Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 14 Chapter 8, Enthusiastic Welcome


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Silavin


Unfortunately, the <Water Fairy Stone> that had not yet been installed. Because there was a shortage of divine power, so it could not be installed.


They could install it later after a few days. They just needed to accumulate enough  contributions of divine power from the South and North Towers.


Until then, Kousuke decided to take a look at the <Earth Fairy Stone> he had installed on the 81st Floor.


When it came to the Fairy Stones, it was necessary to have Collete with him because the <Fairy Language> Skill was required.


Shrein could also use <Fairy Language> to some extent, but she was still inferior to Collete, who was an Elf.


At breakfast, when he asked Collete to accompany him…


“Mmm… I guess I should properly learn it.”


He had a feeling that Shrein had muttered something to him, but Kousuke decided to treat it as his imagination.


“…So, why are we in this situation?”


Collete asked as they arrived on the 81st Floor.


Naturally, the one she was talking to was Kousuke.


“…Uppu… No, well… I want to listen too.”


Kousuke was welcomed enthusiastically by the wolves.


When Kousuke and the others came to the 81st Floor last time, Nana was unfortunately not there.


Nana was also busy moving around the Floor with the wolves.


The wolves of the 81st Floor have grown to the point where they could manage unexpected situations even without Nana.


The five wolves that were currently with Kousuke were all <White Wolf Leaders>.


One of them, Eir, seemed to be leading the pack while Nana was away.


Before he knew it, Eir had acquired <Language Understanding (Kin)>.


However, there were only two other than Eir that acquired <Language Understanding (Kin)>, so Eir was not the only one that could become the substitute leader.


It was probably concluded that the strongest one could simply become the substitute leader.


Anyway, Eir was now being pampered by Kousuke to the fullest, and since Nana was not around, Kousuke had become more out of control than usual.


Kousuke had nothing to complain about, though, since he could fluff Eir as much as he wanted.


In the meantime, Collete and Mitsuki were playing with the other wolves, though not as much as Kousuke.


The summoned beasts that were Kousuke’s kin were not only pampered by Kousuke alone.


They also seem to remember Kousuke’s companions, who were allowed to pamper them as well.


However, according to the members of the group, they were only able to pamper them because of Kousuke.


After enjoying fluffy time until the wolves settled down, they checked out the <Earth Fairy Stone>.


As far as its appearance was concerned, it was almost the same as when they installed the <Wind> and <Fire> Fairy Stones.


It was still overflowing with the power of spirits, but no further changes seemed to occur.


He tried to send the divine power by touching the <Earth Fairy Stone>, but it seemed to be blocked by something, and he couldn’t send it.


Therefore, they concluded that it was impossible to send divine power to create a fairy immediately after installation.


As for the <Wind> and <Fire> Fairy Stones, he was able to do it without knowing why. Kousuke had concluded that it would need a certain amount of time to pass before a fairy develops in the stones.


But that didn’t mean that Kousuke was convinced it was the right way to proceed, so he planned to return more often in the future.


Since they have already finished conquering the other Towers, there was no need for them to leave Amamiya Tower for a while, so it won’t be a problem.


“So?  Is there any point in me being here?”


Collete asked Kousuke.


“Um, well, I guess not anymore. I think it’s going to be like this for a while. I have a feeling that no fairies will be born for the time being.”


“Why don’t you ask Esena about it instead of me?”


Collete was currently in charge of the South Tower, and she would not know if something unexpected would happen over that place if she was not monitoring it.


She thought to herself, [If that’s the case, why not ask Esena?]


“Esena? Are you okay with that?”


For Kousuke, Esena was the manifestation of the World Tree herself, so he was hesitant to ask her, especially if she was busy making adjustments.


“I think it’s fine… rather, just make sure to let her check it properly.”


Esena had also grown up quite a bit compared to when she was just a little girl.


She had become more of an expert than Collete, especially when it came to fairies and spirits.


“Hmm… Shall we try that… Esena?”


Kousuke called out softly, and Esena quickly appeared in front of him.


“You called for me, big brother?”


Esena tilted her head and asked, so he told her what they were discussing earlier.


Hearing this, Esena had a happy expression on her face.


“If that’s the case, you can always summon me when you need my help.”


After a round of being questioned, she answered immediately.


“Are you sure? Is the World Tree going to be okay?”


“Yes. As I told you before, the environment has calmed down, and I don’t need to adjust it as much as before, so I’m not that busy anymore.”


“Right. Well then, I called you to see if you can determine the changes in the <Fairy Stones>.”


Esena, who listened to Kousuke, nodded back curiously.


“It looks like you’ve reached an agreement.”


Collete was also relieved.


It wasn’t like she was dissatisfied with Kousuke inviting her to check on the Fairy Stones, in fact, she’d prefer for Kousuke to rely on her whenever he wanted.


That way she could become closer to him, but if he frequently requested her to do so, she might end up neglecting the management of the South Tower.


She was sure Kousuke won’t complain even if the development of the Towers were delayed because of that, but she didn’t want him to do that.


So, Collete thought it would be great if Esena could accommodate him for her sake.


“Oh, and thank you, Collete.”


“No problem. If Esena can’t handle it, I will be the one to do something about it. In fact, I think she’ll know more about fairies since Esena is also technically the same as them.”


“That’s true.”


Being the personification of the World Tree, Esena’s knowledge about fairies and spirits were outstanding.


Kousuke was sure that the knowledge and power that he originally granted her in the beginning had included such information, but because she was still young at that time, she wasn’t able to properly put them into words.


Now that she had grown up, she would be able to communicate properly without such problems.


She may be a little too polite, but Kousuke believes that this was her personality, so he had no intention of forcing her to change.




After confirming the information they gathered about the  <Earth Fairy Stone> on the 81st Floor, Collete returned to the Administration Floor.


She said she was heading straight to the South Tower, so she could do some management work on it.


Kousuke, along with Mitsuki, decided to patrol the Floors where the wolves were, except for the 81st Floor.


In the 7th, 9th, and 47th Floors where wolves were present, no other summoning circle for wolves has been set up recently.


The reason for this was that he was worried about the ecology of the creatures on those Floors. It would also be to verify if there were more wolves, the number of wolves increased by natural breeding and not with summoning.


The number of summoning circles where monsters spawn were designed to be in accordance to the level of the wolves.


In addition to the 81st Floor, the other three Floors’ summoning circles were summoning intermediate level Monsters. These generated monsters produced a good amount of divine power and provided a challenge for the wolves.


It was just like how dust could accumulate to form a mountain, that was how the amount of divine power generated was being represented.


Although it was still not as good as the ones placed on the 81st Floor, which was considered an advanced Floor.


After visiting two of the three Floors and confirming that there was no problem, Kousuke finally went to the 7th Floor.


There, he found Nana, whom he had not met for a while now, playing with the wolf cubs.


Looking at Nana, he noticed that she was playing, lightly brushing off the wolf cubs attempting to lunge at her.


When Nana noticed Kousuke’s arrival, she immediately lunged at him.


After playing with Kousuke for a while, she returned to accommodate the wolf cubs.


When Kousuke saw her, he couldn’t help but wonder if it was a wolf’s habit to lunge at the ones they liked.




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