamon: in order Martial Saint, Inscrutable, Jade Cicada.)


Absolute Dominator was so lame. [What can you expect from Lower Realm filth?]


“You dare insult my title?” Chen Changan was grave.




The Ghost Immortal had enough wasting time on this nobody and used Five Thunder Lashes to kill Chen Changan.


The world turned bleak as endless destruction unfolded under their might.

The five lightning strikes snaked for Chen Changan.


He, however, was calm, waiting for them to enter Soaring Immortal Mountain. 


Ghost Immortal watched as he used half his power to test Chen Changan with this strike.


Chen Changan just stood there without worry.


The spectators from afar were uneasy.


“Why isn’t Absolute Dominator doing anything?”


Chen Changan spoke as the strikes entered his domain.


“Planetary Devastation.”


And just like that, the strikes were no more.


The Ghost Immortal squinted. “What the Hell did he do? How did he dispel my attacks?”



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