Invincible At The Start

Invincible At The Start – Chapter 87, Unscathed and True Immortal

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Translator: Tamon

Translation Checker: Silavin


The Ghost Immortal held his bloody mouth, glaring at Chen Changan.


Chen Changan smiled from behind a golden cover, the same one Chen Shifei used in ‘The Royal Swordsmen’.


“The Golden Canopy is harder than your fangs could ever be.”


“I-I’ll kill you!” The Ghost Immortal roared, consumed by rage. He spat nine black skulls, letting them surround Chen Changan.


“What’s this?” Chen Changan reached out to one.




The nine explosions shocked the world. Dust billowed and a terrible power covered Chen Changan.


The Ghost Immortal looked eager to see what was left of him. He unleashed all he had on Chen Changan.


Alas, he heard from within the dust, “Didn’t you know? The bigger the dust cloud, the more obvious it is that I’m unscathed. That’s two.” 


As the dust scattered, Chen Changan appeared with a smile.


“No! No! No! I refuse to believe it!” The Ghost Immortal howled as he threw everything at Chen Changan.






  • ·······




The Ghost Immortal was sweating from the strain, his face paler. Gone was the confidence he had, now replaced by fear.


While Chen Changan stood in the same spot, his black hair flowing in the wind like a true Immortal.


“Last chance.” Chen Changan taunted him by raising his finger.


The Ghost Immortal was stuck between rage and fear.


The first nine strikes did nothing, so how good would the tenth do?


The Ghost Immortal shuddered.


“Are you feeling chilly? Why the shakes?” Chen Changan smiled.


“Shut your pie hole!” The Ghost Immortal roared in shame. “I’ll kill you for sure!”


“Hurry it up. I’m on a tight schedule.”


“Aah!” The Ghost Immortal went mad as he ate a scarlet Immortal Pill.


His power exploded over the limit of the Nine Province Continent.


An Immortal Gate opened in the sky, unleashing a dazzling light show that covered him.


The Ghost Immortal’s power jumped, and a prismatic lightning fell from the Immortal Gate.


The terrible energy had the entire Nine Province Continent in shock.


The other provinces’ experts shook at the sudden all-encompassing aura. Their focus turned to Ghost Province.


“A prismatic lightning! Someone’s going through the Immortal Tribulation! An Immortal Ascension!”


The spectating Demons and cultivators in Myriad Mountains shook with fear at the incredible power of the Ghost Immortal.


[This is a true Immortal Energy!]


“Is the Ghost Immortal going to become a True Immortal?”


“Ha-ha-ha, Chen Changan, I’ve become an Immortal in the Nine Province Continent, and not even its Principles can hold me back. This tenth move will be your doom!”


Chen Changan said, “Amusing. Show me then your peak, an Immortal’s true power.”


The Ghost Immortal bathed in the tribulation, his cultivation growing beyond peak Empty Immortal to Human Immortal Realm!


1st layer of Immortal Soldier!





The Ghost Immortal could’ve become an Immortal anytime he wanted in the Upper Realm but he didn’t want to be just a plain old Immortal. As Chen Changan forced him into a corner, he had no other choice.


Nothing worked in finishing Chen Changan off, so he chose to undergo lightning tribulation and become Immortal for his brief time left on the Nine Province Continent. This was the only way to fight against Chen Changan.


His cultivation rose all the way to peak Immortal General Stage.


The Ghost Immortal was furious at Chen Changan for forcing him to do this, for robbing him of his potential!


“Curse you, Chen Changan!”


The Ghost Immortal’s rage came like a storm.


The spectating cultivators and Demons wailed, wounded by the sudden power display from his voice alone.


The space sported cracks, growing bigger and bigger.


The people stared in fright.


The Ghost Immortal stood tall, glaring at Chen Changan, and regaining his calm. For he was at his peak, with strength that couldn’t be described.


He felt that a snap of his finger was already an overkill for the likes of this bug.


Chen Changan didn’t bat an eye.


The Nine Swords Sect and Demons on Soaring Immortal Mountain were filled with despair.


The situation had changed for the worse, with the Ghost Immortal becoming a True Immortal having undergone the lightning tribulation. The Nine Province Continent’s Principles couldn’t hold him back anymore.


The Ghost Immortal could now unleash his full power.


[Can Senior stop him?]



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