Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 14 Chapter 7, Innocent (?) Bomb


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Silavin


After returning to the management floor, Kousuke decided to think about the Fairy Stone again.


At that time, the Fire Fairies dwelled inside Seiwa and Seiran (?) and helped them evolve into Phoenixes.


Meanwhile, the Wind Fairy became a contracted fairy by receiving divine power from Kousuke.


The Wind Fairy had now transformed into a contracted fairy and could be called anytime as long as Kousuke offered her divine power.


He learned this from Colette, who knows a lot about spirits.


Most spirits were in a similar situation, being normal spirits at first and could become contracted spirits, but there had only been several of them that were able to form contracts.


Colette learned about the existence of fairies from fairy tales, where they appeared as contracted fairies.


When Kousuke learned of this, he had a hard time wrapping his head around it, but the surrounding people had an expression that said, ‘What’s the matter with you?’


“What’s so strange about having such a being by your side when you’ve already become a God?”


That was what Sylvia told Kousuke when she saw Kousuke cover his face with his hands.


“That’s right. Maybe it’s time for Kousuke to get used to situations ending up like this”


“… For me, I’d rather live comfortably without these random events adding up, but…”


“”””” impossible”””””


Kousuke was drowned by the unanimous opinion of everyone.


Returning to the topic, he had talked about Fairy Stone.


It was frustrating that the cost was so high that he couldn’t install it as easily as he wanted to.


Currently, he only installed an <Earth Fairy Stone> on the 81st Floor.


Although he just installed it a while ago, he was still waiting to see how the experiment proceeds.


Incidentally, he tried to send divine power to the stone when it got newly installed, but there was no change.


He was trying to see if there was any difference between sending divine power at the beginning and sending it later.


“Hmmm… There are so few available examples that I can’t understand if there is any pattern to it.”


So far, the last <Earth Fairy Stone> had just been installed and showed no change, while the other two showed different changes.


[Perhaps it is impossible to find out the pattern of an object that has a will of its own in the first place.]


As Kousuke was thinking about this, Colette’s comment stabbed him in the back.


“In the first place, spirits are said to be fickle, so aren’t fairies, which are said to be an advanced form of spirits, also fickle?”


“Yes, they probably are. I think so, too.”


Shrein, of course, agreed with her.


Kousuke gave up thinking when he heard their words.


“Ah. I quit, I quit. I’m starting to feel like it’s useless to think about it.”


“In other words, it’s just the usual~”


Kousuke’s heart was gouged out by a spear that flew from a direction he had not expected.


“…Peach, that’s terrible…”


“Eh, eh~?”


Peach, who was looking at Kousuke, tilt her head to the side in amazement.


Although very rarely, Peach had a tendency to send sharp spears at Kousuke.




After receiving divine power from Kousuke, Sylph became a contracted fairy, but to Kousuke’s surprise, she was easily accepted by the others.


To give an idea of how easily she was accepted, she even sat in on the dinner table where everyone gathered, even though she didn’t need to eat.


Incidentally, it was Kousuke’s divine power that was being supplied as food for Sylph, and she only needed to eat once every few days for her to be able to carry out her normal activities.


Of course, if Sylph herself used a lot of power, she would need to replenish it.


However, she could also absorb power from her surroundings, so she didn’t need to rely on Kousuke’s power to sustain her presence.


Kousuke doesn’t realize it, but the group doing the management side of things don’t mind the increase in the members in the first place.


They knew that the management of the Tower would require as many people as they could get their hands on, so they were happy that more had been added.


Especially with the existence of the town on the fifth floor, it was obvious that Kousuke alone couldn’t handle it, no matter how hard he tried.


Furthermore, all the current members had been transferred to other Towers, so Amamiya’s Tower was in desperate need of manpower.


The management of the Towers could be left unattended for as long as necessary, but in exchange, it would also be needed to be maintained as much as possible.


And of course, the wolves and foxes need to be fluffed from time to time… this was included in Kousuke’s task when he goes to check on them.


The summoned beasts would hunt on their own even if they were left alone, but there was a big difference between Kousuke visiting them and not.


Kousuke knows this, so he tries to show up as much as possible.


He did not just go there to play and fulfill his fluffing needs… at least, that was what he thought.


It was okay to have more manpower, but trustworthy people were not easy to find.


In that sense, Sylph, who was already under a contract, was perfect as a Tower Manager.


Competence and other factors were secondary.


Then, Sylph dropped a bomb on everyone in the middle of dinner.


“So, Floria, you’re not going to join big brother’s harem?”


Hearing this, Kousuke was relieved that he didn’t spit out what he had in his mouth.


“… No, no, that’s not it, why are we talking about that…?”


“Eh~? But it just seems strange that only one of us is different.”


Catching Sylph’s curious look, Floria tilted her head.


“… Hmm. As for me, I’m fine with it any time, but I can’t do anything about that unless Kosuke accepts it.”


“I see~”


Sylph nodded in agreement.


Incidentally, other than Kousuke, all the others were smiling in an amused or mischievous manner.


“… Ok. We all heard that loud and clear. So, what is your response, big brother?”


“…No comment.”


He had a feeling that whatever he said here would be useless, so he decided to stick with ‘No comment’.


“Eh… say something about it, that’s not fair!”


He decided to ignore Sylph’s protests.


For some reason, Sylph was looking at Kousuke very seriously.


But Kousuke ignored it because he was afraid that he would get further into a quagmire if he responded.


Seeing Kousuke like that, Sylph suddenly started nodding her head.


For some reason, Kousuke had a bad premonition when he saw this, but it was already too late.


The next thing he knew, Sylph was whispering something into Floria’s ear, and she was nodding her head in agreement.


Kousuke felt a sense of déjà vu when he saw this, but he could not remember when it was.


That was all that happened in the end, but unfortunately, the events of that day were not over yet; even when all that was left was to go back to his room and sleep.


He then opened the door to his room, only to find someone waiting for him on the bed again, just like before.


He knew immediately who it was from the previous exchange.


Letting out one sigh, Kousuke approached the bed.


“You know, Floria, I don’t think you have to do this just because Sylph is egging you on.”


Floria looked a little troubled when she saw Kousuke saying that.


“No, it’s not that I’m doing this just because Sylph told me to. In the first place, when there is no one but me around, shouldn’t you realize that everyone supports this?


At the moment, there was no one else but Floria around.


It was more natural to assume that the situation they are in had already been prepared from the start.


“… I don’t know why everyone thinks in such a way…”


Kousuke said unconsciously, but Floria’s answer was simple.


“I requested for Kousuke, and everyone gave you to me without hesitation, you know?”


They were very direct with their offer.


Kousuke let out a sigh and walked over to the bed.


“Just so you know, we can’t just stop when we are in the middle of doing it, you know?”


“Mmm. Now make me a woman.”


Kousuke knew that this was one of Floria’s charms, but he didn’t say anything else and locked lips with her.




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