Let's Manage the Tower

Let’s Manage the Tower – Book 1: Volume 14 Side Story 3, Discussion Among Agricultural Producers 3


Translator: Kazumi

Editor: Silavin


“You idiot…! What is the meaning of this!!!?”


The voice rang out in a room of a mansion in the high-class residential area of Kennelsen.


The owner of the voice was Felkia, the person who sent an assassin during the summoning of the three Goddesses.


Felkia’s face was flushed as he heard the unexpected report.


He had received a report that the Six Marquises, who effectively controlled Kennelsen, had all expressed their desire to join Crown.


It was a surprise to Felkia, and one he had not expected at all.


What Felkia had done to Kousuke before was already a fact that had been spread amongst the influential people.


Felkia was in a very difficult position, but he thought that he could still recover from it.


However, it was a different story when it came to joining Crown.


Thinking to that extent, Felkia’s face changed color as he huffed and started to give instructions to his subordinates who were beside him.


“Hey! Pack up your things immediately!!!! Take whatever that’s here in Kennelsen that can be transferred to another city immediately…”


The instructions were drowned out by a loud commotion coming from the corridor outside the room, followed by the sound of the room’s door being opened.


“…Excuse me!!! I’m sorry, sir. The Prison Guards are here!!!!”


Normally, Felkia would have shouted at the sudden visit of intruders, but this time he did not do so.


Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he couldn’t.


When he heard the report, he realized what had happened.


“…It’s too late…”


To begin with, Felkia came from a family that had made a fortune in trade other than food production, which was unique in Kennelsen.


In the early days, they traded in farming tools made in Nansen.


They were recognized by the Six Marquises of that time for their work in bringing artisans to settle in the city, and were brought into nobility.


In Kennelsen, the Felkia family was almost solely responsible for the farming tools.


Therefore, even if they acted a little out of bounds, they had never been cut off before.


This time, however, the Six Marquises announced that they would join Amamiya Tower.


Amamiya Tower was under the control of Kousuke, whom Felkia had previously attempted to assassinate.


Felkia knew very well that he would be a hindrance for the Six Marquis to join the Amamiya Tower.


The fact that he was in the way meant that it was quickest to get rid of Felkia before the decision was officially made, in order to deny his involvement.


He knew very well that if he struck they would find something, then they’d find a lot more skeletons in his closet.


It would be a simple matter for the Six Marquises to dig up a large amount of crimes that he had committed in the past and remove Felkia from Kennelsen.


The arrival of the Prison Guards would mean that the preparations for that were already in place.


He desperately tried to think of an escape route from his current location, but unfortunately, there was no such convenient one.


Realizing his fate, Felkia sat down in his chair with a crash.


♢ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


“…Oh dear. You made it in time.”


The one who muttered that was Royce, one of the Six Marquises.


Royce was the youngest of the current Six Marquises.


He had taken over at a young age because his father had passed away suddenly, and the other Six Marquises were not displeased about it.


The other Six Marquises were not displeased, because they had always had a reputation for being good at what they did.


The capture of Felkia this time was done on his own initiative.


To begin with, the relationship between the Six Marquises and Felkia’s family, one of the Five Other Prominent Families in Kennelsen, was quite complicated.


Although the town was represented by a member of one of the five families, the Six Marquises had complete control over the town.


It was because Kennelsen was a city built on farming that none of the five families could surpass the Six Marquises, who had complete control over it.


While the Six Marquises had been involved in Kennelsen since the city was first settled, the Five Families were the ones who had contributed the most to Kennelsen.


It was not going to be easy for Royce of the Six Marquises to destroy Felkia, one of the five families, but thanks to Felkia’s previous actions, he was able to get the cooperation of the other four families.


The fact that he was able to capture Felkia was completely Felkia’s own fault.


Of course, there was a reason why the other Six Marquises gave up their roles this time.


Royce, the youngest of the Six Marquises, would have the longest relationship with Crown.


He thought that it would be better for Kennelsen if he made a name for himself now.


The other Six Marquises seemed to share his opinion, and it was decided that Royce would be the one to capture him without any opposition.


He was going to take Felkia as a gift and ask to be admitted to Crown as an apology, but he was not sure if it was necessary.


After informing the Tower that the Six Marquises would be joining Crown together, they immediately began to prepare for the capture of Felkia, but before they could do so, they were already granted admittance.


Even the Six Marquises were surprised at the speed of the decision.


Of course, Royce was surprised, too.


It was clear to them that the speed of the decision was the reason why Crown was developing so rapidly.


Now that they were under the umbrella of Crown, they could no longer use Felkia as a gift, but that didn’t mean they could just leave him there.


In fact, Kennelsen’s position in Crown would worsen if he was left unchecked.


The Six Marquises’ entry into Crown had only been announced to important people, and no official announcement had been made yet, so he wanted to do something about it before then.


Since they were dealing with Felkia, it didn’t take much effort to gather the evidence needed to capture him.


When they stepped in with the Prison Guards, Felkia was already planning to escape, so it was a very close call.


He had made it a point to mention to Felkia that the Six Marquises would be joining the group.


He was afraid that if he made any unusual moves, Felkia would find out about it, and it would have backfired.


In the end, they were able to catch him, so they concluded that the result was good.


The announcement of the Six Marquises joining Crown was announced with great fanfare in Kennelsen.


The story quickly spread throughout the town and was well received.


Of course, there was the trust that the Six Marquises had earned in the past, but more than that, there was no one in Kennelsen who could go against the Six Marquises.


The capture of Felkia also added to this.


They made it known that anyone who stood in the way of Crown would be eliminated.


The general sentiment in Kennelsen was less about joining Crown and more about the prospect of having a new production site in the Tower’s floors.


Of course, the Six Marquises and their team would be leading the rumors, but there was already a lot of momentum behind it.


Kennelsen’s recent situation was such that there was no hope for further development, if not a sense of stagnation.


The decision of Six Marquis was thus accepted by the majority of the residents.


Kennelsen’s Six Marquises becoming part of Crown came as a huge shock to the inhabitants of the Central Continent.


It could be said that this was a natural result of things occurring. 


After all, the food supply of the continent had been taken over by Crown.


However, for the majority of people, they realized that nothing much had changed.


The price of food didn’t go up just because they were under Crown’s umbrella, but rather the cost of transportation went down because of the use of the transfer gate.


Naturally, this would affect other food production, but since the transportation cost of Kennelsen’s food was higher than that of local production, it did not cause much of a problem for the local producers.


If anything, local producers, who were trying to compete in the same price range as Kennelsen, were the only ones who were affected, but it could be said that they had been overcharging the consumers and were not to be pitied.


For the public, the decision of the the Six Marquises to join the organization was rather welcomed, but the situation was different for the influential people.


The food situation on the continent was now in the hands of Crown.


Because of transportation issues, they couldn’t simply rely on imports from other continents.


In the end, they could only watch in silence as Crown’s influence became stronger than ever in the Central Continent.




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